Friday, 15 June 2012

The curious adventure of Carlos the curious condor

Marty is on his honeymoon so here is an adventire fron one of his friends

The curious adventure of Carlos the curious condor

Carlos is a condor (a very large bird) who lives in the mountains in Peru, South America and Carlos is a very curious condor, who can’t help himself being curious about everything he sees or hears.

Carlos is a long way from home; he is in Kenya in East Africa, after he flew all the way from Peru to see his friend Marty the motorcycling giraffe’s wedding. Carlos had been very curious to find out about his friends bride (Gillian giraffe). And after a lovely day at the ceremony and wedding party it was now time for Carlos to make the long flight back to Peru.

To get back to Peru, Carlos has to fly right across (from east to west) Africa and then all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. It will be a very long flight, but because of his large powerful wings Carlos should be able to make it home safe and sound.

To get across Africa first Carlos had to fly south and then pick up the mighty Congo River and follow it path as it snakes its way through the jungles of Central Africa before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Africa.

As Carlos flew above the River and the ever increasing number of trees that made the jungle so dense he could no longer see the ground he became very curious about what could be found in the African jungle

“There are lots of strange animals living in the jungles in south America I wonder what or who lives in the African  jungle” he though to himself and then swooped down out of the sky and landed with a thump on top of one the very big trees and then branch my branch he made his way to the ground

In the trees Carlos saw all sots of different birds and a few monkeys swinging from branch to branch that reminded him of the monkeys in the rain forests back home in South America, then sat in a clearing Carlos saw something he had never seen before, he wasn’t sure what theses animals were but they looked liked very big monkeys with no tails.

Carlos was very curious about these animals and bounced over to find out more.

“Hola” said Carlos “I am Carlos a condor from South America, I am curious about what type of monkey you are?”

“Hmmph” relied the largest one grumpily “we are not monkeys we are Gorillas, kings of the ape world”.

“Sorry I did not mean to offend you” said Carlos

“That’s all right” said the large Gorilla you told Carlos that his name was Stephen the silverback Gorilla.

 Carlos as very curious about gorillas and stayed to chat to Stephen for quite a while so that he could learn all about gorillas and the things they liked to do, which is mostly sitting around and eating.

After a while Carlos decided that he had better get on with his journey and shouted “Adios my gorilla amigos” and climbed back to the top of the trees before flapping his mighty wings and taking off into the air for the long flight to South America.

Before he reached the coast of West Africa, Carlos flew over the large city of Kinshasa, and he swooped down low so that he could have a god look at all the people going around their busy lives, Carlos is always curious about the way people live in the city.

Then at last he came to the point where the River Congo flows into the sea and with a few flaps of his mighty wings, Carlos rose higher in the sky until he was flying through the clouds acccross the Atlantic Ocean.

After a few hours Carlos looked down at the ocean and saw a strange small island poking out from beneath the waves.

“That’s odd” though Carlos to himself “I don’t remember there being an island in this part f the ocean, I am very curious to find out more about this island” so he scooped down out of the sky towards the Island, when suddenly the Island started to move and split into two.

This made Carlos laugh to himself as he realised what he saw wasn’t an island at all but in fact it was two huge blue whales lying together at the top of the ocean”

“Hola Mr and Mrs Whale have a nice day” shouted Carlos and he turned and flew high back into the sky.

After a few more hours flying Carlos started to feel a little tired and he noticed that it had started to get dark

“I hope I am getting near to Peru now” said Carlos to himself “my wings are starting to ache”.

Carlos looked down at the ocean and he noticed a fishing trawler weaving about in an odd way.

“That’s very curious” thought Carlos and he swooped down and landed with a thud in the boats deck.

“Whoa” shouted the ships captain “you gave me a fright”

“Sorry” said Carlos and added “I am Carlos the curious Condor and I was just very curious to see why your boat was weaving around in such strange manner”

“Hola Carlos” replied the ships captain “I am Captain Jose and I am afraid all the ships navigation equipment has stopped working and we are trying to find our way back to Lima.”

“I know the way back to Lima” said Carlos “if I fly ahead you can follow me and you will soon get your boat back to port safely”

So Carlos took off into the air and flew slowly ahead of the boat and Captain Jose shone a big spotlight onto Carlos so the crew could follow him

Carlos looked very grand and special al lit up against the dark night sky, and it wasn’t long before the coast of Peru and the lights of Lima city could be seen in the distance.

“I think we can find our own way from here” shouted Captain Jose “muchas gracias Carlos que salvó el día (thank you very much Carlos you saved the day)

“Su bienvenida” (Your welcome) replied Carlos and then he shouted adios and flew high up in the air towards his home in the Peruvian mountains.

After a little more flying Carlos at last arrived at the mountain side he calls home and there on the cliff edge he saw he friend Pedro the paragliding Llama, who was also in Africa for the big wedding.

As he landed in the cliff edge Carlos said to Pedro “Hola Pedro, I see you gone home before me”

“Well that because I caught and aeroplane home” laughed Pedro who then added “I am about to do some paragliding would you like to fly alongside me Carlos”

“I am very tired from flying all the way back from Africa, so I think I will just sit here an watch you paraglide” replied Carlos “ and when you have finished I will tell you all about my flight home and what a very curious adventure it was for

Carlos the curious Condor.