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Marty the Motorcycling GiraffeStory 30 Marty visits Peru part 1 Marty and Pedro the Paragliding Llama

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 30 Marty visits Peru part 1 Marty and Pedro the Paragliding Llama

Marty woke up this morning in a very excited mood, He is excited because he is about to go on a very thrilling adventure.

Today Marty is flying to Peru (a country in South America) to go and see the lost Inca (old south American people) city of Machu Pichu, which was built high in the mountains above Peru.

Marty packed all the things he is going to need on the trip into his rucksack made one final check of his passport and aeroplane tickets and set off for the Airport.

Marty was very pleased to see that his friends, Peter, Gloria, Emmanuelle and of course Gillian were at the airport to wave him off.

“Kuchukuna huduma, na safari njema” (take care, have a good trip) Whispered Gillian into Marty’s ear and she gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

“Kwahari” shouted all the others as Marty set off for the plane.

It was a long flight to Peru, and Marty passed the time by reading books about the lost city of Machu Pichu.

When he arrived Marty stayed the first night in a hotel in Lima, the capitol city of Peru. Lima is a very big and busy city which Marty found very exciting, but sadly he didn’t have much time to explore the city.

“I must go to bed nice and early” he thought to himself “to make sure I get enough rest, before starting the long hard climb in the mountains to reach Machu Pichu”

It was quite a long bus ride to the beginning of the climb and because he is so tall Marty had to sit with head and neck sticking out of the bus’s window.

At the bottom of the climb Marty was introduced to his mountain guide (Manolito) and his fellow climbers, John from England, Andy from the USA and Jean-Pierre from France.

“Hola, bienvenida Peru “ (Hello and welcome to Peru) Said Manolito to the all the climbers and then he told them all about what to expect on their hard trek up the mountains to the lost Inca city of  Machu Pichu. Manolito made the expedition sound very exciting and Marty couldn’t wait to get started on this new adventure.

The first day of the climb, was very difficult as the slopes up the mountain were very steep indeed, but the four climbers all followed Manolito’s lead and soon they reached the spot where they would camp for the night.

While they ate their dinner that night (twigs and leafs for Marty of course) the four climbers talked about how exciting it will be to get to see the lost city of Machu Pichu.

 They all listened intently when Marty told them about all of his thrilling adventures

“Oh la la!” excalinmed Jean Pierre “I have never heard of a Giraffe riding a motorcycle or seen one climb a mountain before”

“Well I do like to have adventures” laughed Marty in response.

Soon it was time for the climbers to go to their tents to get some sleep before the next days climb; as usual Marty had to lie down with his head and neck sticking out of his tent and fell asleep counting the stars in the night sky.

Everyone was up very early the next morning as soon as they had finished their breakfast, Marty, John, Andy and Jean Pierre set off following Manolito up the mountains slopes.

After a few hours they stopped by some large rocks to have some lunch (yes you’ve guessed it, Marty had a big bag of twigs and leafs.)

While they were eating they could hear a group taking very excitedly in Spanish, from the other side of one of the rocks

Marty stretched his neck up to look over the rock to see what all the excitement was about. And there on the side of a very steep cliff stood a bunch of Llama’s.

“Jambo” said Mary.

“Hola Hola” shouted back the Llamas

“What are you doing?” asked Mary.

“Ware putting together Pedro’s paraglider” shouted one of the Llamas

“Pedro? Paraglider?” asked Marty

One of the Llamas (who was wearing a strange sort of crash helmet) stepped forward “Hola” he said “I am Pedro the worlds only Paragliding Llama”

“Jambo” replied Marty “I am Marty the motorcycling giraffe, from Kenya in Africa

Pedro told Marty all about paragliding and how exciting it is to be able to fly above the mountains.

“Wow!” said Marty “I’d love to have a go at that”

“Well I have a spare paraglider, we could go for a fly now, if you have time” replied Pedro.

“That would be ok” said Manolito, who had been listening to Marty and Pedro talking “we are well ahead of schedule and everyone could do with a rest while you are paragliding”

“Ok let’s go then” shouted Pedro “but watchout for Carlos”

“Carlos? Whose Carlos?” asked Marty?

“Carlos is a condor (very large South American bird); he is a very curious condor, who often flies too close to the Paragliders, which can be quite dangerous” replied Pedro

Pedro and Marty strapped on their Paragliders and moved to the edge of the cliff.

“Geronimo” they shouted as they leapt off the cliff into the air and soon they were powergliding above the hills in Peru.

“Wow this is fantastic” shouted Marty “I told you paragliding was fun” Laughed Pedro in reply.

Then suddenly Marty saw a large shape in the sky.

“Look out its Carlos, Hola Carlos” shouted Pedro

Carlos was very curious to see who was paragliding wit Pedro and flew very close to Marty to get a better look.

“Whoa” shouted Marty as he nearly crashed into Carlos; he then started to spin out of control.

Marty was quite scared as he thought he was going to crash his paraglider.

“Hold on Marty” shouted Pedro “pull on the controls until you set yourself straight”

Marty followed Pedro’s instructions and after a bit of struggle, Marty managed to get his paraglider under control.

“Lo sianto, adios” (sorry, goodbye) squawked Carlos as he flew off high in the sky.

Mary and Pedro then landed back on the side of the cliff they took off from.

“That was fantastic and a little scary” said Marty “asante sana Pedro”

“No problemito” Laughed Pedro

Marty then said “kwahari” to Pedro and the other Llamas and rejoined the rest of the climbers, to carry on the hike towards the list city of Machu Pichu.

Andy, John and Jean Pierre were all very impressed with Marty’s paragliding but by the end of the day they were all very tired and quite happy to get into their tents for an early night.

As Marty lay down in his tent (with his head and neck sticking out of course) he thought about the  exciting day he has had and wondered what other adventures this trip would bring for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

 Look out for the next adventure for Marty in Story 31 Marty goes to Peru part 2 Marty and the lost city of Machu Pichu