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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 5 Marty and Peter go fishing

Marty's year of adventures continues
Marty the motorcycling Giraffe
Story 5 Marty and Peter go fishing
Marty is a giraffe, who lives in the big African city of Nairobi in Kenya. The thing that Marty likes to do best is to whizz around on his motorcycle.
Marty has a job; he works as a window cleaner’s assistant with his friend Peter Ngono.  Marty and Peter worked very hard keeping all the windows in Nairobi nice and clean. But today is Saturday and Marty and Peter have got a day off.
Marty and Peter thought it would be fun to go Lake Victoria (a very large lake in Africa), and to hire a boat and go fishing for the day.
So Peter got on the back of Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were off riding on the very dusty road though the African country side towards the “very very large” Lake Victoria.
As they rode along the road through the country side, they saw several exciting things such as: Elephants, Maasai tribesmen (herding their goats and cows), some Giraffes (Marty waved and shouted Jambo to them) some zebra, some ostriches and even a couple of very scary lions (which made Marty ride his motorcycle a little faster).
At last they arrived at Lake Victoria. The lake is so big the water seems to go on for ever, they both looked in amazement across the huge span of water, with the sun glistening on the waves, Marty said to Peter that he thought that Lake Victoria was a very lovely place to go fishing.
Marty and Peter hired a small boat put all their fishing kit into the boat and so they were in the middle of the lake sitting in the sun and catching fish.
Marty and Peter were having a lovely day and had caught quite a lot of fish when they sailed their boat past a herd of hippos swimming the lake and alongside another boat with a family in it who were also out for a day’s fishing.
The other boat sailed too close to the hippos and one of them bumped into the boat, this made the boat rock about in the water and a little boy from the family fell into the water.
No matter how hard the other people in the boat tried they could not reach the little boy who was struggling in the very deep water.
Marty and Peter saw all the commotion and rowed their boat as quickly as possible to where the boy had fallen into the water.
Marty stretched his long neck out into the water and managed to grab the collar of the boys shirt with his teeth, Marty quickly dragged the boy out of the water and into his and Peter’s boat.
Peter and Marty rowed their boat with the little boy back to the shore and the family rowed their boat back.
When they got back to the side of the lake every thanked Marty and Peter for saving the little boy and said that they were both heroes.
That evening Marty, Peter and the family had a barbeque on the banks of the lake, and they cooked and ate all the lovely fish that they had caught that day.
Marty doesn’t eat fish, so he just had a big pile of his favourite food,  “twigs and leafs”.
They all had a lovely time but as it got dark Marty and Peter had to start the long ride home.
Marty was very tired but very happy as he went to bed that night, but he was also very excited thinking about what other adventures could be found for -------
Marty the motorcycling giraffe.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 4 Marty and the red banana

Marty's year of adventures (52 storys in 52 weeks) continues

Marty the Motorcycling giraffe
Story 4 Marty and the Red bananas
Marty is a giraffe who lives in the big African city of Nairobi. The thing that Marty likes to do best is to--------whizz around on his motorcycle.
One day Marty decided to go on a long ride outside of the city into the country side to visit his friend Emmanuelle Wagana, who lives on a small farm in a nearby village.
It was a lovely day for a ride on his motorcycle, with the sun shining brightly in the blue sky. And soon Marty was outside of the city and riding through the beautiful Kenyan countryside
As Marty rode near to the village he saw Emmanuelle at the side of the rode next to a cart of lovely red bananas. Emmanuelle looked very worried.
“Jambo Emmanuelle!!” Shouted Marty,  “Jambo” sadly replied Emmanuelle and then he told Marty that a wheel had  broken off his cart, and if he doesn’t get his bananas to the market stall in the village he won’t be able to sell them  and they will go rotten very quickly sitting in the hot African sun.
“I know” said Marty, “we can put a lot of the bananas in my motorcycle top box and the rest we can tie to the motorcycle and I can take you and the bananas to the market stall.
“Do you think they will all fit on the motorcycle” asked Emmanuelle.
“Hakouna Matata” (African for no problem) cried Marty.
Emmanuelle got some string rom his house and soon all the bananas were tied to the motorcycle. There was so many bananas on his motorcycle there was hardly any room for Marty and Emmanuel. 
But Emmanuel squeezed on behind Marty and off they went,,
Marty had to ride his motorcycle very slowly, to make sure he did not lose his balance because of all the red bananas tied to it. People in the village pointed and laughed, because you could hardly see the motorcycle for all the bananas and it looked like a pile of moving bananas with just Marty’s long neck and head sticking out the top.
Soon they reached the market stall and Emmanuelle put up a big sign saying LOVELY RED BANANAS FOR SALE.
Marty stayed to help sell the bananas, and after a few hours they were all sold out, and Emmanuelle was so happy with the money he had made that he gave Marty a nice big pay packet for his days’ work.
“Asante sana” cried Marty, and thought that he could use the money to buy a bigger top box for his motorcycle..
Which might help him find even more adventures for

