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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 11 Marty and Peter's very important job

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 11 Marty and Peter’s very important job

Marty is a motorcycling giraffe who lives in the big African city of Nairobi, Marty works as a window cleaner’s assistant with his friend Peter Ngono (the window cleaner)

One day whole they were hard at work, Peter was sitting on top of Marty’s head and cleaning the windows of one of the very tall buildings in Nairobi; a very important looking, very well dressed man came up to them

The man looked up at Peter and shouted, “Excuse me, but can I talk to you about a very important matter”.

So Marty carefully lowered Peter to the ground.

“Jambo” said Peter “I am Peter Ngono the widow cleaner and this is my assistant Marty, how can we help you?”

“Jambo” said the important looking man as he shook Peter’s hand.

The man told Peter and Marty that he is called Mr Rono and that he works for the Kenyan government in the State House and that he needs Peter and Marty to carry out a very special and important job.

Mr Rono explained that tomorrow afternoon there is a very important meeting of all the heads of states from all the East African countries taking place in the State house, both the president (Mr Kibaki) and the Prime Minister (Mr Odinga) will be there as well as the heads of state from Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

“That sounds very exciting and important” said Marty “but how can we help?”.

“I was coming to that” replied Mr Rono “we have a major problem that you can help with, the State House’s window cleaner has retired and we have no one to clean all the windows in the State house. We can’t have all these important people arriving and seeing the State house looking dirty”

“Will you be able to come to the State House, first thing in the morning to clean the windows?  You will need to be finished before the first of the important guests start arriving at mid day.” Asked Mr Rono who added that Marty and Peter would be well paid for the job.

“Hakuna Matata” replied Marty and Peter and agreed to start work on the windows at 6 o’clock the next morning

Marty went to bed early that night, and was very excited the next morning as he rode his motorcycle to meet Peter at the State House.

The State House has so many windows, that Marty and Peter had to get to work straight away if they were to finish on time.

By half past eleven in the morning Peter and Marty were cleaning the last of the all the windows and the State House was looking lovely and clean and ready for all the important visitors to arrive.

Mr Rono came up to Peter and Marty and told them that they had done a very good job and that the President and Prime Minister would like to thank them personally.

Mr Rono took Marty and Peter into a large office in the State House where President Kibaki and Mr Odinga (the prime minister) were sitting.

The president and prime minister thanked Marty and Peter for all their hard work and told them that they had done a very good and important job.

Mr Rono then paid Marty and Peter for their work (and it was a very good wage indeed), and then they had to leave the State House before all the important guests arrived.

Marty was feeling very tired that night after working so hard to get all the windows cleaned in time, but he was also feeling very proud to have done such an important job and delighted that he had met both the president and the prime minister of Kenya. He was also very pleased with the money he had earned.

Marty fell asleep early and dreamed of what more adventures that could be found for:-

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Look out for  the next installment of Marty's year of adventures, (Story 12 Marty's weekend at the beach) to be added on Saturday 24 September 11