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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 29 Marty has a visitor from down under.

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 29 Marty has a visitor from down under.

One evening as Marty was sitting in his little house in Nairobi, eating his supper (a big bag of twigs and leafs of course), he heard a strange sort of thumping or bouncing sound coming from his garden

“That’s strange” Thought Marty “It sounds like someone is bouncing up my garden path”

Ding dong went Marty’s front door bell

“Who can this be?” wondered Marty as he opened the door.

“G’day me old cobber” said the kangaroo, who was stood on the doorstep.

“Mikey—jambo jambo kuwakaribisha!” (Hello, hello, welcome) exclaimed Marty. (Mikey is the motorcycling kangeroo who Marty became friends with when he was in Australia)

“I told you I would come and visit you and here I am” said Mikey, “Well I am, very glad you have, do come in” replied Marty.

Mikey came into Marty’s house and they sat in the front room  drinking smoothies and telling each other of their tales of different adventures they had both  have had recently.

“You will have to show me some of the exciting places in Africa that you have told me about” said Mikey and he told Marty that he had read a book about Kenya and was particularly keen to see Mount Kenya and Thompson falls on the Ewaso Ng'iro    river that the book had pictures of.

“I can take you to those places, and I will also take you to the Masai Mara , where you can meet all sorts of African animals” Marty told Mikey.

“Fair dinkum mate!”  Exclaimed Mikey “that sounds wonderful

So the next day Marty and Mikey set off for a couple of days of adventure.

“First I have to go and tell Peter, my friend and my boss, that I am taking a couple of days off form work, it will be ok because Peter will have Victor the new trainee working with him.” Marty explained to Mikey.

Marty and Mikey climbed onto Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were zooming through Nairobi’s busy streets to get to Peter’s window cleaning yard.

Marty introduced Mikey to Peter and Victor and asked for two days off.

“Jambo Mikey kuwakaribisha Africa” (hello Mikey welcome to Africa)

“G’day sport” replied Mikey “it’s great to be here”

“Of course you can take a couple of days off Marty” said Peter “you and Mikey enjoy yourself”

“No worries cobber, we’re sure to” shouted Mikey

Asante sana” said Marty

Marty and Mikey go back on Marty’s Motorcycle and soon they were zooming along the road out of Nairobi city.  “Next stop the Masai Mara” shouted Marty.

Marty rides his motorcycle very fast indeed and it wasn’t long before they were whizzing through the grassy plains of the Masai Mara. Mikey was very excited to see all the different animals as they whizzed past herds of zebra, wildebeests and gazelles and also a few very scary lions.

At last they came to a spot where a lot of giraffes stood around eating twigs and leafs from the top of acacia trees.

Marty introduced Mikey to his family, his sister Geraldine, his brother in law George, his niece little Georgina and his brother Gary.

“And this” said Marty with a little wink and a smile “is my good friend, the very lovely Gillian”

“Oh shut up Marty” giggled Gillian who was now blushing as red as a tomato.

Marty and Mikey stayed for a while with the other giraffes (who had never seen a Kangaroo before), with Mikey spending most of the time telling them about Australia, while Marty spent most of his time cuddling up to Gillian.

Eventually Marty told Mikey they would have to leave soon if they wanted to get to the bottom of Mount Kenya before it got dark.

 “It’s a long ride” said Marty “and we have to head north over the equator” This excited Mikey who had never been in the northern hemisphere (top half of the world) before.

“Top of the world!!” shouted Mikey as they rode past the sign that says “you are now crossing the equator …….this made Marty laugh very loudly.

Eventually they arrived at the foot of Mount Kenya. Mikey was amazed to see that thee was snow and ice at the top of mountain.

“Strewth” said Mikey “It looks very high, who would have thought there would be snow and ice in Africa

Marty told Mikey that he saw even more snow and ice when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which is even higher.

“You should climb this one too?” said Mikey, “maybe I will one day” replied Marty thinking that it would be an excellent adventure to climb Mount Kenya.

Marty and Mikey watched the sun go down behind the mountain and the stars and moon rise above it before deciding it was time to go to sleep.

They put their tents up and climbed inside, but as usual because he is so tall Marty had to sleep with his head sticking out of his tent.

Mikey didn’t sleep very well, as he lay wide awake in his tent for most of the night, listening to all the sounds of wild Africa, some of which were quite scary. The next morning Marty laughed at Mikey because he looked so tired.

“It was hard to get any sleep with those lions roaring all night” complained Mikey.

After breakfast they set off for Thompson falls , a large water fall on the    River, it was again quite a long trip but as Marty can ride his motorcycle very fast it wasn’t long before they arrived at the top of the falls

They stood at the top looking down at the falls and feeling the cool water spray hitting them in the face.

“Crikey mate! That’s a long way down” said Mikey.

“It certainly is an impressive waterfall, I wouldn’t want to fall into it” laughed Marty

“Look at the way the water crashes down against the rocks” shouted Mikey as leaned forward to get a better look, but the water spray had made the rock Mikey was standing on very wet and all of a sudden Mikey’s feet slipped and he fell head first over the side of the waterfalls.

