Saturday, 10 December 2011

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 26 Marty the best Giraffe (part 2 Peter and Gloria’s big day)

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 26 Marty the best Giraffe (part 2 Peter and Gloria’s big day)

Today Marty woke up very early in his little house in Nairobi, Marty is very excited because today his good friends Peter and Gloria are going to get married and Marty is Peter’s best man um err Giraffe.

Marty got out of bed washed his face and put on a brand new (and very large) collar and tie that he had brought specially for the big day. He looked in the mirror and thought that he looked quite smart

Marty then checked  to make sure he had the wedding rings and got onto his motorcycle and set off to Peter’s home to make that he was ok and getting ready on time.

When Marty arrived at Peter’s house he found that Peter was running around the house in quite a panic.

“Jambo Marty, come in come in, you need to help me” gibbered Peter at the door.

“What on earth is the matter?” asked Marty.

“Everything” sobbed Peter “I can’t find my tie, my shoes aren’t clean enough and I am not good enough to be Gloria’s husband, what if she doesn’t turn up at the church!!!!”

“Calm down, calm down” said Marty “of course Gloria will be there; she loves you very much and is very excited about becoming Mrs Ngono”

“Now let’s find that tie and get those shoes cleaned” Marty added.

With Marty’s help it wasn’t long before Peter was ready to go to the church, but there was still time for cup of tea before they left, but even so Peter still couldn’t calm down and was looking and acting very nervous as they left his house.

Marty and Peter got onto Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were zooming down the road towards the church.

Marty and Peter walked into the church and down the aisle to the Alter to wait for Gloria. Peter was very pleased that so many of his and Gloria’s friends and family had turned up to see them get married.

Marty was just very pleased to see that Gillian, who waved to him as they walked down the aisle, was there.

After a few minutes the church organ started to play and the church doors opened.

“She’s here” Marty whispered to Peter “I told you she would turn up”

Into the church came Gloria holding on to her fathers arm.

All the wedding guests gasped when they saw how lovely she looked in her wonderful wedding dress.

As she reached the alter Peter turned to Gloria and whispered “you look beautiful" and Gloria had the biggest smile ever on her face.

At the end of the service Peter and Gloria made their vows, to love one another for ever, and Marty passed the rings to Peter, who then placed a wedding ring onto Gloria’s finger.

All the guests made a loud “awww” noise when the minister said “you may now kiss your bride” and Peter leaned forward to give Gloria ad great big kiss.

 At the reception after all the guests had eaten their wedding dinner (of course Marty and Gillian don’t eat wedding food, so they just had a large pile of twigs and leafs to share). It was time for the speeches

Marty started his best man- giraffe speech by telling some funny stories about Peter, that made everyone laugh, and finished by saying that every since he came to Nairobi Peter has been Marty’s best friend and that he has never seen his friend happier than when he is with Gloria

He then asked every one to raise their glasses to the happy couple and wish them “bahati nzuri” (good luck).

As the reception came to an end it was time for Peter and Gloria to leave for their honeymoon at Mombasa beach where they had first met.

Everyone shouted  “bahati nzuri” (good luck) as Peter and Gloria drove off in Peters van, that Emmanuelle had written “just married” all over.

Marty and Gillian stood next to each other rubbing necks and holding hoofs as Peter and Gloria drove off into the distance.

“That was a lovely wedding and Gloria looked beautiful in her dress” sighed Gillian as she looked longingly into Marty’s eyes...

“Yes” said Marty” and they both looked so happy, I think they are going to have lots of adventures together”, and he then gave Gillian a big hug, but he couldn’t help wondering about what more adventures lay in store for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Look out for next weeks tale of adventure: story 27 Marty and the new trainee to be posted on Sat 17th December