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Kevin the Kayaking Monkey’s cracking Canadian Adventure

Kevin the Kayaking Monkey’s cracking Canadian Adventure

Kevin is a monkey who lives on the Zambezi River in Zambia Kenya near the great Victoria Falls. But today Kevin has something even more exciting than kayaking in Zambezi River, because today Kevin is catching an aeroplane to Canada where he is going to go Kayaking on the Chilliwack River in British Columbia with a group of people from the Chilliwack tribe of North American natives

The trip had been arranged by Kevin’s friend Tory the trucking Moose, who he had met when he had attended their mutual friend, Marty the motorcycling giraffe’s wedding in Kenya.

This will be the first time Kevin has been outside of Africa and he is so excited that he can hardly stand still for a second., and he was really pleased that at last it was time for him to catch a train to the airport in Lusaka the capital city of Zambia.

A Kevin sat down in his seat he started to feel a little nervous he had never been in an aeroplane and he wasn’t sure if monkeys were really meant to fly, but a very nice air stewardess spotted he was nervous an took some time to talk to him about the lovely flights she had been on and what a wonderful time he was going to have in Canada, this helped Kevin to relax and soon he was sitting back calmly in his seat looking out of the aeroplanes window and watching the ground rapidly disappear below him as the aeroplane took off and flew higher and higher into the skies.

Kevin was so excited by the flight that he hadn’t noticed the time go by and he was quite surprised when the pilot informed everyone to put on their seat belts and prepare for landing in Vancouver airport in Canada

As he got off the plane Kevin was very pleased to see his friend Troy the Trucking moose waiting for him

“Howdy Kevin, welcome to Canada” said Troy

“Hello Troy” replied Kevin “its great to be hear and I can’t wait to meet the Chilliwack people and go kayaking in their River.”

“Well jump in the cab of my truck and we will set off for Chilliwack river then” laughed Troy

Troy’s truck is very large and Kevin could hardly see above the trucks dashboard and felt quite small sat next to Troy, who is a very big and strong Moose.

Troy handled he trucks big steering wheel like it was a small toy and soon they arrived at the banks of the Chilliwack River.

Two North American natives all dressed in their traditional clothing came to greet Kevin and Troy.

“Hello Troy” said one of the Chilliwack “is this your friend from Africa that you were telling us all about?”

“Hello Chief Shining sun, this is my good friend Kevin he kayaking monkey, he has come all the way from Zambia in Africa to go kayaking on the Chilliwack river with you and your people.”

“Welcome my friend” said Chief Shinning Sun to Kevin “we have quite a special trip arranged for you. You are to join a small group of the Chilliwack people to kayak down the river and into Lake Chilliwack, where we can do some fishing; you will find it a very exciting trip through our beautiful country side”

“Oh I can’t wait “shouted Kevin excitedly

The Chilliwack people had brought a special kayak for Kevin, who was covered in traditional paintings and art work, Kevin thought it looked very grand indeed. And quickly jumped in and shouted to the others

“Come on then lets go, you lead and I will follow”.

So the kayakers started off down the river and through the beautiful countryside, as the river wound its way trough the valley with the large mountains on each, giving spectacular reflections of themselves in the cool blue waters of the Chilliwack River, Kevin thought that Canada is a wonderful country to go kayaking in.

Very quickly the small group of kayakers started to build up a good speed along the river, and although it is quite a long way down the river it didn’t take them long to reach Lake Chilliwack

As the kayakers flowed with the river into the lake, Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes as the river widen into a huge deep blue expanse of water with the sun glistening off its surface.

“Now this is really special” chortled Kevin with joy.

After a few hours kayaking around and fihsing in the lake the small group moored their kayaks at the side of the lake where they were joined by Troy who had driven his truck to join them.

Chief Shinning Sun then told Troy and Kevin that they were going to have a special dinner in his and Kevin’s honour and that they were going to light a fire and cook the fish, they had caught in the lake, in a traditional Chilliwack style.

Although Kevin was delighted to have such an honour betrothed on him, he looked a bit worried because he doesn’t really eat that type off food.

Troy saw Kevin looking concerned and leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t worry Kevin, I have told Chief Shinning Sun that monkeys don’t eat that sort of food and on my truck I have got lots and lots of bananas for you and lovely piles of hay for me to eat”

Kevin Tory and the Chilliwack natives  had a lovely time eating and chatting through the night around a large camp fire, with just the stars to brighten up the night’s sky.

