Friday, 2 September 2011

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 6 Marty goes to LA (USA)

                                                  Marty's year of adventures (52 storys in 52 weeks) continues with....
Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe
Story 6 Marty goes to LA (USA) or Marty and the President
Marty woke up in his little house in Nairobi in a very excited mood.
Marty was excited because today is the day that he is going on a very special trip. Marty is going to Los Angeles in the United States of America
Marty had worked very hard in his job as a window cleaner’s assistant, and has been saving his money for a long time to pay for the trip. And the day has finally come for Marty to start his holiday.
Marty packed all his clothes into a large rucksack, checked he had his passport and aeroplane ticket and his US dollars that he had got from the bank in Nairobi and he got on his motorcycle and rode to the airport.
Marty arrived at the airport, parked his motorbike, went through passport control and was soon sat on the aeroplane. Marty was very thrilled as the plane sped along the runway (much faster than his motorbike can go) and took off into the sky.
It was a very long flight and by the time the aeroplane landed at LAX airport in Los Angeles, Marty’s legs felt very stiff and achy, but he didn’t mind because he had finally arrived in the USA.
Marty got off the plane and collected his luggage and left the airport. Outside he looked up at the hot Californian sun and thought   “good it’s lovely and hot here, just like back home in Africa”.
Marty booked into his hotel and went out to explore Los Angeles and to see if he could find any adventures to have.
One of the first places Marty went to was a motorcycle hire shop where he hired a large American motorcycle to ride around on while he was on holiday. It was a lovely big motorcycle with the stars and stripes (USA’s national flag) painted on the petrol tank.
Marty had a great time in Los Angeles:
He visited Hollywood where he saw the big Hollywood sign in the hill and the names of all the famous people alongside their star on the pavements (sidewalks).
 On another day he went to Venice beach, where he watched the pretty girls play beach volley ball and the strong men lifting heavy weights, he also found the street entertainers here very funny. He also went on to the pier at Venice beach where he won a large cuddly bear by throwing a basketball through a hoop, before sunbathing and swimming on the nearby Santa Monica beach.
Marty also enjoyed visiting the Marina Del Ray and looking at all the very nice boats there.
But the best fun Marty had in Los Angeles was going to Disneyland, where he went on some very exciting roller coasters and other funfair rides and got to meet all of his favourite cartoon characters.
On the day before Marty was due to fly back home he went for a ride on his big American motorcycle, through the busy streets of Los Angeles. He came across a school with a big banner across the front gate. Marty stopped his motorcycle so that he could read the sign which said:-
Wow” thought Marty “the president of the USA is visiting this school, I must wait around, how exciting will it be if I get to see the president!”
As Marty parked his motorcycle up against the school wall. He couldn’t help overhearing someone on the other side of the wall shouting “Oh No! What are we going to do now?”
Marty stretched his long neck and lifted his head over the top of the wall and looked in, he saw the school principle and janitor stood next to a broken flag pole, and they looked very worried.
“Jambo” said Marty and the principle and the janitor both jumped back with surprise to see a giraffe.  “Is there anything I can do to help?”
“No not really” replied the principle sadly and explained that the president of the USA is coming to visit the school today, and the school flag pole I broken. How can we have the president here with no flag pole to fly the stars and stripes on?”
“I can help” said Marty “if I stand up straight you can tie the flag to the little horns on the top of my head and I can act as a flag pole.”
“Oh do you think you can? That would be wonderful l, thank you very much” said the principal “wako karibu yake hakuna tatizo (your welcome, it’s no problem)” replied Marty.
Quickly the principle and the janitor carefully tied the flag to Marty, and Marty stood up nice and straight and proud and the flag was soon waving nicely in the wind.
All the children lined up nicely and soon there was a big cheer as the presidents’ limousine pulled up outside the school.
President Obama climbed out of the limousine and the children started singing “the star spangled banner” (the national anthem of the USA). Once the singing had finished the president went to speak to all the excited children and then spoke for a while with the school principle.
The president came up to Marty.
“I hear that you saved the day and that you’re here on holiday” said the president.
“Yes Mr President” replied Marty “I come from Kenya in Africa”.
“Really?” said the president “My father came from Kenya”. And then he told Marty he was a hero and gave him a big shiny medal.
Marty was very proud to be a hero and get a medal, but even more proud that someone from his country could have a son that could be president of such a great country like the USA.
The next day it was time for Marty to go home, Marty took his American motorcycle back to the hire shop and head off to the airport to catch his aeroplane home.
Marty loved his holiday in America but he was glad to be going home to Africa, home to his little house in Nairobi and most of all home to his own motorcycle.
Marty sat back in his seat on the aeroplane and wondered what more adventures could be found for:-
Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.