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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story13 Marty climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe
Story 13 Marty climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

As you know Marty the motorcycling Giraffe, works as a window cleaner’s assistant with his friend Peter Ngono (the window cleaner).

One Friday Peter told Marty that he could take the next week off as a holiday, as Peter has cancelled all the window cleaning jobs for the next week.

“Gloria is coming home from Mombasa” Peter told Marty “and I have planned lots of things for me and Gloria to do and lots of places to go and see”.

“That’s lovely” replied Marty “I hope you both have a really nice time”

Marty thought that he would like to use the time off from work to go on a really special adventure.

“I know” exclaimed Marty “I will ride my motorcycle to Tanzania and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the biggest mountain in all of Africa

The very next morning Marty was packed and zooming along on his motorcycle heading out on the very long road that runs from Nairobi to Arusha in Tanzania.

The Nairobi to Arusha road is very long and cuts through the African countryside and through several small villages that Marty whizzed by at top speed.

After several hours of riding his motorcycle Marty came to the large gates across the which means he is leaving Kenya and entering Tanzania

Once he was in Tanzania it wasn’t very long before Marty arrived at the hotel in Arusha where he met the other people he would climb the mountain with.

This included his Tanzanian mountain guides (William and Daniel) and two lads form Australia (Joe and Henry) and three Americans (Brian, Catie and Amy).

The next day the group of climbers were driven to the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro and they began the long climb up the massive Mountain. The climb would take them all week and the five climbers and the two guides would have to sleep in tents up a little higher up the mountain each night.

“We have never had a giraffe wanting to climb the mountain before” said William (one of the mountain guides)

“Oh I like going on adventures” replied Marty with a big smile.

During the climb Marty got very friendly with his fellow climbers from Australia and America as well as the mountain guides, as they helped each other up the difficult bits

of the climb and kept each other enthralled with the tales of the different adventures they have all had and the different places they had all visited before.

Night time on the Mountain was very cold indeed, and Marty was very pleased that he had brought with him the very long very stripy scarf he had made for him in London. Especially as his neck and head stuck out of his tent. Each night Marty would fall asleep trying count the millions of stars that lit up the night sky over Mount Kilimanjaro

For most of the climb the group were so high on the mountain that they were above the clouds, Marty thought the clouds looked lovely looking down on them from above, like giant balls of cotton wool.

As they climbed the mountain the group passed by some wonderful spots on its side like the Shira cathedral, the lava tower and the very steep Barranca wall, that they had to climb over (this was particularly hard work thought Marty).

At last they came to the final campsite where they would get there last sleep before making the very difficult climb up the steep slopes to the top of mount Kilimanjaro.

Brian, Catie. Amy, Joe, Henry and Marty were all very excited and very nervous as they set off for the big push to the top in the middle of the night.

As William and Daniel led the way, the climbers only had their small torches and the light of the stars to see their way up the mountain snowy and icy slopes.

Finally after hours of very tiring climbing the group reached the top of the Kilimanjaro.

All six of them let out a big cheer when they saw the sign at the top that read


After the long climb down the mountain the group spent one more night at the hotel in Arusha.

The next day Marty said a big “asante sana” (thank you) to Daniel and William for helping him reach the top ,and  a great big “Kwaheri” (goodbye) to Joe, Henry, Brian, Catie and Amy and promised them that he would visit them all one day.

And soon Marty was zooming along the long road back to Nairobi, and back into Kenya, and back to Nairobi to see what more adventures could be found for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Look out for Marty's next adventure "Marty and the Harambee stars" to be osted on Saturday 1st October 2011