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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 24 Marty and the famous movie star

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 24 Marty and the famous movie star

Marty and his friend Peter Ngono were stood against Peter’s van have a short tea break in the middle of their very busy working day, cleaning windows in the big African City of Nairobi. When Peter’s girlfriend Gloria came running up to them with a very excited look on her face.

Gloria was carrying a poster in her hand and shouted “Peter, Marty look at this, the American film star Johnny-Brad Deppitt is coming to Nairobi to make a film”.

“Wow really” said Peter “let me see this”.

Peter read the poster and exclaimed “it’s true they are coming to Nairobi this weekend to shoot some scenes for a new film and it will include a motorcycle stunt scene, we must go and watch this.”

That Saturday Marty, Peter and Gloria all walked into the centre of town to see if they could watch the film being made.

“Oooh I hope I get to meet Johnny-Brad Deppit” squealed Gloria “he is such a dreamboat”

“Huh” grunted Peter a little jealously.

When they arrived at the centre of town, there was already a very large crowd gathered. “Oh no” cried Gloria we will never be able to get through that crowd, I wont be able to see Johnny- Brad now”.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Mary “you can just climb on to my head and Peter can stand on my back and you’ll both easily be able to see over the crowd.

The film set looked very exciting with actors, actresses and cameramen and women all running around and doing whatever the director shouted at them to do. But there was no sign of the star performer “Johnny-Brad Deppitt.

Suddenly the director shouted “its time for Johnny- Brad’s scene, and one of the helpers ran to knock on the door of a very large and very fine looking trailer.

The crowd all cheered very loudly as Johnny- Brad Deppitt stepped out of the trailer, wearing very dark sunglasses, and smiled and waved to them.

Johnny-Brad then walked to the crowd to sign a few autographs for the people at the front.

Marty then leaned forward and stretched his neck out “hang on tight Gloria” he shouted.

This brought Gloria right to the front of the crowd and just above Johnny-Brad’s head.

“Johnny- Brad Johnny Brad!! Look up here Johnny Brad” Screamed Gloria excitedly

“Wow! That’s a novel way to get to the front of the queue laughed Johnny-Brad and he reached up to take Gloria’s autograph book and wrote

“To Gloria the cleverest and prettiest girl in all of Africa love Johnny-Brad xxx”

Gloria nearly fainted with delight when she saw what Johnny-Brad had written

Marty, Peter and Gloria spent the rest of the day watching the filming of the movie take place, when eventually they got the really exciting part.

 A stunt lorry driver crashed a lorry on Jomo Kenyatta Avenue (a big road in Nairobi) and then the film crew set the lorry on fire.

Then Johnny-Brad Deppitt was being chased by some bad guys, and he was to escape on a very fast motorcycle and the only way to get away form the bad guys would be to jump the motorcycle over  Jomo Kenyatta avenue and over the burning lorry into the safety of Uhuru park.

Johnny-Brad rode his motorcycle very fast, past the cheering crowd towards the burning lorry and the suddenly stopped.

“Ok” Shouted the director” get the stunt motorcycle rider ready for the jump”

One of the helpers came running up to the director and said “Boss its bad news, the stunt motorcycle rider is ill, he has food poisoning and won’t be able to do the jump.”

“What!!” roared the director “now we wont be able to finish the film, and we have to finish and  be out of town by tonight, and there is no one else that could make a jump like that”

“My friend Marty could do it easily” shouted peter above the noise of the crowd.

“Who?” asked the director?

“Marty the motorcycling giraffe, the best motorcyclist in all of Africa” replied Peter

“Do you think you could manage this jump?” the director asked Marty.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Marty

“Well you don’t look like Johnny-Brad Deppitt, but with a little clever camera trickery we could pull it off” said the director “and any way we don’t have much choice” he added.

Marty pushed forward into the filming area and sat on the large motorcycle provided by the film company and looked nervously and the burning truck and the small ramp in front of it.”

“This will be a hard, scary but exciting jump to pull off” thought Marty.

“Action” shouted the director

And Marty started the motorcycle and roared forward, Marty hit the ramp and was soon flying through the air towards the burning lorry.

