Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe story one Marty and the football match

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe
Story one:-Marty and the football match
Marty is a giraffe, Marty lives in Africa with lots of other giraffes.
He is a very strange type of giraffe.
One reason that he is strange was that his name did not begin with the letter G, but began with the letter M.
All the other giraffes on the African plains have names like: Gary, Geraldine and George.
But the main reason Marty is strange is that , while all the other giraffes liked to wander round the African plains, eating leaves from the top of the tallest trees……………………………………………………………..
Marty likes to whizz around on his motorcycle.
Marty enjoys riding his motorcycle very much. But because he went so fast and the motorcycle is so very noisy, Marty would often frighten the other giraffes by zooming too close to them.
It got so bad that one day, George and Geraldine got very cross with Marty. They told him that the African plains are no place for motorcycling giraffe.
Marty was very sad at first be he agreed that the only place for a motorcycling giraffe is the big city.
So Marty got on his motorcycle and rode to Nairobi City to look for adventure.
When Marty arrived in Nairobi, he was very excited to see how busy the city was, and how many cars, busses, lorries and of course motorcycles there were whizzing round the roads.
Marty rode around waving and shouting “Jambo” (which is Swahili for hello) to everyone.
Marty was riding past a football pitch. There was a very important match taking place, The Nairobi schools cup final!
One boy kicked the ball so hard; it flew right out of the pitch, over the fence and into the back of a lorry.
The lorry drove off. “OH NO!” Shouted the players “now we won’t be able to finish the cup final!”
“Don’t worry” shouted Marty “I’ll get your ball back” and off he zoomed after the lorry.
All through the busy streets, Marty chased the lorry. And soon enough he managed to get right behind the lorry.
Marty waved at the lorry and shouted “Stop! Stop!”
The lorry driver was so surprised to see a giraffe on a motorcycle that he stopped the lorry to see what all the fuss was about.
Marty picked the ball up out of the back of the lorry and put it into the top box on his motorcycle and rode back to the football pitch.
When he got back with the ball, the boys all cheered.
“Three cheers for Marty! He has saved the day.
Marty was very pleased to be the hero of the day. He decided he would stay in the big city, to see what more exciting adventures might happen to……………
Marty the motorcycling giraffe.