As the sun rose they were still awake and still talking, Kevin was fascinated by the Chilliwack natives’ stories of their ancestors but unfortunately he had to say his goodbyes and head for the airport to catch the long flight back to Zambia.

“Goodbye everyone, thank you for taking me kayaking on your lovely river and lake” shouted Kevin as he climbed into Troy’s truck, to get a lift to the airport.

“And think you too Troy for arranging all this for me, it really has been a cracking Canadian adventure for

Kevin the Kayaking Monkey

Friday, 15 June 2012

The curious adventure of Carlos the curious condor

Marty is on his honeymoon so here is an adventire fron one of his friends

The curious adventure of Carlos the curious condor

Carlos is a condor (a very large bird) who lives in the mountains in Peru, South America and Carlos is a very curious condor, who can’t help himself being curious about everything he sees or hears.

Carlos is a long way from home; he is in Kenya in East Africa, after he flew all the way from Peru to see his friend Marty the motorcycling giraffe’s wedding. Carlos had been very curious to find out about his friends bride (Gillian giraffe). And after a lovely day at the ceremony and wedding party it was now time for Carlos to make the long flight back to Peru.

To get back to Peru, Carlos has to fly right across (from east to west) Africa and then all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. It will be a very long flight, but because of his large powerful wings Carlos should be able to make it home safe and sound.

To get across Africa first Carlos had to fly south and then pick up the mighty Congo River and follow it path as it snakes its way through the jungles of Central Africa before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Africa.

As Carlos flew above the River and the ever increasing number of trees that made the jungle so dense he could no longer see the ground he became very curious about what could be found in the African jungle

“There are lots of strange animals living in the jungles in south America I wonder what or who lives in the African  jungle” he though to himself and then swooped down out of the sky and landed with a thump on top of one the very big trees and then branch my branch he made his way to the ground

In the trees Carlos saw all sots of different birds and a few monkeys swinging from branch to branch that reminded him of the monkeys in the rain forests back home in South America, then sat in a clearing Carlos saw something he had never seen before, he wasn’t sure what theses animals were but they looked liked very big monkeys with no tails.

Carlos was very curious about these animals and bounced over to find out more.

“Hola” said Carlos “I am Carlos a condor from South America, I am curious about what type of monkey you are?”

“Hmmph” relied the largest one grumpily “we are not monkeys we are Gorillas, kings of the ape world”.

“Sorry I did not mean to offend you” said Carlos

“That’s all right” said the large Gorilla you told Carlos that his name was Stephen the silverback Gorilla.

 Carlos as very curious about gorillas and stayed to chat to Stephen for quite a while so that he could learn all about gorillas and the things they liked to do, which is mostly sitting around and eating.

After a while Carlos decided that he had better get on with his journey and shouted “Adios my gorilla amigos” and climbed back to the top of the trees before flapping his mighty wings and taking off into the air for the long flight to South America.

Before he reached the coast of West Africa, Carlos flew over the large city of Kinshasa, and he swooped down low so that he could have a god look at all the people going around their busy lives, Carlos is always curious about the way people live in the city.

Then at last he came to the point where the River Congo flows into the sea and with a few flaps of his mighty wings, Carlos rose higher in the sky until he was flying through the clouds acccross the Atlantic Ocean.

After a few hours Carlos looked down at the ocean and saw a strange small island poking out from beneath the waves.

“That’s odd” though Carlos to himself “I don’t remember there being an island in this part f the ocean, I am very curious to find out more about this island” so he scooped down out of the sky towards the Island, when suddenly the Island started to move and split into two.

This made Carlos laugh to himself as he realised what he saw wasn’t an island at all but in fact it was two huge blue whales lying together at the top of the ocean”

“Hola Mr and Mrs Whale have a nice day” shouted Carlos and he turned and flew high back into the sky.

After a few more hours flying Carlos started to feel a little tired and he noticed that it had started to get dark

“I hope I am getting near to Peru now” said Carlos to himself “my wings are starting to ache”.

Carlos looked down at the ocean and he noticed a fishing trawler weaving about in an odd way.

“That’s very curious” thought Carlos and he swooped down and landed with a thud in the boats deck.

“Whoa” shouted the ships captain “you gave me a fright”

“Sorry” said Carlos and added “I am Carlos the curious Condor and I was just very curious to see why your boat was weaving around in such strange manner”

“Hola Carlos” replied the ships captain “I am Captain Jose and I am afraid all the ships navigation equipment has stopped working and we are trying to find our way back to Lima.”