“Oh No Mikey!!!” shouted Marty in shock as it looked like his friend was going to fall all the way to the bottom of the waterfalls, but luckily Mikey’s tail got stuck in a branch that hung over the waterfalls, and he was left dangling high in the air over the falls.

“Arrgh strewth, crikey help” shouted Mikey, “hang on" replied Marty “I will get you up”

“I have got some rope in my car” said a deep voice form behind Marty.

Marty turned around to see a man running to the boot of a small car. The man came back with a long piece of rope, “here throw this to your friend and we can pull him up” said the man, who told Marty his name is Daniel.

Marty and Daniel threw the rope to Mikey, but it wouldn’t quite reach. I am going to have to step on that rock down there” said Marty pointing into the falls “and lean right over to get the rope to him.”

“Be careful that rock looks slippy, we don’t want you falling as well” said Daniel

Marty stretched his long legs and stepped on to the rock and leaned his neck and head as far as could with out falling and dangled the rope down to Mikey.”

Marty then scrambled back to the top of the falls and he and Daniel held on to the other end of the rope

“Hold on tight” Marty shouted to Mikey.

“Harambee” shouted Daniel and slowly they pulled Mikey back to the top of the falls,

“Strewth that was close” exclaimed Mikey “fair dinkum cobbers you sure saved me there, no worries”

“Hakuna Matata” laughed Marty, but Daniel looked a little confused, as he had never heard anyone talking like this before.

“That’s Mikey’s way of saying asante sana” explained Marty.

Marty and Mikey stayed for a while to chat to Daniel but it was soon time to head off back to Nairobi, for Mikey to catch his plane home.

At the airport, Mikey thanked Marty for taking him to such great places “I had a cracking time mate” he exclaimed.  “I am glad you liked Africa “Marty laughed in reply” and I am very glad you came to visit me”

Marty waved and shouted “Kwarari” as Mikey walked off to catch the plane.

Marty thought to himself how wonderful it was to have Mikey visit him and what a great adventure they had together and wondered what more adventure could be in store for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 28 Marty’s wonderful Christmas adventure

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 28 Marty’s wonderful Christmas adventure

As know Marty (the world’s only motorcycling giraffe) works as a window cleaners assistant in the busy African city of Nairobi.

Two days before Christmas he was hard at work with his good friend Peter (the window cleaner) and Victor (the trainee window cleaner), and they got talking about each of their plans for Christmas this year.

Peter said that as it is his and Gloria’s first Christmas as husband and wife, they were going to have a quiet Christmas day together and then visit their families on Boxing Day.

Victor told them that he was going to spend Christmas with his mum and dad and his two little sisters and his little brother. “The younger ones get very excited about Santa coming” laughed Victor and added “and because I have this job I have been able to buy all my family a nice present this year, I cant wait to see their faces when they open them up”

Marty told them that after breakfast on Christmas day he was then going to ride his motorcycle to the Masai Mara to see his family and of course Gillian.

“It is my Niece’s (Georgina’s) first Christmas so I have got her and Gillian some really nice presents” Said Marty rather proudly.

Just as they started to finish the last window of the day a large black car pulled up alongside them. And out got Mr Rono, who works in the State House, (the Kenyan Governments head office).

“Jambo boys” said Mr Rono

“Jambo Mr Rono and what bring you into the town centre today?” asked Peter.

“I am looking for volunteers to help out at the orphanage’s Christmas party on Saturday (Christmas Eve) and I thought that maybe you and Marty, and this young fellow might be able to help”

“This is Victor our new trainee” laughed Peter “and of course we would be delighted to help”

“Hakuna matata” said Marty

Asante sana “replied Mr Rono and then asked the boys to turn up at the orphanage at 10 o’clock on Saturday morning where they could help out on some of the fun games organised for the children

“And perhaps you can entertain the watoto (children), by doing some stunts on your motorcycle” added Mr Rono

“Sounds great” said Marty “but what are you going to do Mr Rono?”

“Well” replied Mr Rono rather importantly, “I am going to be Santa clause and give out the watoto’s presents.”

On Saturday morning Marty go on his motorcycle and rode to the orphanage where he was met by Mrs Wanijru, who was in charge.

“Jambo Marty, I am very pleased that you have come to help us with the watoto’s Christmas party, your friends Peter, Gloria and Victor are already here and helping get things set up in the yard”

Mrs Wanijru took Marty round to the yard where Peter and Victor were busy setting up various games and stalls ready for the party.

There was a table full of cakes and sweets and a big pot of hot stew cooking on an open fire and Gloria had set up a table with some of her best smoothies for the children to drink.

“It is very important that we make sure the children stay away from the fire” instructed Mrs Wanijru.  “If everything is ready, I will go and fetch the watoto”

Mrs Wanijru walked in to the orphanage building an picked up a large bell and gave it a good shake so that it rang very loudly and then shouted come on watoto its party time”

All the children came running screaming and shouting with great big smiles on their faces, they were all very excited to be having a Christmas party.

The children ran around playing very happily on all the games that had been set up and drank lots of Gloria’s cold smoothies, as the African sun was very hot today.

