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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 52 Marty’s greatest adventure Part 3 Marty and Gillian’s big day

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 52 Marty’s greatest adventure Part 3 Marty and Gillian’s big day

Marty the motorcycling giraffe is busy getting ready for the biggest day in his live, today he is getting married to his girlfriend, Gillian.

Marty’s best man Peter has come round to Marty’s house to help him get ready and make sure everything about the day runs smoothly.

“Marty you need to calm down a bit all this rushing about won’t achieve anything” said Peter

“I know” replied Mary “but I am very nervous about today, I hope everything will go well”

“Of course it will and in just a few hours you will be marrying your lovely bride, it’s going to be a really happy day” Said Peter

As the two friends were chatting there was a loud knock on Marty’s front door.

“Who can that be?” asked Marty “I am not expecting any visitors today”

“Well let’s see” said Peter as he opened the door

Marty and Peter were surprised to see a young English girl stood at the door.

“Hello” said the girl “my name is Rhiannon and I have been following the adventures of Marty the motorcycling giraffe since I was very little, and I have come over to Africa to congratulate you in your marriage and to wish you and Gillian lots of luck.”

“Jambo, asante sana” replied Marty “do come in, if you have come all this way just to wish me luck, then you must be given an invitation to the wedding”

Peter then rang Gloria to tell her about the young English girl turning up on Marty’s door step and after Gloria had a quick word with Gillian; Peter came off phone and said to Rhiannon.

“Gillian is so delighted that you came this way to see her wedding, that she has invited you to be an extra bridesmaid”

“Oh wow really? That’s wonderful” shouted Rhiannon as she jumped up and down with excitement

“I shall arrange for our friend Emmanuelle to pick you up and take you over to the Masai Mara to join up with Gillian and the rest of the bridal party” Peter told Rhiannon.

After a quick phone call it wasn’t long before Emmanuelle arrived on his motorcycle to pick Rhiannon up

“Is everything going ok, how’s Marty?” asked Emmanuelle to Peter on Marty’s doorstep.

“He’s ok, he is a bit nervous, but everything is in place and running smoothly, have people started to arrive yet”

“Oh yes” replied Emmanuelle “all sorts of friends of Marty from all over the world have been arriving at the airport, Marty will be shocked when he sees how many friends from his adventures we have invited to the wedding”

Rhiannon then jumped on the back of Emmanuelle’s motorcycle and off they zoomed to the Masai Mara

A short time later, Peter turned to Marty and said

“Well I think its time we left the house, you don’t want to be late for your own wedding”

“Oh no, that would never do” laughed Marty

Marty straitened his tie and asked “Do I look okay”,

“You look very smart, Gillian will be proud to be your bride, now come on lets go before we are late”

Marty rode his motorcycle to the Masai Mara and Peter followed in his van

The wedding is being held in a large clearing in the Masai Mara and the happy couple are going to exchange their vows under the shade of a mighty Baobab tree.

Marty was feeling nervous as he arrived at the clearing but he couldn’t believe is eyes when saw the number of guests that had turned up to see him and Gillian get married.

As Peter stepped alongside Marty he said “surprised to see them all are you Marty? Emmanuelle and I have been hard at work trying to get in touch with all your friends”

“Well you’ve done a great job” Smiled Marty as they walked down the middle of the guest towards the mighty Baobab tree.

On the left hand side was all Marty and Gillian’s family, and a few other local guests such as Edward the Elephant, Mr Makushi (who runs the transport business where Marty and his friends clean the trucks on a Friday afternoon) Mr Rono (from the state house), the posh lady and her cat and of course Victor and a very happy looking Emmanuelle who was sitting next to his new very special friend Moira, who had come all the way from the island of Zanzibar to be with Emmanuelle.

While on the right hand side there was so many of Marty’s friends from around the world including

Mrs Smith from London. Wee Jimmy from Glasgow Scotland. The janitor, the principle, Brian, Catie, Amy and Jo from Los Angeles.  Joe and Henry from Australia.  Andy (the birdman) from Boston.  Jean Pierre from Paris. Herr Netzer from Berlin.  Jai from India, Chen Gong from China, Adesh from Nepal, Andrei from Moscow and from Hollywood, looking very cool in his very dark sun glasses, the famous film star Johnny- Brad Deppit

Also there were

Troy the trucking moose from Canada, Kevin the Kayaking monkey form Zambia, Michael the motorcycling kangaroo from Australia, Pedro the paragliding Llama from Peru and Santosh the snowboarding yak from the Himalayas.

They all wished Marty good luck as he passed and then just as Marty and Peter got to the front of the aisle a big whooshing sound could be heard in the air with that a very large bird flew down and landed in the Baobab tree.

“Hola Marty” said the bird “I was very curious to see who you were marrying”

“Jambo Carlos” replied Marty and then turn to Peter to say “this is Carlos the curious condor from Peru he is curious about everything.”

With that Marvin the Minister Giraffe stepped forward and someone started to play some drums

“She’s here” Whispered Peter to Marty

Marty turned round to see Gillian looking absolutely stunning in her bridal veil and gown, standing at the end of the aisle alongside her father, Gregory Giraffe. And the biggest smile possible came across Marty’s face.

Gillian walked down the aisle with her father beside her and Gloria (chief bridesmaid) and the bridesmaids Georgina (Marty’s niece) and Rhiannon walking behind her.

As Gillian stood alongside Marty, he leaned over to here and whispered

“You look absolutely beautiful”, this made Gillian blush and smile at the same time.

The minister Giraffe then started the ceremony and everyone watched with smiley faces as Marty and Gillian declared their love to each other and swapped vows.

Marty and Gillian the swapped rings and everyone sighed as Marty gently placed Gillian’s wedding ring over one of her little horns on her head (this is where Giraffes wear their wedding rings).

The minister then stated “I now declare you Giraffe and wife” and then added

“Hongera, unaweza sasa busu bibi yako” (congratulations, you may now kiss your bride)

Marty leaned forward and gave Gillian a big kiss and all the wedding guests burst into a round of applause.

After the ceremony a big party took place in the Masai Mara with lots of singing and dancing, and as the day began to end and he sun started to go down, Peter announced that its time for everyone to sit down for the wedding dinner.

Gloria had been very busy preparing all sorts of food and lots of different flavours of fruit smoothies for the guests, which of course included big piles of twigs and leafs for all the giraffes.

During the dinner Gillian and Gloria were whispering to each other about how close Emmanuelle and Moira were sitting to each other and how happy Emmanuelle looked.

“I think there could be another wedding in the future” Giggled Gloria.

Peter then stood up and announced it as time for the speeches and he gave a very funny best man speech followed by Gregory who made a very emotional father of the bride speech.

Now it is time for Marty to make a speech, so Marty stood up and addressed his guests

“My wife and I” (this brought a loud cheer from all the guests) “would like to thank you all for coming to our wedding, and would like to say how nice it is  to see so many family and friends all here together. Especially as some of you have had very long journeys from far away places to get here.

“I left the Masai Mara a year ago to move into the big city of Nairobi so that I could ride my motorcycle and seek out adventures, and since then I have had some marvellous adventures all over the world, but I did not realise that I would find my greatest and most exciting adventure back here in the Masai Mara.

As not one of my adventures have given me half the thrill that I have found, by meeting and falling in love with Gillian.

And now we are married and are going to spend the rest of our lives together, I am sure that the future will be filled with lots more exciting adventures for

Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling giraffes.

The end ???? or is it?  hope you have enjoyed Marty's yearr of adventure (52 adventures in 52 years)