Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 4 Marty and the red banana

Marty's year of adventures (52 storys in 52 weeks) continues

Marty the Motorcycling giraffe
Story 4 Marty and the Red bananas
Marty is a giraffe who lives in the big African city of Nairobi. The thing that Marty likes to do best is to--------whizz around on his motorcycle.
One day Marty decided to go on a long ride outside of the city into the country side to visit his friend Emmanuelle Wagana, who lives on a small farm in a nearby village.
It was a lovely day for a ride on his motorcycle, with the sun shining brightly in the blue sky. And soon Marty was outside of the city and riding through the beautiful Kenyan countryside
As Marty rode near to the village he saw Emmanuelle at the side of the rode next to a cart of lovely red bananas. Emmanuelle looked very worried.
“Jambo Emmanuelle!!” Shouted Marty,  “Jambo” sadly replied Emmanuelle and then he told Marty that a wheel had  broken off his cart, and if he doesn’t get his bananas to the market stall in the village he won’t be able to sell them  and they will go rotten very quickly sitting in the hot African sun.
“I know” said Marty, “we can put a lot of the bananas in my motorcycle top box and the rest we can tie to the motorcycle and I can take you and the bananas to the market stall.
“Do you think they will all fit on the motorcycle” asked Emmanuelle.
“Hakouna Matata” (African for no problem) cried Marty.
Emmanuelle got some string rom his house and soon all the bananas were tied to the motorcycle. There was so many bananas on his motorcycle there was hardly any room for Marty and Emmanuel. 
But Emmanuel squeezed on behind Marty and off they went,,
Marty had to ride his motorcycle very slowly, to make sure he did not lose his balance because of all the red bananas tied to it. People in the village pointed and laughed, because you could hardly see the motorcycle for all the bananas and it looked like a pile of moving bananas with just Marty’s long neck and head sticking out the top.
Soon they reached the market stall and Emmanuelle put up a big sign saying LOVELY RED BANANAS FOR SALE.
Marty stayed to help sell the bananas, and after a few hours they were all sold out, and Emmanuelle was so happy with the money he had made that he gave Marty a nice big pay packet for his days’ work.
“Asante sana” cried Marty, and thought that he could use the money to buy a bigger top box for his motorcycle..
Which might help him find even more adventures for