You could have heard a pin drop as the crowd and the film crew all held their breath and watched with amazement as Marty and the motorcycle flew over the burning lorry and just above the hot flickering flames

The crowd burst into a massive roar of cheers and hand clapping as Marty landed successfully and safely on the grass in Uhuru Park on the other side of the road.

“It’s a wrap! Good work everyone” shouted the director.

Johnny-Brad Deppitt then came up to Marty and said

“Awesome display of Motorcycling buddy!” and shook Marty’s hoof, this made Marty smile

The director thanked Marty for saving the day and gave him a nice stuntman’s pay check and promised he would send Marty a copy of the finished film.

Marty was pleased to have been able to make the jump and to help out, he was delighted with the money he got from the director and extremely excited to know he was about to be in a film.

And of course Gloria was very very happy to have met Johnny-Brad Deppitt and to have got his autograph, and she gave Peter a big kiss to thank him for bringing her to the filming- so now Peter was very happy too,

“Well that was an exciting day” thought Marty and he couldn’t help wondering what other adventures could be found for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 23 Marty and Peter’s trip to the pyramids (Part 2 Marty and the pharaoh)

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 23 Marty and Peter’s trip to the pyramids (Part 2 Marty and the pharaoh)

Marty the motorcycling giraffe and his good friend Peter Ngono are on a long road trip to go and see the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

They had spent the first night of their trip camping on the side of the road alongside the Sahara desert just inside Egypt and just over the border from Sudan.

Where they had met the rather obnoxious camel Quentin; who Marty had beaten in a Motorcycle versus quad bike race.  After the race with Quentin, Marty and Peter headed off through the desert towards Giza.

The desert sun was very hot and it made the trip very difficult, they had to stop several times to take a drink and cool down.

After a few hours of riding the motorcycle Marty and Peter stopped at an Egyptian town called Asyu, which is on the side of the mighty River Nile, for their dinner.

Peter had a large bowl of Kashari (an Egyptian food made from pasta, lentils, chick peas and a spicy tomato sauce) but of course Marty just had his favourite food, a large pile of twigs and leafs.

After they had finished their meal, Marty and Peter carried on with their long journey, following the river Nile north towards Giza. At last after several more hours they arrived at Giza.

 Peter was very excited, he had always wanted to visit the Pyramids every since he had read about them in school when he was just a small boy.

Marty and Peter paid a guide to take them round the three pyramids of Giza and to tell them all about the pyramids.

The guide told them that the three pyramids are called “the great pyramid of Khafu (the largest pyramid in Egypt and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), the pyramid of Khafne and the smallest of the three which is called the pyramid of Menckune.

The guide took Marty and Peter into the main entrance of the Khafu pyramid and into a long tunnel that led to the burial chamber. As the tunnel’s roof is very low and Marty is very tall he had to crawl on his knees and bend his neck down very low to be able to fit into the tunnel.

The guide told Marty and Peter all about the curse of the Pharaohs’ and how the legend says that the Mummies will come alive and go after anyone who breaks into the pyramids.

After they had come out of the pyramid Marty and Peter went to look at the magnificent Sphinx, which stands at the front of the pyramids.

Marty was amazed by the sight of the Sphinx that is as long as two football pitches and taller than a lot of the high buildings in Nairobi.

Marty told Peter that when he looked at the Sphinx’s face it felt like it was looking back at him.

This made Peter laugh “you are daft Marty it is just a big statue”

That night Marty and Peter decided to camp next the pyramids and put their tents up.

 After supper, Marty was very tired and soon fell asleep in his tent (with his head sticking out of his tent as usual).

Then in the middle of the night Marty was woken by a strange voice, he opened his eyes to see the Sphinx looking down at him.

“Marty” said the Sphinx “you must go to the pyramid entrance, the Pharaoh wants to see you”

Marty was quite scared but thought that he had better do as he was told and nervously crept around to the front entrance of the great pyramid, where he saw an Egyptian mummy all wrapped in bandages, standing there.

“I am the pharaoh Khufu” roared the Mummy “and you entered my tomb and broke the sacred rules and now you must pay!!!”

“Nnnno” gibbered Marty “it was just a guided tour””

“No matter I will still get you” roared the Mummy and it started to walk towards Marty.

Marty tried to run away but felt the mummy’s strong hands on his shoulder shaking him.