“I know the way back to Lima” said Carlos “if I fly ahead you can follow me and you will soon get your boat back to port safely”

So Carlos took off into the air and flew slowly ahead of the boat and Captain Jose shone a big spotlight onto Carlos so the crew could follow him

Carlos looked very grand and special al lit up against the dark night sky, and it wasn’t long before the coast of Peru and the lights of Lima city could be seen in the distance.

“I think we can find our own way from here” shouted Captain Jose “muchas gracias Carlos que salvó el día (thank you very much Carlos you saved the day)

“Su bienvenida” (Your welcome) replied Carlos and then he shouted adios and flew high up in the air towards his home in the Peruvian mountains.

After a little more flying Carlos at last arrived at the mountain side he calls home and there on the cliff edge he saw he friend Pedro the paragliding Llama, who was also in Africa for the big wedding.

As he landed in the cliff edge Carlos said to Pedro “Hola Pedro, I see you gone home before me”

“Well that because I caught and aeroplane home” laughed Pedro who then added “I am about to do some paragliding would you like to fly alongside me Carlos”

“I am very tired from flying all the way back from Africa, so I think I will just sit here an watch you paraglide” replied Carlos “ and when you have finished I will tell you all about my flight home and what a very curious adventure it was for

Carlos the curious Condor.

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 52 Marty’s greatest adventure Part 3 Marty and Gillian’s big day

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 52 Marty’s greatest adventure Part 3 Marty and Gillian’s big day

Marty the motorcycling giraffe is busy getting ready for the biggest day in his live, today he is getting married to his girlfriend, Gillian.

Marty’s best man Peter has come round to Marty’s house to help him get ready and make sure everything about the day runs smoothly.

“Marty you need to calm down a bit all this rushing about won’t achieve anything” said Peter

“I know” replied Mary “but I am very nervous about today, I hope everything will go well”

“Of course it will and in just a few hours you will be marrying your lovely bride, it’s going to be a really happy day” Said Peter

As the two friends were chatting there was a loud knock on Marty’s front door.

“Who can that be?” asked Marty “I am not expecting any visitors today”

“Well let’s see” said Peter as he opened the door

Marty and Peter were surprised to see a young English girl stood at the door.

“Hello” said the girl “my name is Rhiannon and I have been following the adventures of Marty the motorcycling giraffe since I was very little, and I have come over to Africa to congratulate you in your marriage and to wish you and Gillian lots of luck.”

“Jambo, asante sana” replied Marty “do come in, if you have come all this way just to wish me luck, then you must be given an invitation to the wedding”

Peter then rang Gloria to tell her about the young English girl turning up on Marty’s door step and after Gloria had a quick word with Gillian; Peter came off phone and said to Rhiannon.

“Gillian is so delighted that you came this way to see her wedding, that she has invited you to be an extra bridesmaid”

“Oh wow really? That’s wonderful” shouted Rhiannon as she jumped up and down with excitement

“I shall arrange for our friend Emmanuelle to pick you up and take you over to the Masai Mara to join up with Gillian and the rest of the bridal party” Peter told Rhiannon.

After a quick phone call it wasn’t long before Emmanuelle arrived on his motorcycle to pick Rhiannon up

“Is everything going ok, how’s Marty?” asked Emmanuelle to Peter on Marty’s doorstep.

“He’s ok, he is a bit nervous, but everything is in place and running smoothly, have people started to arrive yet”

“Oh yes” replied Emmanuelle “all sorts of friends of Marty from all over the world have been arriving at the airport, Marty will be shocked when he sees how many friends from his adventures we have invited to the wedding”

Rhiannon then jumped on the back of Emmanuelle’s motorcycle and off they zoomed to the Masai Mara

A short time later, Peter turned to Marty and said

“Well I think its time we left the house, you don’t want to be late for your own wedding”

“Oh no, that would never do” laughed Marty

Marty straitened his tie and asked “Do I look okay”,

“You look very smart, Gillian will be proud to be your bride, now come on lets go before we are late”

Marty rode his motorcycle to the Masai Mara and Peter followed in his van

The wedding is being held in a large clearing in the Masai Mara and the happy couple are going to exchange their vows under the shade of a mighty Baobab tree.

Marty was feeling nervous as he arrived at the clearing but he couldn’t believe is eyes when saw the number of guests that had turned up to see him and Gillian get married.