Soon Mrs Wanijru got all the children to sit down under the shade of the very large baobab tree that grew in the corner of the orphanage’s grounds, to have their dinner.

After they had eaten the stew, it was time for Marty to entertain the children with lots of motorcycle stunts.

As the children watched and cheered, Marty pulled wheelies, did wheel spins, rode with out holding on to the handle and lots of the amazing stunts.

Then Marty called for Mrs Wanijru, Peter, Victor and Gloria to all lie down on the floor and then he pushed a small ramp up to them, got back on his motorcycle and drove to the far end of the yard.

“Ok watoto this is the most dangerous of my stunts, and I need you to count me down to start me off”

All the children shouted

tatu, mbili, moja kwenda! (Three, two, one go!!)

Marty revved up his motorcycle and zoomed towards the ramp and his very nervous looking friends.

Marty was going very fast indeed when he hit the ramp and soon he was flying over the top of Peter, Victor, Gloria and Mr Wanijru.

Marty landed safely on the other side and all the children clapped and cheered.

“Horary for Marty he’s our shujaa (hero)!”

Mrs Wanijru then told the children to be calm down and be quiet.

“That was fantastic Marty” said Mrs Wanijru “the watoto loved your stunts” she then turned to the children and said “now listen carefully watato because something even more exciting is going to happen”

The children went deafly silent and listened carefully, was that the Jingle of bells they could hear?

All of a sudden a large man, with a big beard and a red suit walked into the yard, jingling a set of bells and pulling a cart packed with presents.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!!! Merry Christmas children” shouted the man

“SANTA” shouted the children very loudly (it was Mr Rono in disguise really)

Mr’s Wanijru got all the children to queue up to see Santa and they all got a lovely present that made them very happy.

It was now time for the children to go back into the orphanage building to get ready for bed and Marty an his friends state to pack everything up and tidy up the yard.

Just as they finished Mrs. Wanijru came back out side to thank them all for all the hard work and giving he children such a wonderful Christmas party.

“Yakoo kuwakaribisha Hakuna Matata” (your welcome it’s not a problem) laughed Marty as he climbed onto his motorcycle

“Kwarhari” he shouted “have a great Christmas everyone” and set off home on his motorcycle but as he neared the gate of the orphanage’s ground a sweeping brush handle that Victor had left lying in the road caught into spokes of Marty’s motorcycle sending him crashing to the floor.

Everyone quickly ran to Marty to see if he was all right

“I’m okay” said Marty as he got to his feet “I think I have just bruised one of my knees, but look at my motorcycle”

Marty’s motorcycle’s exhaust pipe had been broken off in the crash and lay on the floor next to the motorcycle.

“I won’t be able to go and visit my family and Gillian in the Masai Mara tomorrow now” groaned Marty “this is not going to be a good Christmas for me after all”

“Victor” scolded Peter “you must be more careful where you leave things and ensure you tidy up after yourself”

Victor looked very sheepish and was very sorry that he had caused Marty to crash

“Don’t worry Marty, special things can happen at Christmas and I am sure something will turn up to ensure you have the Christmas you deserve” soothed Mrs Wanijru

Peter, Victor and Mr Rono loaded Marty’s motorcycle into the back of Peter’s van and Peter took him home

“Cheer up Marty, and have a nice Christmas” said Peter as he was leaving

“I will, you have a good Christmas too” replied Marty Gloomily

Marty took one look at the Christmas tree with the presents he brought for Gillian, Georgina and the rest of his family and felt sad because he wasn’t going to able to get to see them and give them the presents on Christmas day, and the trooped off to bed.

Marty woke up rather groggily in the midle of the night, as he thought he had heard a noise in his living room. Marty stretched his neck from the bed to his bedroom door to have a look”!! There was someone in his living room

“Ugh” thought Marty sleepily “is that Mr Rono still in his Santa suit, what is he doing in my front room?”

“Ho ho ho!” said the man in the living room (is it Mr Rono?) “go back to sleep Marty your Christmas could still be wonderful”

Marty rubbed his eyes and Mr Rono (if it was Mr Rono, it was hard to see in the dark) was gone. I must be dreaming thought Marty and he put his head back down on his pillow and fell back to sleep.

Marty woke up the next morning(Christmas day), still a little confused about  his strange dream and still a little sad that he was not going to be able to spend Christmas with his friends and  with Gillian.

Marty walked into his living room, and looked sadly at his Christmas tree and the presents he had brought to give to his family, but thee was an extra very large very long present lying by the tree

“What’s that?”  Thought Marty, “I didn’t put this parcel there”

Marty picked up the present and read the label, which said:-

“Dear Marty, you are a very kind and helpful giraffe and have been very nice to a lot of people this year, so I couldn’t let you have a sad Christmas, especially after the help you gave to the watoto at the orphanage.   Merry Christmas from Santa.”

“No” thought Marty “this can’t be real can it?” and he quickly opened the parcel to find that was a brand new exhaust pipe for his motorcycle

Oh! Asante sana Santa!!” exclaimed Marty.

