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The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcyling giraffes, Story 11 Marty and the dinosaur

 The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 11 Marty and the dinosaur

As you will know by now, Marty is a giraffe who lives in the big African city of Nairobi in Kenya. Marty lives with his wife Gillian and works as window cleaner’s assistant with his friends Peter (the window cleaner) and Victor (the trainee window cleaner).

But what Marty likes to do best is to whizz around on his motorcycle while looking out for adventures.

Marty and Gillian are sat in the garden of their little house in Nairobi  discussing how they could tidy it up and make it look a lot nicer.

“We could build a garage at the one side, that we could store our motorcycles in” Said Marty

“Yes and we could have a raised patio outside the back door where we could sit in the evening” replied Gillian.

“Mmm yes and how about planting some acacia trees in the corner then we can always have a snack of fresh leafs and twigs while sat in the garden” stated Marty.

'Matumaini wewe!' Alicheka Gillian 'daima kufikiri ya tumbo lako, wewe alikuwa bora kuangalia au wewe kuwa kama mafuta kama kiboko'   (“Trust you!” Laughed Gillian “always thinking of your stomach, you had better watch out or you will become as fat as a hippopotamus”)

This made Marty laugh, “we should get Emmanuelle (Marty’s friend the farmer) to design the garden as he is good at these things and the rest of the gang to help” he said.

So a couple of days later, first thing t in the morning, Emmanuelle turned up on his tractor pulling a trailer filled with the necessary tools, equipment, a self build garage and two acacia trees.

Moira, Emmanuelle’s girlfriend had also come along to help out and soon after Peter and his wife Gloria (and of course baby Martina- Jilly) and Victor also turned up.

Emmanuelle took charge of the operation and soon had the whole gang working hard on the garden.

First they flattened the ground closest to the house and laid the foundations for the raised patio and as Emmanuelle and Victor worked on laying the patio , Marty, Gillian , Peter and Moira started to dig away at the ground  to lower the far end of the garden . Baby Martina-Jilly had woken up by now so Gloria was excused digging to look after the little one.

Peter and Moira dug the ground and shovelled the spare earth into a pair of large buckets that Gillian and Marty held in their mouths, then like two large spotty cranes Marty and Gillian lifted the buckets up and emptied the earth into the back of Emmanuelle’s truck

“I can make good use of that soil back at the farm” commented Emmanuelle.

It wasn’t long before the patio was finished and the second half of the garden was suitably lowered so that patio had a nice raised look

“That looks really good” stated Marty

“Yes just the pond to be dug and the garage to be put up and we will be finished” replied Gillian with an excited squeal

“Well you have al been working so hard, I think you had better take a break before starting the rest of the work” said Gloria who had come out into the garden with a large plate of sandwiches that she had made up and a big jug of her special ice cool fruit smoothies.

The friends all tucked into the sandwiches and smoothies (except of course Marty and Gillian as they don’t eat sandwiches they helped themselves to a large pile of twigs and leafs instead)

After their break the gang got back to work and soon had garage put together and erected at one side of the garage and dug two large holes for the acacia trees to be planted in

Marty poured two large buckets of water into the holes and Emmanuelle and Peter gently placed the trees into place and firmed the ground around them.

“These trees should grow big and strong and provide you with plenty of your favourite food” said Emmanuelle

“Asnte sana” (“Thank you very much”) said Gillian  “ but don’t let Marty stop work and start munching before my pond has been dug out” this made everyone laugh.

Peter, Emmanuelle and Victor all then started digging a  large hole for the pond, again lifting the soil into a large bucket that Marty held in his teeth and every time it was full he lifted it up and poured the soil out into the back of Emmanuelle’s truck.

Meanwhile baby Martina- Jilly had woken up and Gloria, Moira and Gillian were happily cuddling and playing with her.

It was hard and thirsty work digging in such a big hole in the hot African sun but soon they were getting down to level where they could pour in a concrete base for the pond, when Victor’s spade hit something hard and round.

At first he though it was just a large stone but it was very smooth and as he cleared the mud off it he realised it looked like a large egg.

“Look at this, it’s a bit odd” said Victor

Yes that is a bit strange” replied Peter “and look there are several of them”

With a bit more digging they managed to unearth eight of these strange large egg shaped rocks

After a lot of head scratching and different opinions of what they might be, Peter said that he had a friend at the Nairobi Museum and he would take the rocks there to find out what they are.

So Peter lifted the rocks into the back of the van and headed off to the museum.