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Marty the motorcyclying Giraffe story 3 Marty goes to London

Marty the motorcycling giraffe
Story 3 Marty goes to London
It is Saturday morning in early January, but instead of having his usual Saturday morning long lie in, Marty was up at the crack of dawn
He was very excited because today is the day that Marty catches an aeroplane to London in England
Marty had never been out side of his home country of Kenya before in Africa before and he was so looking forward to his trip.
He had read all about London and was so looking forward to seeing all the sights, Buckingham palace, Nelsons column, Piccadilly circus and maybe he might get to have a ride on the London eye
Marty rode his motorcycle to the airport, where he parked in the car park. He showed his passport and ticket at the desk and was allowed on the aeroplane
Marty was a little scared while waiting for the plane to take off, but once it was up in the air he thought it was so wonderful, looking down at the ground so far below. It was a long fight to London and it was dark and cold when he arrived.
Marty took a taxi ride straight to his hotel so he could get into the warm, have a nice meal (Marty likes to eat twigs and leafs) and a good sleep so he will be ready  for his adventures exploring London to start the next day.
Marty woke up early the next day and set out to explore London.
It was very cold and what was that white stuff falling from the sky. Marty had never sen snow before, it didn’t snow in Africa.
Marty noticed that everyone was wearing woolly long things around their necks to keep warm. “That’s what I need “said Marty, but every shop he went into did not have a scarf long enough for Marty’s long neck.
He felt very sorry for himself and headed back to his hotel.
“Well Marty” asked Mrs Smith (the landlady that owns the hotel Marty is staying in) “what are you doing back so soon?”
“My neck is so cold. I can’t go out exploring in this weather” said Marty replied sadly as he trooped off to his room.
Mrs Smith felt sorry for Marty, and felt she wanted to help. So she went to her knitting cupboard and got all the scrap bits of wool she had lying around and sat down and started knitting.
Mrs Smith was up nearly all night, but when she had finished, she had knitted the biggest, longest, woolliest, and stripiest scarf in the whole wide world.
“Oh! Asante sana (thank you very much) cried out Marty “now I can go out and explore London and my neck will stay warm “
During the rest of his holiday Marty, warmly wrapped up in the long stripy woolly scarf, did everything he wanted to do in London.
He rode on the London eye, took a boat trip on the river Thames under the Tower Bridge, fed the pigeons in Trafalgar square and watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace.
The following Saturday Marty’s holiday had come to an end and it was time to catch an aeroplane back to Africa. Back to his little house in Nairobi and of course back to his motorcycle.
At the airport Marty said “Kwaheri” (good bye) to Mrs Smith and a great big asante sana (thank you very much) for the very long, woolly stripy scarf that had kept his neck warm all week.
Marty really did have a great adventure in London, and as he flew back home to Africa he wondered to himself

What more adventures could be found for
Marty the motorcycling giraffe!!!!

Story 2 Marty and the little Kitten

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 2 Marty and the little kitten

As you know Marty is a very special giraffe
He is special because instead of living in the African plains and spending all day eating leafs from the top of tall trees, Like all the other giraffes ………………………………

Marty lives in a big African city called Nairobi and spends most of his time whizzing around on his motorcycle.

Marty woke up in apartment one day feeling very blue, which is a very funny colour for a giraffe. The reason he was feeling so sad was that his motorcycle had broken down and Marty couldn’t afford to pay for it to be fixed.

So today Marty had to go to work on the bus, because he was so tall Marty had to put his head out of the bus’s window so that he could fit into the bus.

Marty had a job working for Peter Ngono the window cleaner. Peter cleaned the widows of the very tall office buildings in Nairobi. To reach the high windows Peter sits on Marty’s head and Marty lifts him up so that Peter can clean them

Marty was very happy at his work and was very good friends with Peter.