“I will be able to go to the Masai Mara to have Christmas with my family after all” Marty said out loud to himself

Marty quickly go his tools out and fixed the new exhaust pipe to his motorcycle, He then put all the presents for his family and for Gillian into the top box of his motorcycle and headed out for the Masai Mara.

Marty was zooming along very fast and it wasn’t long before he was a long way out of the city and heading towards the great plains of the Masai Mara, and there up ahead he could see all his family gathered around some acacia trees and opening their Christmas presents.

As Marty pulled up alongside they all seemed very pleased to see him, and Little Georgina was bouncing with excitement

“Uncle Marty’s here, merry Christmas uncle Marty” she shouted.

“Merry Christmas Marty, we’re glad you could make it” Said George, Gary and Geraldine (Marty’s brother, brother in law and sister)

“I am very glad you could make it” said Gillian and then she gave Mary a big Christmas kiss

Marty had the biggest smile on his face possible and he thought to himself, what a wonderful Christmas adventure this has turned out to be for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 27 Marty and the new trainee.

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 27 Marty and the new trainee.

With Peter away on his honeymoon with his new bride Gloria, Marty thought that he will have to work very hard cleaning the windows all on his own.

At the end of the first day without Peter, Marty was very tired and thought to himself that he and Peter have so many customers now that there is too much work for just one Giraffe, in fact quite often there is too much work for one man and one Giraffe.

But Marty had an idea.

“I will hire a trainee window cleaner, to help out” thought Marty.

The next morning Marty but a big poster in the window of his local shop that read:-

“Wanted one hard working window cleaner’s trainee, to join a small window cleaning company in Nairobi.”

A few hours later while Marty was hard at work cleaning a window, he heard a voice form behind him.

“Jambo bwana” said a young man “I am Victor Chipco and I would like to apply for the job as trainee window cleaner.”

“How old are you Victor?” asked Marty

“I am 16 years old and I can work really hard” Victor replied.

“Ok Victor, you’ve go the job, follow me and I will show you what to do!” said Marty.

After a short time Marty had Victor working really hard on all the windows that needed cleaning.

Victor proved to be a very fast learner and he was soon running around after Marty, fetching things from the back of Marty’s motorcycle and filling the bucket with soapy water whenever it needed changing.

After a while Marty stood back and let Victor clean a window all on his own.

“Not bad” said Marty as he inspected the window “but you must make sure you clean right up into the corners of the window”

At lunch time Marty and Victor sat on the side of the road to eat their packed lunch. Victor had some nice bread and honey to eat and of course Marty had a large bag of twigs and leafs.

As they went back to work that afternoon, Marty told Victor that they were now going to clean all the high up windows on the tall buildings and to do this Victor will have to learn to sit safely on top of Marty’s head.

Wow!!” exclaimed Victor “that sounds really exciting.

So Victor scrambled up Marty’s neck, hooked the bucket of water onto one of Marty’s horns and sat on top of Marty’s head.

“Hang on tight now” said Marty “as he gently raised his head up the same height as the window.

At first Victor was quiet scared being so very high up, but he quickly got used to it and soon he and Marty were getting all the windows nice and clean.

The last building of the day was particularly tall and even sat on Marty’s head Victor couldn’t reach the window to get it clean.

“We have a special platform for me to stand on to reach these very tall windows” Marty told Victor “but Peter usually brings it in the van, I will have to go to Peter’s yard to fetch the platform.”

“I like it up here” said Victor “can I sit the window ledge and wait for you to come back”.

“Hakuna matata” said Marty “but don’t do anything silly nd make sure you don’t fall”.

Marty jumped onto his motorcycle and zoomed off to get the platform form Peter’s yard.

Victor loved the view form where he was sat, on the window ledge, looking out over all the roof tops of Nairobi.

“I think I will like my new job very much” he said to himself rather proudly.

Victor then looked at the windows on the very very tall building next to him and had an idea

“If I can get those cleaned before Marty comes back he will be very impressed with my work” Victor thought to himself.

So Victor held his bucket of water in one hand and stretched his other hand out to grab hold of a drain pipe and then he tried to climb up to the ledge of the window on the taller building... But just as he reached the window ledged Victor’s foot slipped and he nearly fell to the ground.

Victor dropped the bucket that fell all the way to the ground with a large clattering bang and Victor was left hanging by one hand from the window ledge.

“Help! Help!!” Cried Victor.

Very quickly a large crowd gathered all looking up at Victor, but no one knew what to do.

Suddenly a roar of a motorcycle was heard as Marty came zooming into view, with the platform strapped to his back.

“Oh no! “Exclaimed Marty when he saw what was happening.

Quickly he got off his motorcycle and put the platform on the ground underneath where Victor was desperately hanging form the window ledge.

Then Marty stood on the platform and stretched is his neck as far as it would go and grabbed Victor by the seat of his pants, with his mouth.

The entire crowd cheered and then started to laugh as Victor dangled, by his bottom, from Marty’s mouth.

Marty gently lowered Victor to the ground. Marty was quite cross with Victor but also glad that he had got him down safely. Victor was very shaken by the ordeal.