“Typical” said Victor “Peter always finds a way to leave the hard work to us”

While Peter was gone Marty, Victor and Emmanuelle finished digging the pond they poured the concrete base in and after a little wait, to let the concrete dry (it dried quite quickly in the hot African sun), they poured the water in to make a lovely pond.

'Oh bustani yangu inaonekana ajabu' alisema Gillian 'asante sana, una kila kazi kwa bidii'  (“Oh my garden looks wonderful” said Gillian “thank you very much, you have all worked so hard”)

“Hakuna matata” replied Emmanuelle “ni jambo jema daima kusaidia marafiki” (it’s always good to help friends out”)

“Well when Peter gets back we are going to have a big barbeque party to celebrate our garden being finished” said Marty.

A little later Peter arrived back from the museum in a very excited mood.

“Those rocks were fossilised dinosaur eggs, and my friend is going to display them at the museum”

“Wow dinosaur eggs that is fantastic” exclaimed Victor, and they all agreed that it was a very exciting find.

The friends then relaxed in the newly landscaped garden and ate a large meal of barbequed food all washed down with lots of Gloria and Moira special fruit smoothies. Marty and Gillian of course just ate lots of their favourite food, fresh twigs and leafs from their new acacia trees.

After a while Gloria told everyone that she and Peter will have to go home to put Martina –Jilly to bed and everyone else agreed that they were all feeling tired after such a hard days work and will be heading for home.

“Kwaheri, asante sana kwa kazi ngumu yako yote” (goodbye thank you very much for all your hard work”) shouted Marty and Gillian as they waved their friends off.

“Time for bed I think Marty” said Gillian

“In a minute” mumbled Marty with his mouth full of acacia twigs and leafs.

“You’ll make yourself sick eating so much so close to bed time” scolded Gillian

As they were both very tired it wasn’t long before Marty and Gillian drifted off into a deep sleep.

A few hours later Marty was woken up by a strange scrapping and digging sound coming from his garden.

Marty couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked out of the window, as there in his garden was a large dinosaur scraping at the ground.

The dinosaur spotted Marty at his window and stood straight up and peered into the window, the dinosaur was as big as Marty’s house and had a large mouth with very sharp looking teeth, Marty felt quite frightened.

“Where are my eggs gone” roared the dinosaur

“But they are just fossils now” gibbered Marty “they are thousands of years old, my friend took them to the museum”

“What!!” roared the dinosaur “I want my eggs now” and smashed his head through the window, shattering the glass everywhere and sending Marty spinning back across the room landing on his bed sitting bolt upright.

Marty was very scared but then he heard Gillian’s soothing voice.

“Marty wake up your having a very bad dream, I told you about eating so many twigs and leafs before bedtime”

“Bbbbbut the dinosaur” gibbered Marty

“It’s just a dream” said Gillian now go back to sleep and in the morning we can see what new adventures there are for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling griaffes

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The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes Story 10 Marty and the Great Easter egg hunt

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 10 Marty and the great Easter egg hunt

It is Easter Sunday, but instead of having a well-earned long lie in bed, Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling giraffes are up at the break of dawn, because they have promised Mrs Wanijru, who looks after the watoto (children) at the local orphanage, that they would help hide some Easter eggs before the watoto wake up and have their traditional Easter egg hunt after breakfast.

Marty and Gillian had a quick breakfast of twigs and leaves, and headed off to the orphanage, Marty leading the way on his motorcycle and Gillian following behind on her pink motor scooter.

When they arrived at the orphanage they were met by Mrs Wanijru and Mr Rono (a very important government executive who works at the Nairobi state house)

“Hujambo Marty na Gillian ni `s nzuri kuona wewe, asante kwa kuja kusaidia, watoto wote kupata msisimko sana kuhusu Pasaka yai kuwinda” (“hello Marty and Gillian it`s good to see you, thank you for coming to help, the children are all get very excited about the Easter egg hunt”) said Mrs Wanijru.

“hujambo Bw wa Wanijru, yako mnakaribishwa sana Gillian na mimi ni furaha daima msaada kutoka nje, kama inafanya watoto furaha ” (“hello Mr's Wanijru your very welcome, Gillian and I are always happy to help out, if it makes the children happy) replied Marty.

“Well let’s get to work then” said Mr Rono “your friends Peter and Gloria are already inside getting the Easter eggs out of the store cupboard.”

“Ooh” squealed Gillian “have they bright baby Martina-Jilly with them” and rushed inside.

