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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 20 Marty, Gillian, Peter and Gloria help out on Emmanuelle's farm

Marty Motorcycle Giraffe

Story 20 Marty helps out on Emmanuelle’s farm

Marty was hard at work one day, helping his good friend Peter, cleaning windows in the big African city of Nairobi, when Marty and Peter’s good friend Emmanuelle (the farmer) came along.

Emmanuelle was slightly out of breath and looking quite dirty and sweaty in his farming clothes, and had a worried look on his face

“Jambo rafiki mna nini” (hello friend what’s the matter?) Marty asked Emmanuelle

“Well” said Emmanuelle “I have grown a very good crop of banana plants with lots and lots of bunches of yellow bananas and I have also managed to do a good deal with a fair trade corporation who will buy a lot of them at a very good price to sell aboard and I will be able to sell the rest at the local market”.

“Well that’s great news” said Marty and Peter “so why do you looked so worried”

“Because I don’t have enough workers to get all the bananas harvested in time, and I can’t sell them if they are left rotting on the plants.

“We can help” said Marty “and I will ask Gillian (the giraffe) to help as well”

“Yes! And I will ask Gloria to come along too” said Peter with a big silly smile on his face (Peter always smiles when he thinks of Gloria).

On Saturday morning Marty rode his motorcycle to the Masai Mara to collect Gillian, and then Marty and Gillian met up with Peter and Gloria at Emmanuelle’s farm

Emmanuelle took them to a field that had the tallest banana plants ever and all of them were full with lovely bunches of bananas.

“Thank you for coming to help” said Emmanuelle

 “Hakuna matata” the others laughed in reply.

Quickly the group formed a work plan. Marty and Gillian would knock the bunches of bananas out of the tall plants and Peter, Gloria and Emmanuelle would gather them up and put them on to crates.

All five were working very hard in the hot African sun and after a few hours Emmanuelle said that they had all better take a break,

They sat down in between the banana plants and had some cool mango juice to drink and a quick snack.

Suddenly Gloria let out a large scream and jumped up looking scared.

Peter quickly put his arms around Gloria to give her a hug and asked her what the matter was.

“Th- th- th-there” stuttered Gloria in fright and pointed to the bottom of one of the banana plants.

They all looked to see what Gloria was pointed out and there was the biggest “baboon spider” you ever saw.

“It’s only a spider” laughed Emmanuelle.

“But I’m scared of spiders” cried Gloria as he cuddled into Peter.

“Marty! Bend that large banana plant down to the ground” sniggered Emmanuelle.

Marty reached his long neck up and pulled the banana plant all the way to the ground so that the large leafs spread out across the ground in front of the big baboon spider.

Emmanuelle then gently prodded the spider with a small stick so that it moved onto one of the leafs from the banana plant.

“Right” shouted Emmanuelle “let the plant go”

Marty let go of the banana plant and it sprung back into an upright position sending the baboon spider flying into the air and over the hedge, where it landed safely in the next field, and scuttled off to hide in the long grass.

“Oh asante sana” sobbed Gloria

“Hakuna matata” laughed Emmanuelle and Marty.

The group carried on working and got all the bananas picked in time for them to be sent off to the fair trade corporation and be loaded on carts to be taken to the local market.

Emmanuelle was so pleased with the help his friends had given him that he invited them to stay for dinner and cooked a very large meal of  “Samki wa Kinkarngu” (spicy fried fish) and ugali (cornmeal), but of course Marty and Gillian doesn’t eat this type of food and they just had their favourite… A big pile of twigs and leafs.

The five friends had a lovely dinner and stayed up late into the night talking about the busy day they have had and joking about scary baboon spiders.

Marty was very happy to have helped Emmanuelle and very happy to have spent the day with Gillian and as he rode his motorcycle home after dropping Gillian back to the Masai Mara, he though of what new adventures could be found for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next sat (03/11/2011) with Story 21 Marty's special delivery