One evening as Peter and Marty were tidying up their tools and packing them into Peter’s van, they noticed a large crowd gathering across the road.

The people were all looking up at a tall building and pointing.

Marty and Peter went over to see what all the fuss was about. A very posh lady was shouting that her cat was stuck on the top of a very tall building.

“Oh won’t someone help my poor little kitten” she cried.

Peter and Marty had a plan!!

Peter drove his van so it was right under the building where the kitten was stuck. Marty climbed on top of the van and stretched his neck up as far as he could.

He then called to the kitten.

The Kitten jumped onto Marty’s head and very carefully Marty lowered the kitten into the posh lady’s arms.

The lady was very pleased and hugged Marty and Peter crying “Asante sana” (thank you very much) and said that they were both heroes.

The posh lady was so pleased to have her little kitten back safe and sound that as a reward she brought Peter a brand new bucket and a new pair of overalls.

And as for Marty?  Well she paid to have his motorcycle fixed.

Marty was pleased to be a hero and very pleased to have his motorcycle back/

Now he could get back to whizzing around on his motorcycle to see what other adventure could be found for……………………………………………………..

Marty the motorcycling giraffe.!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Jambo rafiki

Welcome to my blog page, I am Marty the motorcycling giraffe.

Originally tales of my adventures were told as storys to my good friends little grand daughter.....who was enthralled of tales my escapades on my Motorcyle in Africa and elswhere in the world 

Now I have started a year of adventures (52 adventures in 52 weeks), my face book page ( was set 10 weeks ago and now has 10 different storys,

My first adventure (Marty and the football match) was uploaded to this blog page yesterday, I will endeavor to add a couple of storys each week untill this blog catch up with my facebook page, and will then add one each saturday untill the end of the year of adventures.

hope you enjoy reading about my adventures


Marty Giraffe

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe story one Marty and the football match

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe
Story one:-Marty and the football match
Marty is a giraffe, Marty lives in Africa with lots of other giraffes.
He is a very strange type of giraffe.
One reason that he is strange was that his name did not begin with the letter G, but began with the letter M.
All the other giraffes on the African plains have names like: Gary, Geraldine and George.
But the main reason Marty is strange is that , while all the other giraffes liked to wander round the African plains, eating leaves from the top of the tallest trees……………………………………………………………..
Marty likes to whizz around on his motorcycle.
Marty enjoys riding his motorcycle very much. But because he went so fast and the motorcycle is so very noisy, Marty would often frighten the other giraffes by zooming too close to them.
It got so bad that one day, George and Geraldine got very cross with Marty. They told him that the African plains are no place for motorcycling giraffe.
Marty was very sad at first be he agreed that the only place for a motorcycling giraffe is the big city.
So Marty got on his motorcycle and rode to Nairobi City to look for adventure.
When Marty arrived in Nairobi, he was very excited to see how busy the city was, and how many cars, busses, lorries and of course motorcycles there were whizzing round the roads.
Marty rode around waving and shouting “Jambo” (which is Swahili for hello) to everyone.
Marty was riding past a football pitch. There was a very important match taking place, The Nairobi schools cup final!
One boy kicked the ball so hard; it flew right out of the pitch, over the fence and into the back of a lorry.
The lorry drove off. “OH NO!” Shouted the players “now we won’t be able to finish the cup final!”
“Don’t worry” shouted Marty “I’ll get your ball back” and off he zoomed after the lorry.
All through the busy streets, Marty chased the lorry. And soon enough he managed to get right behind the lorry.
Marty waved at the lorry and shouted “Stop! Stop!”
The lorry driver was so surprised to see a giraffe on a motorcycle that he stopped the lorry to see what all the fuss was about.
Marty picked the ball up out of the back of the lorry and put it into the top box on his motorcycle and rode back to the football pitch.
When he got back with the ball, the boys all cheered.
“Three cheers for Marty! He has saved the day.
Marty was very pleased to be the hero of the day. He decided he would stay in the big city, to see what more exciting adventures might happen to……………
Marty the motorcycling giraffe.

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Welcome to Marty's years of adventured (52 stories in 52 weeks)

Follow the exciting adventures of Marty the worlds only Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 1 to follow shortly with a new story to be added every Wednesday