When she got inside she found baby Martina-Jilly fast asleep in her pram.

“Ooh she is beautiful” sighed Gillian

“Yes she is” said Gloria who had stepped alongside the pram “me and Peter are so lucky to have her”

The four friends and Mr Rono then took all the Easter eggs outside and Mrs Wanijru went to wake all the children up and make them breakfast, Mrs Wanijru also took baby Martina –Jilly with, so she could look after her while Gloria helped out with hiding the Easter eggs.

Marty, Gillian, Peter, Gloria and Mr Rono ran around the orphanage yard to look for good places to hide the eggs.  They put some under the garden shrubs, a couple of eggs were hidden in low branches of the orphanage’s tree and others were hidden in some of the outside toys and in the playgrounds slide, roundabout and few others were buried in the sand pit.

After the children finished their breakfast they followed Mrs Wanijru (who was still pushing Martina-Jilly in her pram) and she lined them all up alongside the wall of the orphanage wall.

“Watoto, Mimi nataka ninyi nyote kusema kubwa thank you, kwa Mr Rono, Marty, Gillian, Peter na Gloria, ambao wote wamekuwa wakifanya kazi kwa bidii na kuanzisha Pasaka yai kuwinda kwa ajili ya wewe” (“Children, I want you all to say a big thank you, to Mr Rono, Marty, Gillian, Peter and Gloria, who have all been working hard to set up the Easter egg hunt for you”) said Mrs Wanijru

“Asante sana” shouted the children very loudly indeed.

This made everyone laugh; Mr Rono then blew on a whistle and shouted

“Tatu, mbili, moja, kuanza kuwinda” (“three, two one, start the race)

The children let out a very loud cheer and raced forward to start hunting for the eggs. As the children ran around looking under and over things to try and find the eggs, Mrs Wanijru and the five helpers sat on a bench watching the children and tracking it in turns to cuddle baby Martina-Jilly, who giggled happily enjoying all the attention.

It didn’t seem long until there was a large pile of Easter eggs piled up in the middle of the playground , the children had fund them all.

Mrs Wanijru then got the children to line up against the wall so she could tell them all to take their eggs back inside to the dining room where they could enjoy all the lovely chocolate. But Mrs Wanijru noticed that one of the boys was missing.

“Children, does anyone know where William Koshi is?” shouted Mrs Wanijru.

None of the children answered and Mrs Wanijru started to worry, in 20 years of running the orphanage she has always known where the children are at all times.

“Don’t worry, he can’t have gone far” said Gloria “you take the children and Martina-Jilly inside to enjoy their chocolate eggs, and we will look for William outside.”

Once the children were inside Marty, Gillian, Peter, Gloria and Mr Rono searched the playground calling out William’s name.

Then Gillian thought that she heard something and told everyone to be quite.  Listening really carefully she realised that she could hear a faint sobbing noise coming from the roof of the orphanage, as she got closer she realised the sound was coming from behind the chimney pot.

Gillian stretched her long neck up to the roof and peaked around the other side of the chimney pot, to find a very scared and very upset little boy.

“William what are you doing up here?” asked Gillian.

“I thought there might be an egg up here so I climbed up the drain pipe and then I couldn’t get down and I was scared I might be in trouble”.

“Well it is silly and dangerous to climb on the roof, but I am sure Mrs Wanijru will not be cross with you, if you promise not to do it again, now let’s get you down”

Gillian called Marty over and told William to climb on Marty’s big head and hold on to his little horns so Marty could gently lower him to the ground.

Gloria took William inside the orphanage where Mrs Wanijru was so pleased to see him that she gave William a big hug and told him to go and eat some chocolate.

Mrs Wanijru came out to thank everyone for their help and told them they were all heroes. This made everyone smile.

And finally it was time to go home , so Gillian gave baby Martin-Jilly one last kiss and Marty and Gillian shouted “kwahari” (goodbye) and they climbed on their motorbikes and zoomed off for home.

Back in their little house Marty said

“Well what an exciting adventure that turned out to be, I wonder what adventure will be next for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling Giraffes.

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Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes Story 9 Troy the trucking moose pays a visit from Canada

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 9 Troy the trucking moose pays a visit from Canada.

