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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 27 Marty and the new trainee.

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 27 Marty and the new trainee.

With Peter away on his honeymoon with his new bride Gloria, Marty thought that he will have to work very hard cleaning the windows all on his own.

At the end of the first day without Peter, Marty was very tired and thought to himself that he and Peter have so many customers now that there is too much work for just one Giraffe, in fact quite often there is too much work for one man and one Giraffe.

But Marty had an idea.

“I will hire a trainee window cleaner, to help out” thought Marty.

The next morning Marty but a big poster in the window of his local shop that read:-

“Wanted one hard working window cleaner’s trainee, to join a small window cleaning company in Nairobi.”

A few hours later while Marty was hard at work cleaning a window, he heard a voice form behind him.

“Jambo bwana” said a young man “I am Victor Chipco and I would like to apply for the job as trainee window cleaner.”

“How old are you Victor?” asked Marty

“I am 16 years old and I can work really hard” Victor replied.

“Ok Victor, you’ve go the job, follow me and I will show you what to do!” said Marty.

After a short time Marty had Victor working really hard on all the windows that needed cleaning.

Victor proved to be a very fast learner and he was soon running around after Marty, fetching things from the back of Marty’s motorcycle and filling the bucket with soapy water whenever it needed changing.

After a while Marty stood back and let Victor clean a window all on his own.

“Not bad” said Marty as he inspected the window “but you must make sure you clean right up into the corners of the window”

At lunch time Marty and Victor sat on the side of the road to eat their packed lunch. Victor had some nice bread and honey to eat and of course Marty had a large bag of twigs and leafs.

As they went back to work that afternoon, Marty told Victor that they were now going to clean all the high up windows on the tall buildings and to do this Victor will have to learn to sit safely on top of Marty’s head.

Wow!!” exclaimed Victor “that sounds really exciting.

So Victor scrambled up Marty’s neck, hooked the bucket of water onto one of Marty’s horns and sat on top of Marty’s head.

“Hang on tight now” said Marty “as he gently raised his head up the same height as the window.

At first Victor was quiet scared being so very high up, but he quickly got used to it and soon he and Marty were getting all the windows nice and clean.

The last building of the day was particularly tall and even sat on Marty’s head Victor couldn’t reach the window to get it clean.

“We have a special platform for me to stand on to reach these very tall windows” Marty told Victor “but Peter usually brings it in the van, I will have to go to Peter’s yard to fetch the platform.”

“I like it up here” said Victor “can I sit the window ledge and wait for you to come back”.

“Hakuna matata” said Marty “but don’t do anything silly nd make sure you don’t fall”.

Marty jumped onto his motorcycle and zoomed off to get the platform form Peter’s yard.

Victor loved the view form where he was sat, on the window ledge, looking out over all the roof tops of Nairobi.

“I think I will like my new job very much” he said to himself rather proudly.

Victor then looked at the windows on the very very tall building next to him and had an idea

“If I can get those cleaned before Marty comes back he will be very impressed with my work” Victor thought to himself.

So Victor held his bucket of water in one hand and stretched his other hand out to grab hold of a drain pipe and then he tried to climb up to the ledge of the window on the taller building... But just as he reached the window ledged Victor’s foot slipped and he nearly fell to the ground.

Victor dropped the bucket that fell all the way to the ground with a large clattering bang and Victor was left hanging by one hand from the window ledge.

“Help! Help!!” Cried Victor.

Very quickly a large crowd gathered all looking up at Victor, but no one knew what to do.

Suddenly a roar of a motorcycle was heard as Marty came zooming into view, with the platform strapped to his back.

“Oh no! “Exclaimed Marty when he saw what was happening.

Quickly he got off his motorcycle and put the platform on the ground underneath where Victor was desperately hanging form the window ledge.

Then Marty stood on the platform and stretched is his neck as far as it would go and grabbed Victor by the seat of his pants, with his mouth.

The entire crowd cheered and then started to laugh as Victor dangled, by his bottom, from Marty’s mouth.

Marty gently lowered Victor to the ground. Marty was quite cross with Victor but also glad that he had got him down safely. Victor was very shaken by the ordeal.

“That was very silly, very naughty and very dangerous” scolded Marty, but then added “you will make a good trainee window cleaner Victor, but you must do as your told, now take the rest of the day off.”

“I will, I am sorry, asante sana” gibbered Victor.

“See you in the morning” sighed Marty “and don’t be late”.

“I won’t be” promised Victor before running off home”

As he packed up his window cleaning equipment and the end of the day, Marty thought that life could be quite fun with Victor about and he would surely help find more adventures for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

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