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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe story 25 Marty the best Giraffe (Part 1 Peter and Gloria's exciting news)

Story 25 Marty the best Giraffe (Part 1 Peter and Gloria’s exciting news)

One morning while he was hard at work cleaning windows in Nairobi, Marty noticed that his friend Peter wasn’t concentrating on the job and was acting a little funny and a bit nervous.

“What is the matter with today?” Marty asked Peter

“Sorry Marty” replied Peter “I have something very important on my mind, which I will tell you about later”

Peter then asked Marty if he could carry on cleaning the windows by himself for the rest of the day as he had to go home and put his best suit on as he had a very special thing to do today.

“Hakuna matata” said Marty but he thought that this was very odd behaviour; Peter had never left him to clean all the windows by himself before.

Marty had to work very hard that afternoon, he had to tie a bucket of soapy water to the little horns on the top of his head, and hold a cloth in one of his front hoofs and hold the squidgy mop in his teeth and he couldn’t stop for a moment in order to get all the windows nice and squeaky clean by going home time.

Just as he was finishing cleaning his last window for the day, Marty saw Peter and Gloria walking down the road towards him. Peter was looking very smart in his best suit and Gloria was carrying a large bouquet of flowers and they both had the biggest smiles on their faces.

“Jambo” said Mary “why do you two look so pleased with yourselves”

“Because” replied Peter proudly “today I asked Gloria to marry me and she said yes!”

"We are engaged” squealed Gloria delightedly and pushed her left hand towards Marty and on her wedding finger there was a very large, very sparkly diamond engagement ring”

“Wow! Congratulations, that’s wonderful news” exclaimed Marty and he leant forward to give Gloria a big kiss on the cheek and shook Peter’s hand vigorously with his hoof.

“And what a lovely big engagement ring” Marty added,

“I have been saving up my money to buy it” beamed Peter. “And Gloria is worth every shillingi that it cost”

Gloria giggled and said to no one in particular “I am going to be Mrs Gloria Ngono”

The Peter said to Marty “I have something to ask you as well Marty, would you be my best man..uhh I mean my best Giraffe?”

“I would be delighted to be your best Giraffe” shouted Marty excitedly.

“You can bring Gillian to the wedding as well” said Gloria.

That night back in his little house in Nairobi, Marty felt very happy for Peter and Gloria, who were so much in love, and felt very proud  to have been asked to be Peters best Giraffe.

Marty started to think abut all the things he  would have to as “the best Giraffe” like arranging Peter’s stag night, getting Peter to the church on time, looking after the rings and of course making the best giraffe speech.

The first thing Marty had to do was to arrange Peter’s stag night.

After a lot of though it was agreed that Marty, Emmanuelle and some of Peter’s friends form his running club would all go camping in the African countryside and have a barbeque around a large camp fire.

The weekend before the wedding Marty and the boys set off for a very quiet area in the Nairobi national park.

They set up camp, lit the barbeque and started to cook all the lovely food they had brought with them. Marty of course just ate his favourite food, twigs and leafs.

The boys at up all night drinking smoothies and telling silly stories and laughing at daft jokes.

As the night went on and just before morning Peter asked Marty to show them some motorcycle stunts.

“Ok” said Marty “I will tray and do some special tricks for you”.

All the boys stood up and cheered as Marty rode past them pulling wheelies, riding while standing on the motorcycle seat, riding by with no hands and pulling some spectacular skids and wheel spins.

Then Marty turned to everyone and said “right I want you to all lie down in a line and Peter can you put that branch from a tree in front of you all to make a ramp.”

The lads all lay down on the ground very nervously as Marty raced towards them.

Marty hit the ramp at great speed, and was soon flying over all of his friends and then landed safely at the other end.

“Bravo Marty! That was brilliant” shouted all the boys.

Soon the sun started to rise and it was time to go home, the boys had stayed up all night.

“Wow that was a fantastic stag night” said Peter “asante sana Marty”.

“Hakuna Matata” laughed Marty.

As they headed back for home Peter shouted to all his friends “Kwaheri, thank you for coming, see you all at the wedding!”

Marty was very tired by the time he got back to his little house in Nairobi, but was very pleased that Peter’s stag night had gone so well, and Marty was really looking forward to the wedding day, as he was sure being the best Giraffe would bring even more adventures for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

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