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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 17 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a safari (journey) Part 1 Marty and Harry the Hippo

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe
Story 17 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a safari (journey)   Part 1 Marty and Harry the Hippo
Marty and his friend Emmanuelle Wagana (the farmer) both like to spend their time whizzing around on their motorcycles.
One day, when Emmanuelle was visiting Marty the decided that it would be fun to go on a motorcycle safari.  “A real road trip” said Marty “now that would be exciting”. 
Emmanuelle told Marty that he would like to go to Zambia to see the mighty water falls on the Zambezi River, called Victoria Falls that he had read about in the book.
“Wow” said Marty “Now that sounds like a real adventure”
So they brought a road map of Africa and started to make plans for their safari. To get to Victoria Falls they would have to ride out of Kenya, go straight through Tanzania into Zambia and then right down to the bottom of Zambia near the Zimbabwe border. “This is going to be a long trip” thought Marty.
After packing everything they needed on to their motorcycles Marty and Emmanuelle started off on their journey
“Remember don’t go too fast Marty” shouted Emmanuelle, “I won’t” laughed Marty and off they zoomed.
Soon they had ridden outside of Nairobi and were heading towards the first place they were going to stop at on the trip. The Masai Mara!
 Marty wanted to go to the Masai Mara first because he wanted to see Gillian and tell her all about the trip
“Oooh! That sounds so exciting” squealed Gillian as Marty told her about their plans.
“Hurry up Marty we hve a long way to go” shouted Emmanuelle.
“Take care and come back and tell me all about your adventures” said Gillian and she gave Marty a little kiss.
Marty was still grinning like a daft Cheshire cat as he and Emmanuelle zoomed off shouting Kwahari and waving goodbye.
It wasn’t long before they crossed the border into Tanzania and into the Serengeti national park; where every type of African animal you can think off roam around.  Marty and Emmanuelle continued on their journey until they arrived the edge of the Ngorongoro crater.
As they looked down into the massive crater they both thought it was an amazing site. The crater with its forests, lakes and grass lands, with lots of different African animals living inside, is definitely a very special place.
By the time they rode down into the crater it was starting to get dark so they decided to put their tents up by the lake and spend the night in the crater.  As Marty’s neck is so long, he has to lie with his head sticking out of the tent, looking up at the sky at night, so he tried to count all the stars before falling asleep
Moja (one) Mbile (two)   zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
The next morning they woke up to the sound of wild birds and small monkeys chirping and chattering in the trees above their heads. The friends made themselves some breakfast, Emmanuelle had fried eggs on toast, but Marty just had his favourite food, a big pile of twigs and leafs, and then started to pack up their tents and things they needed for the next part of the journey.
As they were packing Marty and Emmanuelle heard a loud moaning noise coming from the lake. In the lake stood a very unhappy looking hippopotamus.

“Mna nini (what’s the matter)?”  Asked Marty
“I have broken one of my tusks (hippo teeth) on a hard rock at the bottom of lake, and it really hurts” said the hippo “please can you help me”
Marty felt sorry for the hippo (whose name was Harry) and thought that it cant be good to have a sore mouth when your mouth is as big as a hippo’s mouth.
“I have an idea” said Marty and told Harry to come out of the lake and lean against a big rock that was lying there, so just he head was sticking out over the top,
He the asked Harry to open his mouth really wide – and hippos can open their mouths really wide indeed – Marty leaned into Harry big mouth and tied a piece of string around the broken tusk and tied the other end around the top box of his motorcycle.
“This might hurt a bit” shouted Marty as he rode his motorcycle slowly forward.
The string pulled on Harry’s tusk, Henry pushed against the rock to stop him from falling over, and then there was an almighty snapping sound and the broken tusk flew out of Harry’s mouth..
“AARRRGGH! OUCH!!, Oooh that hurt!” bellowed Harry and then said more quietly “ooh that’s better is has stopped hurting now,”
Harry was very pleased that his broken tusk was not hurting anymore and said a big “asante sana” to Marty. “Hakuna Matata laughed Marty in reply.
Marty and Emmanuelle stopped to talk to Harry for a while and told them all about their safari to see Victoria Falls.   “That sounds very exciting” said Harry “you are sure to have lots of adventures on the way”
Marty and Emmanuelle then set off on their way, shouting a big “kwahari” to Harry and Marty wondered what more adventures this safari would have in store for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues with Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a safari (journey) Part 2 Marty and the fishing boat to be posted on Saturday 15th October