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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 28 Marty’s wonderful Christmas adventure

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 28 Marty’s wonderful Christmas adventure

As know Marty (the world’s only motorcycling giraffe) works as a window cleaners assistant in the busy African city of Nairobi.

Two days before Christmas he was hard at work with his good friend Peter (the window cleaner) and Victor (the trainee window cleaner), and they got talking about each of their plans for Christmas this year.

Peter said that as it is his and Gloria’s first Christmas as husband and wife, they were going to have a quiet Christmas day together and then visit their families on Boxing Day.

Victor told them that he was going to spend Christmas with his mum and dad and his two little sisters and his little brother. “The younger ones get very excited about Santa coming” laughed Victor and added “and because I have this job I have been able to buy all my family a nice present this year, I cant wait to see their faces when they open them up”

Marty told them that after breakfast on Christmas day he was then going to ride his motorcycle to the Masai Mara to see his family and of course Gillian.

“It is my Niece’s (Georgina’s) first Christmas so I have got her and Gillian some really nice presents” Said Marty rather proudly.

Just as they started to finish the last window of the day a large black car pulled up alongside them. And out got Mr Rono, who works in the State House, (the Kenyan Governments head office).

“Jambo boys” said Mr Rono

“Jambo Mr Rono and what bring you into the town centre today?” asked Peter.

“I am looking for volunteers to help out at the orphanage’s Christmas party on Saturday (Christmas Eve) and I thought that maybe you and Marty, and this young fellow might be able to help”

“This is Victor our new trainee” laughed Peter “and of course we would be delighted to help”

“Hakuna matata” said Marty

Asante sana “replied Mr Rono and then asked the boys to turn up at the orphanage at 10 o’clock on Saturday morning where they could help out on some of the fun games organised for the children

“And perhaps you can entertain the watoto (children), by doing some stunts on your motorcycle” added Mr Rono

“Sounds great” said Marty “but what are you going to do Mr Rono?”

“Well” replied Mr Rono rather importantly, “I am going to be Santa clause and give out the watoto’s presents.”

On Saturday morning Marty go on his motorcycle and rode to the orphanage where he was met by Mrs Wanijru, who was in charge.

“Jambo Marty, I am very pleased that you have come to help us with the watoto’s Christmas party, your friends Peter, Gloria and Victor are already here and helping get things set up in the yard”

Mrs Wanijru took Marty round to the yard where Peter and Victor were busy setting up various games and stalls ready for the party.

There was a table full of cakes and sweets and a big pot of hot stew cooking on an open fire and Gloria had set up a table with some of her best smoothies for the children to drink.

“It is very important that we make sure the children stay away from the fire” instructed Mrs Wanijru.  “If everything is ready, I will go and fetch the watoto”

Mrs Wanijru walked in to the orphanage building an picked up a large bell and gave it a good shake so that it rang very loudly and then shouted come on watoto its party time”

All the children came running screaming and shouting with great big smiles on their faces, they were all very excited to be having a Christmas party.

The children ran around playing very happily on all the games that had been set up and drank lots of Gloria’s cold smoothies, as the African sun was very hot today.

Soon Mrs Wanijru got all the children to sit down under the shade of the very large baobab tree that grew in the corner of the orphanage’s grounds, to have their dinner.

After they had eaten the stew, it was time for Marty to entertain the children with lots of motorcycle stunts.

As the children watched and cheered, Marty pulled wheelies, did wheel spins, rode with out holding on to the handle and lots of the amazing stunts.

Then Marty called for Mrs Wanijru, Peter, Victor and Gloria to all lie down on the floor and then he pushed a small ramp up to them, got back on his motorcycle and drove to the far end of the yard.

“Ok watoto this is the most dangerous of my stunts, and I need you to count me down to start me off”

All the children shouted

tatu, mbili, moja kwenda! (Three, two, one go!!)

Marty revved up his motorcycle and zoomed towards the ramp and his very nervous looking friends.

Marty was going very fast indeed when he hit the ramp and soon he was flying over the top of Peter, Victor, Gloria and Mr Wanijru.

Marty landed safely on the other side and all the children clapped and cheered.

“Horary for Marty he’s our shujaa (hero)!”

Mrs Wanijru then told the children to be calm down and be quiet.

“That was fantastic Marty” said Mrs Wanijru “the watoto loved your stunts” she then turned to the children and said “now listen carefully watato because something even more exciting is going to happen”

The children went deafly silent and listened carefully, was that the Jingle of bells they could hear?