As Peter stepped alongside Marty he said “surprised to see them all are you Marty? Emmanuelle and I have been hard at work trying to get in touch with all your friends”

“Well you’ve done a great job” Smiled Marty as they walked down the middle of the guest towards the mighty Baobab tree.

On the left hand side was all Marty and Gillian’s family, and a few other local guests such as Edward the Elephant, Mr Makushi (who runs the transport business where Marty and his friends clean the trucks on a Friday afternoon) Mr Rono (from the state house), the posh lady and her cat and of course Victor and a very happy looking Emmanuelle who was sitting next to his new very special friend Moira, who had come all the way from the island of Zanzibar to be with Emmanuelle.

While on the right hand side there was so many of Marty’s friends from around the world including

Mrs Smith from London. Wee Jimmy from Glasgow Scotland. The janitor, the principle, Brian, Catie, Amy and Jo from Los Angeles.  Joe and Henry from Australia.  Andy (the birdman) from Boston.  Jean Pierre from Paris. Herr Netzer from Berlin.  Jai from India, Chen Gong from China, Adesh from Nepal, Andrei from Moscow and from Hollywood, looking very cool in his very dark sun glasses, the famous film star Johnny- Brad Deppit

Also there were

Troy the trucking moose from Canada, Kevin the Kayaking monkey form Zambia, Michael the motorcycling kangaroo from Australia, Pedro the paragliding Llama from Peru and Santosh the snowboarding yak from the Himalayas.

They all wished Marty good luck as he passed and then just as Marty and Peter got to the front of the aisle a big whooshing sound could be heard in the air with that a very large bird flew down and landed in the Baobab tree.

“Hola Marty” said the bird “I was very curious to see who you were marrying”

“Jambo Carlos” replied Marty and then turn to Peter to say “this is Carlos the curious condor from Peru he is curious about everything.”

With that Marvin the Minister Giraffe stepped forward and someone started to play some drums

“She’s here” Whispered Peter to Marty

Marty turned round to see Gillian looking absolutely stunning in her bridal veil and gown, standing at the end of the aisle alongside her father, Gregory Giraffe. And the biggest smile possible came across Marty’s face.

Gillian walked down the aisle with her father beside her and Gloria (chief bridesmaid) and the bridesmaids Georgina (Marty’s niece) and Rhiannon walking behind her.

As Gillian stood alongside Marty, he leaned over to here and whispered

“You look absolutely beautiful”, this made Gillian blush and smile at the same time.

The minister Giraffe then started the ceremony and everyone watched with smiley faces as Marty and Gillian declared their love to each other and swapped vows.

Marty and Gillian the swapped rings and everyone sighed as Marty gently placed Gillian’s wedding ring over one of her little horns on her head (this is where Giraffes wear their wedding rings).

The minister then stated “I now declare you Giraffe and wife” and then added

“Hongera, unaweza sasa busu bibi yako” (congratulations, you may now kiss your bride)

Marty leaned forward and gave Gillian a big kiss and all the wedding guests burst into a round of applause.

After the ceremony a big party took place in the Masai Mara with lots of singing and dancing, and as the day began to end and he sun started to go down, Peter announced that its time for everyone to sit down for the wedding dinner.

Gloria had been very busy preparing all sorts of food and lots of different flavours of fruit smoothies for the guests, which of course included big piles of twigs and leafs for all the giraffes.

During the dinner Gillian and Gloria were whispering to each other about how close Emmanuelle and Moira were sitting to each other and how happy Emmanuelle looked.

“I think there could be another wedding in the future” Giggled Gloria.

Peter then stood up and announced it as time for the speeches and he gave a very funny best man speech followed by Gregory who made a very emotional father of the bride speech.

Now it is time for Marty to make a speech, so Marty stood up and addressed his guests

“My wife and I” (this brought a loud cheer from all the guests) “would like to thank you all for coming to our wedding, and would like to say how nice it is  to see so many family and friends all here together. Especially as some of you have had very long journeys from far away places to get here.

“I left the Masai Mara a year ago to move into the big city of Nairobi so that I could ride my motorcycle and seek out adventures, and since then I have had some marvellous adventures all over the world, but I did not realise that I would find my greatest and most exciting adventure back here in the Masai Mara.

As not one of my adventures have given me half the thrill that I have found, by meeting and falling in love with Gillian.

And now we are married and are going to spend the rest of our lives together, I am sure that the future will be filled with lots more exciting adventures for

Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling giraffes.