Its Sunday morning and Marty and Gillian are having a lie in as neither of them are working today, they were both enjoying the lie in as they have been working extra hard recently, with Gillian having to cover extra shifts at the smoothie bar as Gloria Gillian’s boss and best friend , who has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl (Martina-Jilly) is on maternity leave and Peter (Marty’s best friend and boss)  keeps leaving Marty and Victor (the trainee window cleaner) to clean all the windows in Nairobi, so that he could spend more time with his wife and  new baby daughter.

Suddenly their restful morning was disturbed by some loud banging on the door

“Someone’s at the door go and see who it is” said Gillian to Marty

Marty climbed out of bed and grumbled

“Sounds like they are trying to knock the door down banging that hard”

Marty opened the door to find a very large animal with big antlers, wearing a large cowboy hat and a checked lumber jack shirt with its sleeves rolled up to show the creatures large muscles.

“Howdy Marty, you didn’t expect me to be at your door” he exclaimed.

“Troy? Troy the trucking moose, what are you doing in Nairobi” spluttered a surprised Marty.

“I had the opportunity for a few days of from work, so I thought I would jump on a plane and come and visit my good friends in Africa” replied Troy

“Naam kuwakaribisha kwa Kenya, (Well welcome to Kenya), come on in and make yourself at home.” Said Marty before shouting to Gillian that they had a very special visitor, all the way from Canada.

Marty, Gillian and Troy then sat down to large breakfast of twigs and leafs and had a long chat about what they have been all doing since they last met (at Marty and Gillian’s wedding)

Troy told them all about Kevin the Kayaking monkey (from Zambia) coming to visit him in Canada and Marty and Gillian told them about their good friends Peter and Gloria’s wonderful news.

“Oh that’s lovely I am so pleased for them” stated Troy “I would like to go and visit them and meet baby Martina-Jilly before I go home”

“Well why don’t we go over to Peter’s house this afternoon” said Gillian, who never misses the chance to go and see the new baby.

So later that day the three headed over to Peter and Gloria’s house, Marty on his motorcycle with Troy riding pillion behind him and Gillian following on behind on her pink motor scooter.

It didn’t take them very long to get through the busy Nairobi streets and they son arrived at Peter and Gloria’s

They knocked on the door and Peter let them in

“Do you remember Troy form Canada, he was at mine and Gillian’s wedding”

“Yes” replied Peter “how can you forget a trucking moose, Jambo Troy kuwakaribisha kwa Kenya, (welcome to Kenya)”

“Well thank you Peter, Mary has been telling me about your new arrival”

“Yes come in and meet baby Martina-Jilly, she is in the front room with Gloria”

Gillian was already in front room chatting to Gloria about the baby and bending over into the crib and tickling Martina-Jilly’s tummy with her little horns. This made the baby chortle and giggle.

Gloria made some tea and cakes for Peter and herself and fetched some twigs and leafs for Marty, Gillian and Peter and the friends sat around all afternoon talking about the baby and the different things Troy could do and see while he was in Africa

Peter the told Marty that he knows that Marty has had to work extra hard on the window cleaning round   recently and that he should take a few days off  from work to show Troy around Nairobi and other places in Keyna.

“Yes” commented Gloria “and the same for you too Gillian, I can get Moira to do some extra shifts at the smoothies stall”

“Oh asante sana” replied both Marty and Gillian

“I will need you to work at Mr Makushi’s transport yard on Friday afternoon though; there are too many trucks for just me and Victor to clean”

“I’ll be there” smiled Marty

Marty, Gillian and Tory then gave little baby Martina-Jilly one last cuddle and set off back to Marty and Gillian’s house to make plans for where they could take Troy and what they could show him in the next few days.

The next day Marty and showed Troy all around their home town of Nairobi, including going for dinner at the Stanley hotel bar, walking through Uhuru park and shopping in Tom Mboya avenue.

Then from Tuesday to Thursday they set off for a few days camping in the Masai Mara, where Marty and Gillian introduced Troy to their family and friends.

Marty’s nice, Georgina, was delighted that Marty and Gillian had come to visit them and was very excited to meet Troy the trucking moose and sat quietly for hours listening to Troy’s exciting tales of his adventures he had had while driving his truck all over North America.

“Ooh Canada and the USA sounds like they are very exciting countries, I would love to visit them one day” squealed Georgina in excitement

“They are great places to have adventures in” replied Marty who then added rather seriously

 “But you know there is no place like home and Africa is also a wonderful place full of adventures”

Troy also really enjoyed seeing all the other very exciting African animals, such as elephants, hippos zebra and wildebeests; he even enjoyed watching (from a safe distant) a pride of very scary lions.