“That was very silly, very naughty and very dangerous” scolded Marty, but then added “you will make a good trainee window cleaner Victor, but you must do as your told, now take the rest of the day off.”

“I will, I am sorry, asante sana” gibbered Victor.

“See you in the morning” sighed Marty “and don’t be late”.

“I won’t be” promised Victor before running off home”

As he packed up his window cleaning equipment and the end of the day, Marty thought that life could be quite fun with Victor about and he would surely help find more adventures for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 26 Marty the best Giraffe (part 2 Peter and Gloria’s big day)

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 26 Marty the best Giraffe (part 2 Peter and Gloria’s big day)

Today Marty woke up very early in his little house in Nairobi, Marty is very excited because today his good friends Peter and Gloria are going to get married and Marty is Peter’s best man um err Giraffe.

Marty got out of bed washed his face and put on a brand new (and very large) collar and tie that he had brought specially for the big day. He looked in the mirror and thought that he looked quite smart

Marty then checked  to make sure he had the wedding rings and got onto his motorcycle and set off to Peter’s home to make that he was ok and getting ready on time.

When Marty arrived at Peter’s house he found that Peter was running around the house in quite a panic.

“Jambo Marty, come in come in, you need to help me” gibbered Peter at the door.

“What on earth is the matter?” asked Marty.

“Everything” sobbed Peter “I can’t find my tie, my shoes aren’t clean enough and I am not good enough to be Gloria’s husband, what if she doesn’t turn up at the church!!!!”

“Calm down, calm down” said Marty “of course Gloria will be there; she loves you very much and is very excited about becoming Mrs Ngono”

“Now let’s find that tie and get those shoes cleaned” Marty added.

With Marty’s help it wasn’t long before Peter was ready to go to the church, but there was still time for cup of tea before they left, but even so Peter still couldn’t calm down and was looking and acting very nervous as they left his house.

Marty and Peter got onto Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were zooming down the road towards the church.

Marty and Peter walked into the church and down the aisle to the Alter to wait for Gloria. Peter was very pleased that so many of his and Gloria’s friends and family had turned up to see them get married.

Marty was just very pleased to see that Gillian, who waved to him as they walked down the aisle, was there.

After a few minutes the church organ started to play and the church doors opened.

“She’s here” Marty whispered to Peter “I told you she would turn up”

Into the church came Gloria holding on to her fathers arm.

All the wedding guests gasped when they saw how lovely she looked in her wonderful wedding dress.

As she reached the alter Peter turned to Gloria and whispered “you look beautiful" and Gloria had the biggest smile ever on her face.

At the end of the service Peter and Gloria made their vows, to love one another for ever, and Marty passed the rings to Peter, who then placed a wedding ring onto Gloria’s finger.

All the guests made a loud “awww” noise when the minister said “you may now kiss your bride” and Peter leaned forward to give Gloria ad great big kiss.

 At the reception after all the guests had eaten their wedding dinner (of course Marty and Gillian don’t eat wedding food, so they just had a large pile of twigs and leafs to share). It was time for the speeches

Marty started his best man- giraffe speech by telling some funny stories about Peter, that made everyone laugh, and finished by saying that every since he came to Nairobi Peter has been Marty’s best friend and that he has never seen his friend happier than when he is with Gloria

He then asked every one to raise their glasses to the happy couple and wish them “bahati nzuri” (good luck).

As the reception came to an end it was time for Peter and Gloria to leave for their honeymoon at Mombasa beach where they had first met.

Everyone shouted  “bahati nzuri” (good luck) as Peter and Gloria drove off in Peters van, that Emmanuelle had written “just married” all over.

Marty and Gillian stood next to each other rubbing necks and holding hoofs as Peter and Gloria drove off into the distance.

“That was a lovely wedding and Gloria looked beautiful in her dress” sighed Gillian as she looked longingly into Marty’s eyes...

“Yes” said Marty” and they both looked so happy, I think they are going to have lots of adventures together”, and he then gave Gillian a big hug, but he couldn’t help wondering about what more adventures lay in store for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe story 25 Marty the best Giraffe (Part 1 Peter and Gloria's exciting news)

Story 25 Marty the best Giraffe (Part 1 Peter and Gloria’s exciting news)

One morning while he was hard at work cleaning windows in Nairobi, Marty noticed that his friend Peter wasn’t concentrating on the job and was acting a little funny and a bit nervous.

“What is the matter with today?” Marty asked Peter

“Sorry Marty” replied Peter “I have something very important on my mind, which I will tell you about later”

Peter then asked Marty if he could carry on cleaning the windows by himself for the rest of the day as he had to go home and put his best suit on as he had a very special thing to do today.

“Hakuna matata” said Marty but he thought that this was very odd behaviour; Peter had never left him to clean all the windows by himself before.

Marty had to work very hard that afternoon, he had to tie a bucket of soapy water to the little horns on the top of his head, and hold a cloth in one of his front hoofs and hold the squidgy mop in his teeth and he couldn’t stop for a moment in order to get all the windows nice and squeaky clean by going home time.