The end ???? or is it?  hope you have enjoyed Marty's yearr of adventure (52 adventures in 52 years)

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 51 Marty’s greatest adventure part 2 Marty’s last bachelors weekend party.

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 51 Marty’s greatest adventure part 2 Marty’s last bachelors weekend party.

Marty the motorcycling giraffe has had many adventures, but now he is very excited as he is about to start on his greatest adventure of them all, he is soon to get married to his girlfriend Gillian the Giraffe

Today Marty is getting ready for his last weekend as a bachelor. He and his good friends Peter, Emmanuelle and Victor are going away for a weekend of fun on the island of Zanzibar,

But first Marty plans to ride to the Masai Mara to have breakfast with his brother (Gary) and his brother in law (George). Gary and George were invited to the bachelor party weekend, but they preferred to stay on the Masai Mara and eat twigs an leafs form the top of the acacia trees, as they don’t like doing things that they think were “ungiraffe like”

So Marty got up very early in the morning and was on his motorcycle heading towards the Masai Mara as the sun rose over the horizon like a big ball of orange fire bringing a warm glow to the morning.

“Its going to be a nice weekend” thought Marty as he whizzed along the grassy plains of the Masai Mara to the place where Gary and George were waiting for him.

“Jambo Marty, are you feeling nervous with the big day approaching” Gary shouted above the noise of the Marty’s motorcycle Gary

Marty turned his motorcycle engine off and replied “a little but just now I am more excited about have a special time this weekend”

Marty then joined Gary and George for a special bachelor’s breakfast and they chomped heartily on the lovely juicy twigs and leafs from the very tops of the trees.

The three giraffes had a lovely breakfast and a great time chatting about old times with Gary embarrassing Marty with tales of when he was a little baby giraffe.

Soon it was time for Marty to go one his way to meet up with Peter, Emmanuel and Victor for the rest of the bachelor party weekend.

“Well goodbye little brother, enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will see you at the wedding” said Gary, “yes and the best of luck to you and Gillian” added George.

Marty then jumped onto his motorcycle nd started to whizz back along the road to Nairobi.

Marty had planned to meet Peter, Emmanuelle and Victor at a small airstrip just outside Nairobi, where they are going to catch a small aeroplane and fly to the island of Zanzibar.

The four friends climbed into the small aeroplane, and the pilot asked them to put there seat belts on as he started up the engine.  The small plane soon started to whizz down the runway and take off into the skies.

“Ooh this is quite scary” cried Victor , who had never been in an aeroplane before.

“Don’t worry” Marty reassured him “I have been in lots of aeroplanes and they are quite safe”

The small aeroplane then flew across the East African countryside, giving the four friends a wonderful view of the large African plains and all the small towns they passed on the way.

After a while they passed the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro that even towered above the height the small plane was travelling at.

“Wow that is a very big mountain! I can hardly believe that you climbed to the top of it Marty” exclaimed Emmanuelle

“It was a very hard climb” agreed Marty “but I was very proud to be the first giraffe to make it to the top”

Eventually they flew past the Kenyan coast line and out over the sea, which looked very deep and blue from the aeroplane, and there in the distance they could see the palm tree lined, whites sands of the Zanzibar beaches.

“Wow Zanzibar looks amazing, you have made a good choice of place to hold this bachelor party weekend Peter” exclaimed Marty excitedly.

After a rather bumpy landing the four friends collected their belongings and headed out for the beach cabin that Peter had booked for the weekend.

It was a beautiful beach hut which over hung the sea and forms its balcony the Marty, Peter, Victor and Emmanuelle could dive into the clear blue water, and swim around the shallow shores and chase the little fishes amongst the rocks.

After a while Peter announced that it was time to try out some deeper swimming as he had hired a boat and some scuba diving gear so that they all could doo some diving in the deeper ocean.

 “That’s sounds like a really exciting adventure” exclaimed Marty

With Peter and Emmanuelle taking turns to sail the boat it wasn’t long before they were well at to sea and the sandy beaches were only a dot on the horizon.

“This seems like a good place for a dive, lets get our wetsuits on” shouted Peter.

Squeezing the tight wet suit over his long legs and extremely long neck was very difficult and by the time he as ready, Peter, Emmanuelle and Victor were already in the water and diving below the boat.

Marty shouted “harambee” very loudly as he jumped off the side of the boat and made a huge splash as he hit the water.

