Saturday, 23 June 2012

Kevin the Kayaking Monkey’s cracking Canadian Adventure

Kevin the Kayaking Monkey’s cracking Canadian Adventure

Kevin is a monkey who lives on the Zambezi River in Zambia Kenya near the great Victoria Falls. But today Kevin has something even more exciting than kayaking in Zambezi River, because today Kevin is catching an aeroplane to Canada where he is going to go Kayaking on the Chilliwack River in British Columbia with a group of people from the Chilliwack tribe of North American natives

The trip had been arranged by Kevin’s friend Tory the trucking Moose, who he had met when he had attended their mutual friend, Marty the motorcycling giraffe’s wedding in Kenya.

This will be the first time Kevin has been outside of Africa and he is so excited that he can hardly stand still for a second., and he was really pleased that at last it was time for him to catch a train to the airport in Lusaka the capital city of Zambia.

A Kevin sat down in his seat he started to feel a little nervous he had never been in an aeroplane and he wasn’t sure if monkeys were really meant to fly, but a very nice air stewardess spotted he was nervous an took some time to talk to him about the lovely flights she had been on and what a wonderful time he was going to have in Canada, this helped Kevin to relax and soon he was sitting back calmly in his seat looking out of the aeroplanes window and watching the ground rapidly disappear below him as the aeroplane took off and flew higher and higher into the skies.

Kevin was so excited by the flight that he hadn’t noticed the time go by and he was quite surprised when the pilot informed everyone to put on their seat belts and prepare for landing in Vancouver airport in Canada

As he got off the plane Kevin was very pleased to see his friend Troy the Trucking moose waiting for him

“Howdy Kevin, welcome to Canada” said Troy

“Hello Troy” replied Kevin “its great to be hear and I can’t wait to meet the Chilliwack people and go kayaking in their River.”

“Well jump in the cab of my truck and we will set off for Chilliwack river then” laughed Troy

Troy’s truck is very large and Kevin could hardly see above the trucks dashboard and felt quite small sat next to Troy, who is a very big and strong Moose.

Troy handled he trucks big steering wheel like it was a small toy and soon they arrived at the banks of the Chilliwack River.

Two North American natives all dressed in their traditional clothing came to greet Kevin and Troy.

“Hello Troy” said one of the Chilliwack “is this your friend from Africa that you were telling us all about?”

“Hello Chief Shining sun, this is my good friend Kevin he kayaking monkey, he has come all the way from Zambia in Africa to go kayaking on the Chilliwack river with you and your people.”

“Welcome my friend” said Chief Shinning Sun to Kevin “we have quite a special trip arranged for you. You are to join a small group of the Chilliwack people to kayak down the river and into Lake Chilliwack, where we can do some fishing; you will find it a very exciting trip through our beautiful country side”

“Oh I can’t wait “shouted Kevin excitedly

The Chilliwack people had brought a special kayak for Kevin, who was covered in traditional paintings and art work, Kevin thought it looked very grand indeed. And quickly jumped in and shouted to the others

“Come on then lets go, you lead and I will follow”.

So the kayakers started off down the river and through the beautiful countryside, as the river wound its way trough the valley with the large mountains on each, giving spectacular reflections of themselves in the cool blue waters of the Chilliwack River, Kevin thought that Canada is a wonderful country to go kayaking in.

Very quickly the small group of kayakers started to build up a good speed along the river, and although it is quite a long way down the river it didn’t take them long to reach Lake Chilliwack

As the kayakers flowed with the river into the lake, Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes as the river widen into a huge deep blue expanse of water with the sun glistening off its surface.

“Now this is really special” chortled Kevin with joy.

After a few hours kayaking around and fihsing in the lake the small group moored their kayaks at the side of the lake where they were joined by Troy who had driven his truck to join them.

Chief Shinning Sun then told Troy and Kevin that they were going to have a special dinner in his and Kevin’s honour and that they were going to light a fire and cook the fish, they had caught in the lake, in a traditional Chilliwack style.

Although Kevin was delighted to have such an honour betrothed on him, he looked a bit worried because he doesn’t really eat that type off food.

Troy saw Kevin looking concerned and leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t worry Kevin, I have told Chief Shinning Sun that monkeys don’t eat that sort of food and on my truck I have got lots and lots of bananas for you and lovely piles of hay for me to eat”

Kevin Tory and the Chilliwack natives  had a lovely time eating and chatting through the night around a large camp fire, with just the stars to brighten up the night’s sky.

As the sun rose they were still awake and still talking, Kevin was fascinated by the Chilliwack natives’ stories of their ancestors but unfortunately he had to say his goodbyes and head for the airport to catch the long flight back to Zambia.

“Goodbye everyone, thank you for taking me kayaking on your lovely river and lake” shouted Kevin as he climbed into Troy’s truck, to get a lift to the airport.

“And think you too Troy for arranging all this for me, it really has been a cracking Canadian adventure for

Kevin the Kayaking Monkey