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The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes Story 10 Marty and the Great Easter egg hunt

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 10 Marty and the great Easter egg hunt

It is Easter Sunday, but instead of having a well-earned long lie in bed, Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling giraffes are up at the break of dawn, because they have promised Mrs Wanijru, who looks after the watoto (children) at the local orphanage, that they would help hide some Easter eggs before the watoto wake up and have their traditional Easter egg hunt after breakfast.

Marty and Gillian had a quick breakfast of twigs and leaves, and headed off to the orphanage, Marty leading the way on his motorcycle and Gillian following behind on her pink motor scooter.

When they arrived at the orphanage they were met by Mrs Wanijru and Mr Rono (a very important government executive who works at the Nairobi state house)

“Hujambo Marty na Gillian ni `s nzuri kuona wewe, asante kwa kuja kusaidia, watoto wote kupata msisimko sana kuhusu Pasaka yai kuwinda” (“hello Marty and Gillian it`s good to see you, thank you for coming to help, the children are all get very excited about the Easter egg hunt”) said Mrs Wanijru.

“hujambo Bw wa Wanijru, yako mnakaribishwa sana Gillian na mimi ni furaha daima msaada kutoka nje, kama inafanya watoto furaha ” (“hello Mr's Wanijru your very welcome, Gillian and I are always happy to help out, if it makes the children happy) replied Marty.

“Well let’s get to work then” said Mr Rono “your friends Peter and Gloria are already inside getting the Easter eggs out of the store cupboard.”

“Ooh” squealed Gillian “have they bright baby Martina-Jilly with them” and rushed inside.

When she got inside she found baby Martina-Jilly fast asleep in her pram.

“Ooh she is beautiful” sighed Gillian

“Yes she is” said Gloria who had stepped alongside the pram “me and Peter are so lucky to have her”

The four friends and Mr Rono then took all the Easter eggs outside and Mrs Wanijru went to wake all the children up and make them breakfast, Mrs Wanijru also took baby Martina –Jilly with, so she could look after her while Gloria helped out with hiding the Easter eggs.

Marty, Gillian, Peter, Gloria and Mr Rono ran around the orphanage yard to look for good places to hide the eggs.  They put some under the garden shrubs, a couple of eggs were hidden in low branches of the orphanage’s tree and others were hidden in some of the outside toys and in the playgrounds slide, roundabout and few others were buried in the sand pit.

After the children finished their breakfast they followed Mrs Wanijru (who was still pushing Martina-Jilly in her pram) and she lined them all up alongside the wall of the orphanage wall.

“Watoto, Mimi nataka ninyi nyote kusema kubwa thank you, kwa Mr Rono, Marty, Gillian, Peter na Gloria, ambao wote wamekuwa wakifanya kazi kwa bidii na kuanzisha Pasaka yai kuwinda kwa ajili ya wewe” (“Children, I want you all to say a big thank you, to Mr Rono, Marty, Gillian, Peter and Gloria, who have all been working hard to set up the Easter egg hunt for you”) said Mrs Wanijru

“Asante sana” shouted the children very loudly indeed.

This made everyone laugh; Mr Rono then blew on a whistle and shouted

“Tatu, mbili, moja, kuanza kuwinda” (“three, two one, start the race)

The children let out a very loud cheer and raced forward to start hunting for the eggs. As the children ran around looking under and over things to try and find the eggs, Mrs Wanijru and the five helpers sat on a bench watching the children and tracking it in turns to cuddle baby Martina-Jilly, who giggled happily enjoying all the attention.

It didn’t seem long until there was a large pile of Easter eggs piled up in the middle of the playground , the children had fund them all.

Mrs Wanijru then got the children to line up against the wall so she could tell them all to take their eggs back inside to the dining room where they could enjoy all the lovely chocolate. But Mrs Wanijru noticed that one of the boys was missing.

“Children, does anyone know where William Koshi is?” shouted Mrs Wanijru.

None of the children answered and Mrs Wanijru started to worry, in 20 years of running the orphanage she has always known where the children are at all times.

“Don’t worry, he can’t have gone far” said Gloria “you take the children and Martina-Jilly inside to enjoy their chocolate eggs, and we will look for William outside.”

Once the children were inside Marty, Gillian, Peter, Gloria and Mr Rono searched the playground calling out William’s name.

Then Gillian thought that she heard something and told everyone to be quite.  Listening really carefully she realised that she could hear a faint sobbing noise coming from the roof of the orphanage, as she got closer she realised the sound was coming from behind the chimney pot.

Gillian stretched her long neck up to the roof and peaked around the other side of the chimney pot, to find a very scared and very upset little boy.

“William what are you doing up here?” asked Gillian.

“I thought there might be an egg up here so I climbed up the drain pipe and then I couldn’t get down and I was scared I might be in trouble”.

“Well it is silly and dangerous to climb on the roof, but I am sure Mrs Wanijru will not be cross with you, if you promise not to do it again, now let’s get you down”

Gillian called Marty over and told William to climb on Marty’s big head and hold on to his little horns so Marty could gently lower him to the ground.

Gloria took William inside the orphanage where Mrs Wanijru was so pleased to see him that she gave William a big hug and told him to go and eat some chocolate.

Mrs Wanijru came out to thank everyone for their help and told them they were all heroes. This made everyone smile.

And finally it was time to go home , so Gillian gave baby Martin-Jilly one last kiss and Marty and Gillian shouted “kwahari” (goodbye) and they climbed on their motorbikes and zoomed off for home.

Back in their little house Marty said

“Well what an exciting adventure that turned out to be, I wonder what adventure will be next for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling Giraffes.