On Friday morning Marty, Gillian and Troy said there goodbyes to the other giraffes as they had to get back to Nairobi in time for Marty to arrive at Mr MaKushi’s transport yard in time to help Peter and Victor clean all the trucks.

“Kwahari uncle Marty, Kwahari Gillian, kwahari Troy, kuja nyuma kuona kwangu karibuni (come back to see me soon)” shouted Georgina

“Yes don’t leave it too long before your next visit” added Marty’s brother Gary

The rest of the giraffes nodded in agreement and shouted “kwahari have a safe trip home”

Marty, Gillian and Troy were soon zooming along the hot dusty roads out of the Masai Mari and heading back towards Nairobi.

When they arrived at Nairobi, Gillian told Marty and Troy that she was going to visit Gloria and baby Martina-Jilly and Troy decided to go with Marty to help out at Mr MaKushi’s transport yard.

Peter was very pleased to have an extra person or in this case extra moose to help out and soon Marty, Peter , Victor and Troy were hard at work cleaning all Mr Makushi’s trucks inside and out.

After a while Mr Makushi came out of his office looking very glum while talking to someone on his mobile (cell) phone.  After he finished the phone call, Peter asked him if everything is ok.

“Not really, Michael one of my drives has broken down on an important run, the breakdown service will go and tow the truck back, but I need to get the cargo delivered and by the time Michael gets back and changes truck it will be too late  as the customer in Arusha will be closed for the night.”

“Cant you send someone out with another truck and swap the load over so Michael can continue on his delivery”

“All my other drivers have finished for the day” replied Mr Makushi shaking his head.

“I am a truck driver” said Troy “I could take a vehicle out to this Michael help swap the load and get a lift back with the tow truck”

“That would be very useful, are you sure you don’t mind”

“It’s no problem or as you would say hakuna matata” laughed Troy

Marty offered to ride his motorcycle ahead of Troy to show him the way.

“Yeah anything to get out of cleaning the trucks” laughed Victor

So Marty set off on his motorcycle with Troy following behind on his truck, as they moved through the city streets, Troy enjoyed letting off the trucks loud horn, and smiling to himself when the people of Nairobi looked in amazement to see a trucking moose.

Soon they left the city and were one the main Nairobi – Moshi highway, and after a short while they came along Michael’s broken down truck.

Marty and Troy pulled up beside the truck but could see no sign of Michael the driver, they thought this was a little strange as they walked along to the front of the truck and then Marty looked through the cab widows to see Michael lying across the seats fast asleep

Marty knocked on the cabs windows and shouted

“Oi kuamka kichwa usingizi!  (Oi wake up sleepy head)”

Michael sat up with a shock and then saw Marty through the window, but h had to rub his eyes to ensure he wasn’t dreaming when he Troy too next to Marty, Michael ha never seen a moose before and especially not one dressed in a lumberjack shirt and cowboy hat.

“Oh it’s you Marty and you or what is your friend?” asked a bemused Michael.

“This Troy the trucking moose all the way from Canada, and he has driven a spare truck down here for you transfer you load into , so you can carry on with delivery to Arusha”

So Marty Michael and Troy stared to swap the load from the broken down truck to the new one, and although there were a lot of very heavy boxes, with Troy’ help it didn’t take long before they were finished

“It was very nice to meet you Troy and thank you for helping me” said Michael as he climbed into the cab of the new vehicle and set off to Arusha

“Kwahari” Marty and Troy shouted after him

“Your picking up the Swahili very well” laughed Marty.

By this time the tow truck arrived to take the broken down truck back to the yard, but as it was now getting late Troy decided to go back to Nairobi on the back of Marty’s motorcycle.

It was too late to go back to the yard so Marty and Troy went straight back to Marty and Gillian’s little house. When they arrived they found that Gillian had already arrived home from visiting Gloira and the new baby, and she had laid out a large dinner of the best twigs and leafs form the tastiest acacia trees.

They had a lovely dinner and stayed up long into a night talking about the days adventure.

The next morning it was time for Troy to catch the aeroplane home to Canada, Marty and Gillian rode their motorcycles to the airport to see Troy off.

“Well so long partners, thank you for letting me stay and showing me so much of Africa”

“It’s been great having you, kwaheri rafiki yangu, na safari salama nyumbani (goodbye my friend, have a save trip home” replied Marty.

“Well” said Marty to Gillian “that was an unexpected visit, that turned into another adventure, makes you wonder what other adventures lie in store for

Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling giraffes