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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 31 marty visits Peru part 2 Marty goes to the lost city of Machu Pichu

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 31 Marty visits Peru, part 2 Marty goes to the lost city of Machu Pichu

Marty is on a very exciting adventure, Marty is climbing up the mountains in Peru to see the “Machu Pichu” the lost city of the Incas.

The first couple of days on the climb were very exciting and Marty got to fly in a paraglider before camping for the night on the side of the mountain,

Marty and his fellow adventures (Jean Pierre from France, Andy from the USA and Jean-Pierre from France) and their guide Manolito, were all up very early the next morning.

They were all very excited because today they were going to reach the top of the mountain and the ruins of the lost city of Machu Puichu.

After they had eaten their breakfast and packed up their tents, Manolito explained to them about the then hard day’s trek they had in front of them to get to the top of the mountain, and how wonderful a place Machu Pichu is.

It was as a long hard trek as the four adventurers climbed up the mountain through the clouds and by this time they had all become very good friends.

Andy told the others that back at home in Boston USA, he is a professional American footballer and plays for the New England Patriots and has the sporting nickname of the Birdman.

“If any of ever come to America, I can get you free tickets for the big game “Said Andy.

Jean Pierre informed the group that he runs a restaurant on the “champs Elysses” in Paris. “You get a great view of the Eifel tower while you eat your dinner” exclaimed Jean Pierre “and if you come to Paris the dinner is on the house”

“Well” said John “I be a farmer, back ‘ome in Zomerzet (Somerset) in England, and on my farm I do grow the best apples, from which I make the best apple juice in the world, which is wonderfully refreshing on a hot zummerz day mind, oohh arrr that it is, and you all be welcome to drink as much of it as you like.”

Marty thought it was great to make such good friends and that he could have some excellent adventures visiting all of his new friends.

After many hard hours of trekking up the side of the mountain, Manolito reached the top of a peak and called the others to hurry up and to come and see what was on the other side.

The four adventures rushed to the top of the peak and Manolito exclaimed.

“Behold the lost city of the Inca’s Macho Pichu!”

“Wow “shouted Marty in awe of the buildings below

“Awesome” exclaimed Andy.

C’est fantastique” agreed Jean Pierre
“Well stone the crows that be zum zite” muttered John.

Manolito then quickly led the four adventurers down into the city, where they could run around the old pathways, looking in the old buildings and imagine what it would have been like to be an ancient Inca tribesmen living in such a wonderful city high above the clouds.

As they were looking over a wall into one of the old buildings the four adventurers were startled by a large flapping sound above their heads, as a large bird landed on the wall next to them.

Andy, John and Jean Pierre all got quite a scare and jumped back in shock at the site of such a large bird.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Marty “It’s only Carlos the curious condor”

“Hola” said Carlos “I am always curious about who is visiting the lost city”

“You are always curious about everything Carlos” laughed Manolito

Andy, John and Jean Pierre introduced themselves, Carlos then shouted “adios” and flew off into the sky high above Macho Pichu.

After taking lots of photographs and properly exploring the lost city, it was time for Marty and the others to start the long trip down the mountain.

It was a long climb down the mountain and Marty was very tired by the time they had reached the bottom and there was just enough time to say goodbye to the rest of the group and a big “asante sana” to Manolito for guiding him successfully and safely to Machu Pichu and back down again, before he had to set off to the airport to catch a plane home to Africa.

On the plane Marty thought to himself that the trip had been a great adventure and he was delighted to have got to see Machu Pichu, learned to paraglide and had made some very good friends in Manolito, Andy, John and Jean Pierre.

But Marty was very glad to be going home to Africa as he missed his little house in Nairobi, his motorcycle and most of all he missed Gillian.

Marty was also sure that once he got back to Africa there would be plenty of more adventures waiting for

Marty the motorcycling giraffe.

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