“No!!” Marty shouted and he opened his eyes to see Peter standing by him and shaking him,

“Wake up Marty, you are having a bad dream” said Peter “it must have been eating too many twigs and leafs before bed time”.

“Oh thank goodness that’s all it was” laughed Marty and went back to sleep.

The next morning Marty and Peter laughed about Marty’s bad dream, and so it was time to pack up their tents and set off on the long journey home.

“It was a fantastic trip” said Pete “and the pyramids and the sphinx are fantastic things to come and see.”

“Yes” replied Marty “it was quite an adventure, now lets get home”

Marty enjoyed his trip to Egypt, but thought that it will be good to get home as he is sure there will be many more adventures to be found for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (03 December 2011) with story 24 Marty and the famous movie star)

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)

Marty and his good friend and work colleague Peter had decided to take a week of from their busy jobs cleaning windows in the city of Nairobi in Kenya. Peter is the window cleaner and Marty is his assistant.

“I know” said Peter “why don’t we take a trip to Egypt; I have always wanted to see the great Pyramids of Giza”

 Egypt is a long way away, it will take a long time to get there and back, won’t you miss Gloria” teased Marty.

Peter grinned foolishly (he always smiled when he thought of Gloria) and replied, “yes of course I will a bit” (I’ll miss her lot really” he thought to himself, but he wasn’t going to tell that Marty that) replied Peter and added “anyway you’ll miss Gillian just as badly”

Marty and Peter both laughed out loud at each other and started to make plans for their long trip to the land of the pharaohs’ (Egypt).

The next day Marty and Peter started their safari (journey), they rode Marty’s motorcycle to the train station and loaded the motorcycle in the cargo section of the train and then took two seats in a very busy carriage with lots of other passengers and headed of to their first stop, which will be the city of Khartoum in Sudan.

It is a very long journey in the train to Khartoum and Marty and Peter passed the time by playing lots of games of travel scrabble, Marty is very good at scrabble and won most of the games.

When they arrived at Khartoum they unloaded Marty’s motorcycle and went to get some dinner at a restaurant in the middle of the city.

Peter had a nice goat curry but Marty of course just had his favourite food, twigs and leafs.

As he ate his dinner Marty looked around and thought that Khartoum was a very busy city and also very hot and dusty.

After they had finished their dinner Marty and Peter got on Marty’s motorcycle and headed north towards the Egyptian border.

They soon found themselves driving along a very long, empty lonely road on the outskirts of the Sahara Dessert. It is very hot and very sunny in the dessert and all Marty could see were large sand dunes stretching out for miles and miles across the horizon.

Soon after they crossed the border out of Sudan and into Egypt the sun started to go down and it started to get very dark, so Marty and Peter decided to pitch their tents for the night.

As always Marty was too tall for his tent and had to sleep with his head sticking out, looking up at the starry night.

Early the next  morning Marty was awoken by the what he thought was the sound of a motorcycle, as he opened his eyes he looked up to see a camel looking down his nose back at him.

“Well Heloooo” said the camel in a very posh voice”  “uh um Jambo” replied Marty rather sleepily

“Is that your motorcycle? Not bad but it only has two wheels not like my lovely quad bike that has four wheels” said the camel rather snootily.  “Allow me to introduce myself” the camel continued quiet grandly


“Jambo, its nice to meet you” said Marty nd added “I am Marty the Motorcycling giraffe and this is my good friend Peter Ngono and we are off to see the great pyramids”

“Oh I have seen the pyramids on several occasions” scoffed Quentin the camel

Marty got up and looked around Quentin’s quad bike, “this is a very nice machine” said Marty

“Yes” replied Quentin “and far better than your old fashioned two wheeled motorcycle”.

This made Peter very angry indeed.

“I bet Marty could beat you in a race any day!” said Peter

“Oh I don’t think so” sneered Quentin and then he challenged Marty to race round the nearest Oasis and back

“You go up the road for 5 miles and then go left for 4 miles into the desert, once around the oasis, back to the road and then back here to the finish” explained Quentin, “Oh and you will come second” he added rather haughtily.

Pete started the race by shouting Tutu (Three) Mbili (two) Moja (one) kuanza mbio (Start the race)

Marty took and early lead and was just in front of Quentin as they turned off the road and into the dessert. But Marty found the sand hard going and Quentin, with his four wheeled quad bike soon, caught up with him.