Just as he was finishing cleaning his last window for the day, Marty saw Peter and Gloria walking down the road towards him. Peter was looking very smart in his best suit and Gloria was carrying a large bouquet of flowers and they both had the biggest smiles on their faces.

“Jambo” said Mary “why do you two look so pleased with yourselves”

“Because” replied Peter proudly “today I asked Gloria to marry me and she said yes!”

"We are engaged” squealed Gloria delightedly and pushed her left hand towards Marty and on her wedding finger there was a very large, very sparkly diamond engagement ring”

“Wow! Congratulations, that’s wonderful news” exclaimed Marty and he leant forward to give Gloria a big kiss on the cheek and shook Peter’s hand vigorously with his hoof.

“And what a lovely big engagement ring” Marty added,

“I have been saving up my money to buy it” beamed Peter. “And Gloria is worth every shillingi that it cost”

Gloria giggled and said to no one in particular “I am going to be Mrs Gloria Ngono”

The Peter said to Marty “I have something to ask you as well Marty, would you be my best man..uhh I mean my best Giraffe?”

“I would be delighted to be your best Giraffe” shouted Marty excitedly.

“You can bring Gillian to the wedding as well” said Gloria.

That night back in his little house in Nairobi, Marty felt very happy for Peter and Gloria, who were so much in love, and felt very proud  to have been asked to be Peters best Giraffe.

Marty started to think abut all the things he  would have to as “the best Giraffe” like arranging Peter’s stag night, getting Peter to the church on time, looking after the rings and of course making the best giraffe speech.

The first thing Marty had to do was to arrange Peter’s stag night.

After a lot of though it was agreed that Marty, Emmanuelle and some of Peter’s friends form his running club would all go camping in the African countryside and have a barbeque around a large camp fire.

The weekend before the wedding Marty and the boys set off for a very quiet area in the Nairobi national park.

They set up camp, lit the barbeque and started to cook all the lovely food they had brought with them. Marty of course just ate his favourite food, twigs and leafs.

The boys at up all night drinking smoothies and telling silly stories and laughing at daft jokes.

As the night went on and just before morning Peter asked Marty to show them some motorcycle stunts.

“Ok” said Marty “I will tray and do some special tricks for you”.

All the boys stood up and cheered as Marty rode past them pulling wheelies, riding while standing on the motorcycle seat, riding by with no hands and pulling some spectacular skids and wheel spins.

Then Marty turned to everyone and said “right I want you to all lie down in a line and Peter can you put that branch from a tree in front of you all to make a ramp.”

The lads all lay down on the ground very nervously as Marty raced towards them.

Marty hit the ramp at great speed, and was soon flying over all of his friends and then landed safely at the other end.

“Bravo Marty! That was brilliant” shouted all the boys.

Soon the sun started to rise and it was time to go home, the boys had stayed up all night.

“Wow that was a fantastic stag night” said Peter “asante sana Marty”.

“Hakuna Matata” laughed Marty.

As they headed back for home Peter shouted to all his friends “Kwaheri, thank you for coming, see you all at the wedding!”

Marty was very tired by the time he got back to his little house in Nairobi, but was very pleased that Peter’s stag night had gone so well, and Marty was really looking forward to the wedding day, as he was sure being the best Giraffe would bring even more adventures for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Dont for get to check nesxt sat (10 Dec 2011) for the next part of marty's year of adventures..story 26 Marty the best Giraffe (part 2 Peter and Gloria's big day)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 24 Marty and the famous movie star

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 24 Marty and the famous movie star

Marty and his friend Peter Ngono were stood against Peter’s van have a short tea break in the middle of their very busy working day, cleaning windows in the big African City of Nairobi. When Peter’s girlfriend Gloria came running up to them with a very excited look on her face.

Gloria was carrying a poster in her hand and shouted “Peter, Marty look at this, the American film star Johnny-Brad Deppitt is coming to Nairobi to make a film”.

“Wow really” said Peter “let me see this”.

Peter read the poster and exclaimed “it’s true they are coming to Nairobi this weekend to shoot some scenes for a new film and it will include a motorcycle stunt scene, we must go and watch this.”

That Saturday Marty, Peter and Gloria all walked into the centre of town to see if they could watch the film being made.

“Oooh I hope I get to meet Johnny-Brad Deppit” squealed Gloria “he is such a dreamboat”

“Huh” grunted Peter a little jealously.

When they arrived at the centre of town, there was already a very large crowd gathered. “Oh no” cried Gloria we will never be able to get through that crowd, I wont be able to see Johnny- Brad now”.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Mary “you can just climb on to my head and Peter can stand on my back and you’ll both easily be able to see over the crowd.

The film set looked very exciting with actors, actresses and cameramen and women all running around and doing whatever the director shouted at them to do. But there was no sign of the star performer “Johnny-Brad Deppitt.

Suddenly the director shouted “its time for Johnny- Brad’s scene, and one of the helpers ran to knock on the door of a very large and very fine looking trailer.

The crowd all cheered very loudly as Johnny- Brad Deppitt stepped out of the trailer, wearing very dark sunglasses, and smiled and waved to them.

