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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 21 Marty’s special delivery

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 21 Marty’s special delivery

As you know Mary is a very special Giraffe, in actual fact Marty is the only motorcycling giraffe in the world. And Marty just loves to whizz around on his motorcycle.

One evening after he had finished work (Marty works as a window cleaners assistant in the big African city of Nairobi), Marty decided to go out fro a ride on his motorcycle.

Soon Marty was speeding through the busy streets of Nairobi.

After a while he came across a very posh black car that was parked on the side of the road looking like it was broken down. The driver was standing in front of the car with its bonnet (hood) up and he was looking at the engine that had a lot of steam coming out of it.

As Marty got close he realised that the driver was Mr Rono from the State House, Marty pulled up alongside the car and shouted “Jambo Mr Rono”

Mr Rono jumped up in surprise and then replied “oh it’s you Marty! Jambo, I have a big problem maybe you can help?” “I can certainly try” said Marty,

Mr Rono explained that that he has to take some very important government papers to the Mayor of Eldorat town, in time for a meeting tomorrow and that the State car has broken down and that he doesn’t think it can be fixed.

“We could go on my motorcycle” said Marty “I have a spare crash helmet in my top box”

So Mr Rono put n the spare crash helmet and put all the important papers in the top box and got on the back of Marty’s motorcycle. And they set off north to Eldorat,

It wasn’t long before they had left the city behind and were whizzing through the Kenyan countryside towards the equator and the Great Rift Valley.

Along the way they passed Lake Naivasha, with all its lovely flamingos, and though the town of Nakuru, where they stopped for a break.

This is where my friend Peter won a marathon race” Marty told Mr Rono

“Yes I have heard he is a very fine runner indeed” replied Nr Rono

After a little while in Nakuru they go back on the motorcycle to continue their journey to Eldorat. Soon they came to a sign on the road that said they were crossing the equator into the northern hemisphere. Marty thought that this was ever so exciting.

Eventually they arrived at Eldorat Mr Rono was able to deliver his important government papers to the mayor and collect some others to take back to the State house in Nairobi.

That night Mr Rono booked Marty and himself a couple of rooms in a nice hotel and then they went to a restaurant that cooks really nice steak dinners. But of course Marty doesn’t eat steaks, so he just had his favourite meal of twigs and leafs.

Marty didn’t sleep too well in the hotel that night, as the bed wasn’t long enough and his legs stuck out of the bottom and his poor hoofs got cold.

“I’ll be glad to get back to my own bed in Nairobi” thought Marty

The next morning after a quick breakfast, Marty and Mr Rono got back on the motorcycle and started the journey back to Nairobi.

It was a long journey and Marty was quiet pleased to be able to drop Mr Rono off at the State house, as he was starting to feel a little tired.

“Asante sana Marty” said Mr Rono “you really did come to my rescue”.

“Hakuna matata, I enjoyed the trip, Kwahari” shouted Marty and off he whizzed back to his own little house.

Marty was pleased that he had been able to help Mr Rono, and he did enjoy his trip t Eldorat, but he was glad to be back in own bed that night and he soon fell fast asleep, dreaming about what other adventures could be found  for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

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