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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe story 12 Marty and the weekend at the beach (Peter and Gloria)

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 12 Marty and the weekend at the beach (Peter and Gloria)

As Marty and Peter were packing their widow cleaning equipment up at the end of long week of hard work, cleaning windows in Nairobi. Marty had an idea.

“I know Peter” said Marty “when we have finished here, why don’t we load up by my motorcycle and head off to the beach for the weekend! And on the way we can call for Emmanuelle and we can all go camping by the coast”.

“Great idea “shouted Peter excitedly “I could do with some fun on the beach”.

After they had finished work they quickly packed everything they needed for the weekend into the top box on Marty’s motorcycle and tied their tent to the motorcycle of off they zoomed out of the city towards Peter’s farm.

When they arrived at Peter’s farm, Marty shouted, “Jambo Emmanuelle, we are going to the coast for the weekend, do you want to come too?”

“Of course I do” replied Emmanuelle, “I am as good as packed and ready to go”

Emmanuelle went into his little farmhouse and a few minutes later, came out with his rucksack packed and he jumped on to his motorcycle and shouted

“Twende (lets go)” shouted Emmanuelle but then added “remember don’t got too fast Marty, or I wont be able to keep up”

The three friends were soon on their way, zooming along the road to Mombasa (a large town on the coast of Kenya)

As they reach the town of Mombasa they passed under the giant elephant tusks that spread across the main road into the town.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the campsite they were going to stay at for the weekend.

The campsite was right next to the beach and Marty, Peter and Emmanuelle stood on the lovely white sand, under the palm trees looking out to the sea. They were in awe at the large blue ocean that looked so beautiful with the setting sun glistening off the surface and lighting up the horizon.

That evening as the sun went down, Marty, Peter and Emmanuelle spent their time at the “Smoothie” bar that was set up on the beach.

Marty and Emmanuelle brought there smoothies and sat at a table looking out to the sea and had a good long chat.

Peter didn’t join his friends at the table though. Peter stayed at the bar talking to the young lady who was serving the smoothies.

The young lady told Peter that her name was Gloria Moshi and that she was from Nairobi too, and that she was staying in Mombasa for a while to earn some money selling smoothies, before she has to go back to Nairobi to go to college.

That night the three friends all climbed into their tent to go to sleep. But as his neck is so long Marty had to lie with his head sticking out of the tent,

Before he fell asleep Marty spent some time just looking up at the night sky and thought about how amazing all the stars looked. It was like he could see the whole universe.

The next day Marty and Emmanuelle had a great time on the beach, they chased the little white crabs around the sand, they swam in the ocean, went water skiing (Marty particularly liked water skiing) and went out on a glass bottom boat, over the coral reef and dived in the water and went snorkelling in the sea and saw lots of different very brightly coloured fish..

Peter didn’t join in with his friends much he just sat on the beach, looking gloomy and waiting for the smoothie bar to open in the evening, so that he could see Gloria again.

But it wasn’t Gloria who opened the smoothie bar that evening, but another lady, as Gloria wasn’t working that night. Peter looked very sad, but was soon smiling again when Gloria cam along to sit with him.  Marty, Peter, Emmanuel and Gloria sat at the tables into the bar, looking out across the ocean and talking into the early hours of the morning.

The next day the three friends had to pack up their tent, and get on their motorcycles and ride back to their homes.

Peter spent a very long time saying Kwaheri (goodbye) to Gloria while Marty and Emmanuelle laughed and teased him about being “in love with Gloria”.

Soon they were leaving Mombasa and heading off on the long trip back to Nairobi.

They all agreed that they had a great time at the beach, and Peter said that he thought it was the best weekend ever.

“We wonder why you think that” laughed Marty and Emmanuelle.

Marty then went back to his little house to get some rest, as he will be back working with Peter in the morning and he will also be looking for more adventures

For Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Lokk out for the next installment of Marty the motorcyling giraffess year of adventures : Story 14 Marty climbs Mount Kilimanjaro to be posted on Wed 28th Sept 2011