Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 5 Marty and Peter go fishing

Marty's year of adventures continues
Marty the motorcycling Giraffe
Story 5 Marty and Peter go fishing
Marty is a giraffe, who lives in the big African city of Nairobi in Kenya. The thing that Marty likes to do best is to whizz around on his motorcycle.
Marty has a job; he works as a window cleaner’s assistant with his friend Peter Ngono.  Marty and Peter worked very hard keeping all the windows in Nairobi nice and clean. But today is Saturday and Marty and Peter have got a day off.
Marty and Peter thought it would be fun to go Lake Victoria (a very large lake in Africa), and to hire a boat and go fishing for the day.
So Peter got on the back of Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were off riding on the very dusty road though the African country side towards the “very very large” Lake Victoria.
As they rode along the road through the country side, they saw several exciting things such as: Elephants, Maasai tribesmen (herding their goats and cows), some Giraffes (Marty waved and shouted Jambo to them) some zebra, some ostriches and even a couple of very scary lions (which made Marty ride his motorcycle a little faster).
At last they arrived at Lake Victoria. The lake is so big the water seems to go on for ever, they both looked in amazement across the huge span of water, with the sun glistening on the waves, Marty said to Peter that he thought that Lake Victoria was a very lovely place to go fishing.
Marty and Peter hired a small boat put all their fishing kit into the boat and so they were in the middle of the lake sitting in the sun and catching fish.
Marty and Peter were having a lovely day and had caught quite a lot of fish when they sailed their boat past a herd of hippos swimming the lake and alongside another boat with a family in it who were also out for a day’s fishing.
The other boat sailed too close to the hippos and one of them bumped into the boat, this made the boat rock about in the water and a little boy from the family fell into the water.
No matter how hard the other people in the boat tried they could not reach the little boy who was struggling in the very deep water.
Marty and Peter saw all the commotion and rowed their boat as quickly as possible to where the boy had fallen into the water.
Marty stretched his long neck out into the water and managed to grab the collar of the boys shirt with his teeth, Marty quickly dragged the boy out of the water and into his and Peter’s boat.
Peter and Marty rowed their boat with the little boy back to the shore and the family rowed their boat back.
When they got back to the side of the lake every thanked Marty and Peter for saving the little boy and said that they were both heroes.
That evening Marty, Peter and the family had a barbeque on the banks of the lake, and they cooked and ate all the lovely fish that they had caught that day.
Marty doesn’t eat fish, so he just had a big pile of his favourite food,  “twigs and leafs”.
They all had a lovely time but as it got dark Marty and Peter had to start the long ride home.
Marty was very tired but very happy as he went to bed that night, but he was also very excited thinking about what other adventures could be found for -------
Marty the motorcycling giraffe.