“Haw haw haw, see you later slow coach” laughed Quentin as he passed by Marty

They raced around the Oasis and headed back to the road with Quentin still in front.

As they reached the road Marty put his head down and pulled back the throttle on his Motorcycle and shot after Quentin at top speed.

With five yards to go Marty caught and over took Quentin to shoot past the finishing line in the lead.

“Hooray, Marty won! Cheered Peter.

Marty went to shake Quentin’s hoof and said “good race Quentin”, but Quentin just said “Huh” refused to shake Marty’s hoof and  turned his bike round and rode off into the desert .

“What a bad loser” said Marty “I don’t think we will see him again.”

“No” laughed Peter “and I am glad about that!”

Marty and Peter then packed up their tents got back on Marty’s motorcycle and headed on towards the great pyramids.

Marty secretly enjoyed beating Quentin the quad biking camel in the race and also teaching him a little lesson and was sure that the rest of the trip would bring some more exciting adventures for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (19/1/2011) with story 23 Marty goes to see the great pyramids Part 2 Marty and the mummy.

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 21 Marty’s special delivery

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 21 Marty’s special delivery

As you know Mary is a very special Giraffe, in actual fact Marty is the only motorcycling giraffe in the world. And Marty just loves to whizz around on his motorcycle.

One evening after he had finished work (Marty works as a window cleaners assistant in the big African city of Nairobi), Marty decided to go out fro a ride on his motorcycle.

Soon Marty was speeding through the busy streets of Nairobi.

After a while he came across a very posh black car that was parked on the side of the road looking like it was broken down. The driver was standing in front of the car with its bonnet (hood) up and he was looking at the engine that had a lot of steam coming out of it.

As Marty got close he realised that the driver was Mr Rono from the State House, Marty pulled up alongside the car and shouted “Jambo Mr Rono”

Mr Rono jumped up in surprise and then replied “oh it’s you Marty! Jambo, I have a big problem maybe you can help?” “I can certainly try” said Marty,

Mr Rono explained that that he has to take some very important government papers to the Mayor of Eldorat town, in time for a meeting tomorrow and that the State car has broken down and that he doesn’t think it can be fixed.

“We could go on my motorcycle” said Marty “I have a spare crash helmet in my top box”

So Mr Rono put n the spare crash helmet and put all the important papers in the top box and got on the back of Marty’s motorcycle. And they set off north to Eldorat,

It wasn’t long before they had left the city behind and were whizzing through the Kenyan countryside towards the equator and the Great Rift Valley.

Along the way they passed Lake Naivasha, with all its lovely flamingos, and though the town of Nakuru, where they stopped for a break.

This is where my friend Peter won a marathon race” Marty told Mr Rono

“Yes I have heard he is a very fine runner indeed” replied Nr Rono

After a little while in Nakuru they go back on the motorcycle to continue their journey to Eldorat. Soon they came to a sign on the road that said they were crossing the equator into the northern hemisphere. Marty thought that this was ever so exciting.

Eventually they arrived at Eldorat Mr Rono was able to deliver his important government papers to the mayor and collect some others to take back to the State house in Nairobi.

That night Mr Rono booked Marty and himself a couple of rooms in a nice hotel and then they went to a restaurant that cooks really nice steak dinners. But of course Marty doesn’t eat steaks, so he just had his favourite meal of twigs and leafs.

Marty didn’t sleep too well in the hotel that night, as the bed wasn’t long enough and his legs stuck out of the bottom and his poor hoofs got cold.

“I’ll be glad to get back to my own bed in Nairobi” thought Marty

The next morning after a quick breakfast, Marty and Mr Rono got back on the motorcycle and started the journey back to Nairobi.

It was a long journey and Marty was quiet pleased to be able to drop Mr Rono off at the State house, as he was starting to feel a little tired.

“Asante sana Marty” said Mr Rono “you really did come to my rescue”.

“Hakuna matata, I enjoyed the trip, Kwahari” shouted Marty and off he whizzed back to his own little house.

Marty was pleased that he had been able to help Mr Rono, and he did enjoy his trip t Eldorat, but he was glad to be back in own bed that night and he soon fell fast asleep, dreaming about what other adventures could be found  for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (12/11/11) with
Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)