The four friends then spent an excellent couple of hours swimming as deep as they can and spotting all manner of sea animals (including some very big and quite scary fish).

Peter swam off to some far rocks under the water, turned back to the other and signalled for them to come up to the surface.

“What’s the matter Peter?” asked Victor when they got to the surface of the water.

“Past the rocks I swam to in the distance I can see an old sunken ship, we could sail the boat over there and dive down to it”

They all agreed that this sounds like a very exciting idea and they climbed back in the boat and made sail for the area Peter saw the sunken ship.

When they reached the correct spot Peter let the boats anchor down and with a giant shout of Harambee the four friends jumped into the water and started swimming down to the ship wreck that was lying deep down on the bottom of the ocean.

It was a long hard dive down the the ship wreck, but well worth the effort and the four friends had a great time swimming around and into the wrecked ship.

Suddenly Emmanuelle started to signal excitedly for the  others  to come quickly so Marty, Peter and Victor swam to the far side of the ship where Emmanuelle was holding some material in his hand, as they got closer Emmanuelle unravelled the material to reveal tht it was a Jolly Roger (the skull and cross bones flag of a pirate ship).


The four friends really enjoyed swimming in and out of the pirate ship, and looking at the canons that were still on deck, when suddenly Victor found something exciting hidden in the captains cabin.

Marty, Peter and Emmanuelle swam down into the cabin

Where Victor was pointing to a secret door that he had managed to break open that led to a small long hidden tunnel. They all looked into the tunnel and could see something shiny at the end of it.

Marty then put his long neck through the hole and saw that the shiny thing was a small chest; he managed to get his head over the chest and pulled it back into the cabin with his chin.

 They were very exciting about the find so they quickly lifted the chest up and swam back to the service and climbed back on there boat.

“Quick open it up” shouted Victor excitedly.

Emmanuelle used on of the tool from their boat to prize open the chest and they all gasped when they saw it was full of gold coins al shining brightly in the bright sunshine

“Wow real pirate’s treasure” shouted Peter who then added “I can hardly believe that we have found another treasure chest”

They then sailed their boat back to the shore and carried the treasure chest to their beach cabin and agreed tht they would split the treasure up when they get back to Nairobi.

“It will certainly help pay for your wedding Marty” stated Emmanuelle,

“That’s true” replied Marty “I am amazed at how expensive a wedding is to arrange”

Later that evening Peter had arranged a beach barbeque party and lots of the local people from the island came along, as they had heard all about Marty's adventures and that he was going to get married to Gillian soon.

They all had a great time cooking some lovely sea food on eh barbeque (but of course Marty doesn’t eat that sort of food so he just ate some twigs and leafs), drinking smoothies and dancing to some music played by a beach band.

Emmanuelle was particularly enjoying buying the smoothies from the bar because there was a particularly pretty binti (young lady) called Moira serving the smoothies.

“I love the way she miles and say karibu (welcome) every time I say asante sana (thank you very much) when she serves me a smoothie” said Emmanuelle to the others.

“Oooh Emmanuel’s in love” teased Victor and they all started laughing.

The party went on all night and the sun started to rise in the horizon when Marty, Peter, Emmanuelle and Victor decided it as time to go back to the beach hut and get some sleep

It was quite late the following afternoon before they all woke up and they were still a bit tired so they spent the rest of the weekend just lying on beach sunbathing and drinking smoothies.

But all Emmanuelle could do was talk about Moira and how he would like to see her again

“You should invite her to the wedding, all girls love a wedding” said Peter

“Good idea” replied Emmanuelle and he ran off down the beach to the smoothie bar to invite Moria to Marty and Gillian’s wedding.

Emmanuelle cam back with a big smile and told the others that Moria had agreed to come to the wedding and that now he couldn’t wait to get back to Nairobi to make plans for Moira to visit so he could take her to the wedding

“I can’t wait to get back to Nairobi” either said Peter “because I am really looking forward to telling Gloria about the treasure we found”

“I can’t wait to get back to Nairobi so I can start spending the treasure money” laughed Victor.

“Well I can’t wait to get back to Nairobi  either, because I am getting married to the most beautiful lady giraffe in the world” sighed Marty and then he added “which I think will be the greatest adventure of all for:

Marty the motorcycling giraffe

Look at next saturday (9th June) for the final story in Marty's year of adventures, "Marty's greartest adventure, part 3 Marty and Gillians big day"...your all invited to the wedding