Johnny-Brad then walked to the crowd to sign a few autographs for the people at the front.

Marty then leaned forward and stretched his neck out “hang on tight Gloria” he shouted.

This brought Gloria right to the front of the crowd and just above Johnny-Brad’s head.

“Johnny- Brad Johnny Brad!! Look up here Johnny Brad” Screamed Gloria excitedly

“Wow! That’s a novel way to get to the front of the queue laughed Johnny-Brad and he reached up to take Gloria’s autograph book and wrote

“To Gloria the cleverest and prettiest girl in all of Africa love Johnny-Brad xxx”

Gloria nearly fainted with delight when she saw what Johnny-Brad had written

Marty, Peter and Gloria spent the rest of the day watching the filming of the movie take place, when eventually they got the really exciting part.

 A stunt lorry driver crashed a lorry on Jomo Kenyatta Avenue (a big road in Nairobi) and then the film crew set the lorry on fire.

Then Johnny-Brad Deppitt was being chased by some bad guys, and he was to escape on a very fast motorcycle and the only way to get away form the bad guys would be to jump the motorcycle over  Jomo Kenyatta avenue and over the burning lorry into the safety of Uhuru park.

Johnny-Brad rode his motorcycle very fast, past the cheering crowd towards the burning lorry and the suddenly stopped.

“Ok” Shouted the director” get the stunt motorcycle rider ready for the jump”

One of the helpers came running up to the director and said “Boss its bad news, the stunt motorcycle rider is ill, he has food poisoning and won’t be able to do the jump.”

“What!!” roared the director “now we wont be able to finish the film, and we have to finish and  be out of town by tonight, and there is no one else that could make a jump like that”

“My friend Marty could do it easily” shouted peter above the noise of the crowd.

“Who?” asked the director?

“Marty the motorcycling giraffe, the best motorcyclist in all of Africa” replied Peter

“Do you think you could manage this jump?” the director asked Marty.

“Hakuna matata” laughed Marty

“Well you don’t look like Johnny-Brad Deppitt, but with a little clever camera trickery we could pull it off” said the director “and any way we don’t have much choice” he added.

Marty pushed forward into the filming area and sat on the large motorcycle provided by the film company and looked nervously and the burning truck and the small ramp in front of it.”

“This will be a hard, scary but exciting jump to pull off” thought Marty.

“Action” shouted the director

And Marty started the motorcycle and roared forward, Marty hit the ramp and was soon flying through the air towards the burning lorry.

You could have heard a pin drop as the crowd and the film crew all held their breath and watched with amazement as Marty and the motorcycle flew over the burning lorry and just above the hot flickering flames

The crowd burst into a massive roar of cheers and hand clapping as Marty landed successfully and safely on the grass in Uhuru Park on the other side of the road.

“It’s a wrap! Good work everyone” shouted the director.

Johnny-Brad Deppitt then came up to Marty and said

“Awesome display of Motorcycling buddy!” and shook Marty’s hoof, this made Marty smile

The director thanked Marty for saving the day and gave him a nice stuntman’s pay check and promised he would send Marty a copy of the finished film.

Marty was pleased to have been able to make the jump and to help out, he was delighted with the money he got from the director and extremely excited to know he was about to be in a film.

And of course Gloria was very very happy to have met Johnny-Brad Deppitt and to have got his autograph, and she gave Peter a big kiss to thank him for bringing her to the filming- so now Peter was very happy too,

“Well that was an exciting day” thought Marty and he couldn’t help wondering what other adventures could be found for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Dont forget to check next Saturday (3rd Dec 2012) as Marty's year of adventures continues with Story 25 Marty the best Giraffe part 1 Peter and Gloria's exciting news

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 23 Marty and Peter’s trip to the pyramids (Part 2 Marty and the pharaoh)

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 23 Marty and Peter’s trip to the pyramids (Part 2 Marty and the pharaoh)

Marty the motorcycling giraffe and his good friend Peter Ngono are on a long road trip to go and see the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

They had spent the first night of their trip camping on the side of the road alongside the Sahara desert just inside Egypt and just over the border from Sudan.

Where they had met the rather obnoxious camel Quentin; who Marty had beaten in a Motorcycle versus quad bike race.  After the race with Quentin, Marty and Peter headed off through the desert towards Giza.

The desert sun was very hot and it made the trip very difficult, they had to stop several times to take a drink and cool down.

After a few hours of riding the motorcycle Marty and Peter stopped at an Egyptian town called Asyu, which is on the side of the mighty River Nile, for their dinner.

Peter had a large bowl of Kashari (an Egyptian food made from pasta, lentils, chick peas and a spicy tomato sauce) but of course Marty just had his favourite food, a large pile of twigs and leafs.

After they had finished their meal, Marty and Peter carried on with their long journey, following the river Nile north towards Giza. At last after several more hours they arrived at Giza.

 Peter was very excited, he had always wanted to visit the Pyramids every since he had read about them in school when he was just a small boy.

Marty and Peter paid a guide to take them round the three pyramids of Giza and to tell them all about the pyramids.