All of a sudden a large man, with a big beard and a red suit walked into the yard, jingling a set of bells and pulling a cart packed with presents.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!!! Merry Christmas children” shouted the man

“SANTA” shouted the children very loudly (it was Mr Rono in disguise really)

Mr’s Wanijru got all the children to queue up to see Santa and they all got a lovely present that made them very happy.

It was now time for the children to go back into the orphanage building to get ready for bed and Marty an his friends state to pack everything up and tidy up the yard.

Just as they finished Mrs. Wanijru came back out side to thank them all for all the hard work and giving he children such a wonderful Christmas party.

“Yakoo kuwakaribisha Hakuna Matata” (your welcome it’s not a problem) laughed Marty as he climbed onto his motorcycle

“Kwarhari” he shouted “have a great Christmas everyone” and set off home on his motorcycle but as he neared the gate of the orphanage’s ground a sweeping brush handle that Victor had left lying in the road caught into spokes of Marty’s motorcycle sending him crashing to the floor.

Everyone quickly ran to Marty to see if he was all right

“I’m okay” said Marty as he got to his feet “I think I have just bruised one of my knees, but look at my motorcycle”

Marty’s motorcycle’s exhaust pipe had been broken off in the crash and lay on the floor next to the motorcycle.

“I won’t be able to go and visit my family and Gillian in the Masai Mara tomorrow now” groaned Marty “this is not going to be a good Christmas for me after all”

“Victor” scolded Peter “you must be more careful where you leave things and ensure you tidy up after yourself”

Victor looked very sheepish and was very sorry that he had caused Marty to crash

“Don’t worry Marty, special things can happen at Christmas and I am sure something will turn up to ensure you have the Christmas you deserve” soothed Mrs Wanijru

Peter, Victor and Mr Rono loaded Marty’s motorcycle into the back of Peter’s van and Peter took him home

“Cheer up Marty, and have a nice Christmas” said Peter as he was leaving

“I will, you have a good Christmas too” replied Marty Gloomily

Marty took one look at the Christmas tree with the presents he brought for Gillian, Georgina and the rest of his family and felt sad because he wasn’t going to able to get to see them and give them the presents on Christmas day, and the trooped off to bed.

Marty woke up rather groggily in the midle of the night, as he thought he had heard a noise in his living room. Marty stretched his neck from the bed to his bedroom door to have a look”!! There was someone in his living room

“Ugh” thought Marty sleepily “is that Mr Rono still in his Santa suit, what is he doing in my front room?”

“Ho ho ho!” said the man in the living room (is it Mr Rono?) “go back to sleep Marty your Christmas could still be wonderful”

Marty rubbed his eyes and Mr Rono (if it was Mr Rono, it was hard to see in the dark) was gone. I must be dreaming thought Marty and he put his head back down on his pillow and fell back to sleep.

Marty woke up the next morning(Christmas day), still a little confused about  his strange dream and still a little sad that he was not going to be able to spend Christmas with his friends and  with Gillian.

Marty walked into his living room, and looked sadly at his Christmas tree and the presents he had brought to give to his family, but thee was an extra very large very long present lying by the tree

“What’s that?”  Thought Marty, “I didn’t put this parcel there”

Marty picked up the present and read the label, which said:-

“Dear Marty, you are a very kind and helpful giraffe and have been very nice to a lot of people this year, so I couldn’t let you have a sad Christmas, especially after the help you gave to the watoto at the orphanage.   Merry Christmas from Santa.”

“No” thought Marty “this can’t be real can it?” and he quickly opened the parcel to find that was a brand new exhaust pipe for his motorcycle

Oh! Asante sana Santa!!” exclaimed Marty.

“I will be able to go to the Masai Mara to have Christmas with my family after all” Marty said out loud to himself

Marty quickly go his tools out and fixed the new exhaust pipe to his motorcycle, He then put all the presents for his family and for Gillian into the top box of his motorcycle and headed out for the Masai Mara.

Marty was zooming along very fast and it wasn’t long before he was a long way out of the city and heading towards the great plains of the Masai Mara, and there up ahead he could see all his family gathered around some acacia trees and opening their Christmas presents.

As Marty pulled up alongside they all seemed very pleased to see him, and Little Georgina was bouncing with excitement

“Uncle Marty’s here, merry Christmas uncle Marty” she shouted.

“Merry Christmas Marty, we’re glad you could make it” Said George, Gary and Geraldine (Marty’s brother, brother in law and sister)

“I am very glad you could make it” said Gillian and then she gave Mary a big Christmas kiss

Marty had the biggest smile on his face possible and he thought to himself, what a wonderful Christmas adventure this has turned out to be for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

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