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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 24 Marty and the famous movie star

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 24 Marty and the famous movie star

Marty and his friend Peter Ngono were stood against Peter’s van have a short tea break in the middle of their very busy working day, cleaning windows in the big African City of Nairobi. When Peter’s girlfriend Gloria came running up to them with a very excited look on her face.

Gloria was carrying a poster in her hand and shouted “Peter, Marty look at this, the American film star Johnny-Brad Deppitt is coming to Nairobi to make a film”.

“Wow really” said Peter “let me see this”.

Peter read the poster and exclaimed “it’s true they are coming to Nairobi this weekend to shoot some scenes for a new film and it will include a motorcycle stunt scene, we must go and watch this.”

That Saturday Marty, Peter and Gloria all walked into the centre of town to see if they could watch the film being made.

“Oooh I hope I get to meet Johnny-Brad Deppit” squealed Gloria “he is such a dreamboat”

“Huh” grunted Peter a little jealously.

When they arrived at the centre of town, there was already a very large crowd gathered. “Oh no” cried Gloria we will never be able to get through that crowd, I wont be able to see Johnny- Brad now”.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Mary “you can just climb on to my head and Peter can stand on my back and you’ll both easily be able to see over the crowd.

The film set looked very exciting with actors, actresses and cameramen and women all running around and doing whatever the director shouted at them to do. But there was no sign of the star performer “Johnny-Brad Deppitt.

Suddenly the director shouted “its time for Johnny- Brad’s scene, and one of the helpers ran to knock on the door of a very large and very fine looking trailer.

The crowd all cheered very loudly as Johnny- Brad Deppitt stepped out of the trailer, wearing very dark sunglasses, and smiled and waved to them.

Johnny-Brad then walked to the crowd to sign a few autographs for the people at the front.

Marty then leaned forward and stretched his neck out “hang on tight Gloria” he shouted.

This brought Gloria right to the front of the crowd and just above Johnny-Brad’s head.

“Johnny- Brad Johnny Brad!! Look up here Johnny Brad” Screamed Gloria excitedly

“Wow! That’s a novel way to get to the front of the queue laughed Johnny-Brad and he reached up to take Gloria’s autograph book and wrote

“To Gloria the cleverest and prettiest girl in all of Africa love Johnny-Brad xxx”

Gloria nearly fainted with delight when she saw what Johnny-Brad had written

Marty, Peter and Gloria spent the rest of the day watching the filming of the movie take place, when eventually they got the really exciting part.

 A stunt lorry driver crashed a lorry on Jomo Kenyatta Avenue (a big road in Nairobi) and then the film crew set the lorry on fire.

Then Johnny-Brad Deppitt was being chased by some bad guys, and he was to escape on a very fast motorcycle and the only way to get away form the bad guys would be to jump the motorcycle over  Jomo Kenyatta avenue and over the burning lorry into the safety of Uhuru park.

Johnny-Brad rode his motorcycle very fast, past the cheering crowd towards the burning lorry and the suddenly stopped.

“Ok” Shouted the director” get the stunt motorcycle rider ready for the jump”

One of the helpers came running up to the director and said “Boss its bad news, the stunt motorcycle rider is ill, he has food poisoning and won’t be able to do the jump.”

“What!!” roared the director “now we wont be able to finish the film, and we have to finish and  be out of town by tonight, and there is no one else that could make a jump like that”

“My friend Marty could do it easily” shouted peter above the noise of the crowd.

“Who?” asked the director?

“Marty the motorcycling giraffe, the best motorcyclist in all of Africa” replied Peter

“Do you think you could manage this jump?” the director asked Marty.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Marty

“Well you don’t look like Johnny-Brad Deppitt, but with a little clever camera trickery we could pull it off” said the director “and any way we don’t have much choice” he added.

Marty pushed forward into the filming area and sat on the large motorcycle provided by the film company and looked nervously and the burning truck and the small ramp in front of it.”

“This will be a hard, scary but exciting jump to pull off” thought Marty.

“Action” shouted the director

And Marty started the motorcycle and roared forward, Marty hit the ramp and was soon flying through the air towards the burning lorry.

You could have heard a pin drop as the crowd and the film crew all held their breath and watched with amazement as Marty and the motorcycle flew over the burning lorry and just above the hot flickering flames

The crowd burst into a massive roar of cheers and hand clapping as Marty landed successfully and safely on the grass in Uhuru Park on the other side of the road.

“It’s a wrap! Good work everyone” shouted the director.

Johnny-Brad Deppitt then came up to Marty and said

“Awesome display of Motorcycling buddy!” and shook Marty’s hoof, this made Marty smile

The director thanked Marty for saving the day and gave him a nice stuntman’s pay check and promised he would send Marty a copy of the finished film.

Marty was pleased to have been able to make the jump and to help out, he was delighted with the money he got from the director and extremely excited to know he was about to be in a film.

And of course Gloria was very very happy to have met Johnny-Brad Deppitt and to have got his autograph, and she gave Peter a big kiss to thank him for bringing her to the filming- so now Peter was very happy too,

“Well that was an exciting day” thought Marty and he couldn’t help wondering what other adventures could be found for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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