The guide told them that the three pyramids are called “the great pyramid of Khafu (the largest pyramid in Egypt and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), the pyramid of Khafne and the smallest of the three which is called the pyramid of Menckune.

The guide took Marty and Peter into the main entrance of the Khafu pyramid and into a long tunnel that led to the burial chamber. As the tunnel’s roof is very low and Marty is very tall he had to crawl on his knees and bend his neck down very low to be able to fit into the tunnel.

The guide told Marty and Peter all about the curse of the Pharaohs’ and how the legend says that the Mummies will come alive and go after anyone who breaks into the pyramids.

After they had come out of the pyramid Marty and Peter went to look at the magnificent Sphinx, which stands at the front of the pyramids.

Marty was amazed by the sight of the Sphinx that is as long as two football pitches and taller than a lot of the high buildings in Nairobi.

Marty told Peter that when he looked at the Sphinx’s face it felt like it was looking back at him.

This made Peter laugh “you are daft Marty it is just a big statue”

That night Marty and Peter decided to camp next the pyramids and put their tents up.

 After supper, Marty was very tired and soon fell asleep in his tent (with his head sticking out of his tent as usual).

Then in the middle of the night Marty was woken by a strange voice, he opened his eyes to see the Sphinx looking down at him.

“Marty” said the Sphinx “you must go to the pyramid entrance, the Pharaoh wants to see you”

Marty was quite scared but thought that he had better do as he was told and nervously crept around to the front entrance of the great pyramid, where he saw an Egyptian mummy all wrapped in bandages, standing there.

“I am the pharaoh Khufu” roared the Mummy “and you entered my tomb and broke the sacred rules and now you must pay!!!”

“Nnnno” gibbered Marty “it was just a guided tour””

“No matter I will still get you” roared the Mummy and it started to walk towards Marty.

Marty tried to run away but felt the mummy’s strong hands on his shoulder shaking him.

“No!!” Marty shouted and he opened his eyes to see Peter standing by him and shaking him,

“Wake up Marty, you are having a bad dream” said Peter “it must have been eating too many twigs and leafs before bed time”.

“Oh thank goodness that’s all it was” laughed Marty and went back to sleep.

The next morning Marty and Peter laughed about Marty’s bad dream, and so it was time to pack up their tents and set off on the long journey home.

“It was a fantastic trip” said Pete “and the pyramids and the sphinx are fantastic things to come and see.”

“Yes” replied Marty “it was quite an adventure, now lets get home”

Marty enjoyed his trip to Egypt, but thought that it will be good to get home as he is sure there will be many more adventures to be found for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (03 December 2011) with story 24 Marty and the famous movie star)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)

Marty and his good friend and work colleague Peter had decided to take a week of from their busy jobs cleaning windows in the city of Nairobi in Kenya. Peter is the window cleaner and Marty is his assistant.

“I know” said Peter “why don’t we take a trip to Egypt; I have always wanted to see the great Pyramids of Giza”

 Egypt is a long way away, it will take a long time to get there and back, won’t you miss Gloria” teased Marty.

Peter grinned foolishly (he always smiled when he thought of Gloria) and replied, “yes of course I will a bit” (I’ll miss her lot really” he thought to himself, but he wasn’t going to tell that Marty that) replied Peter and added “anyway you’ll miss Gillian just as badly”

Marty and Peter both laughed out loud at each other and started to make plans for their long trip to the land of the pharaohs’ (Egypt).

The next day Marty and Peter started their safari (journey), they rode Marty’s motorcycle to the train station and loaded the motorcycle in the cargo section of the train and then took two seats in a very busy carriage with lots of other passengers and headed of to their first stop, which will be the city of Khartoum in Sudan.

It is a very long journey in the train to Khartoum and Marty and Peter passed the time by playing lots of games of travel scrabble, Marty is very good at scrabble and won most of the games.

When they arrived at Khartoum they unloaded Marty’s motorcycle and went to get some dinner at a restaurant in the middle of the city.

Peter had a nice goat curry but Marty of course just had his favourite food, twigs and leafs.

As he ate his dinner Marty looked around and thought that Khartoum was a very busy city and also very hot and dusty.

After they had finished their dinner Marty and Peter got on Marty’s motorcycle and headed north towards the Egyptian border.

They soon found themselves driving along a very long, empty lonely road on the outskirts of the Sahara Dessert. It is very hot and very sunny in the dessert and all Marty could see were large sand dunes stretching out for miles and miles across the horizon.

Soon after they crossed the border out of Sudan and into Egypt the sun started to go down and it started to get very dark, so Marty and Peter decided to pitch their tents for the night.

As always Marty was too tall for his tent and had to sleep with his head sticking out, looking up at the starry night.

Early the next  morning Marty was awoken by the what he thought was the sound of a motorcycle, as he opened his eyes he looked up to see a camel looking down his nose back at him.

“Well Heloooo” said the camel in a very posh voice”  “uh um Jambo” replied Marty rather sleepily

“Is that your motorcycle? Not bad but it only has two wheels not like my lovely quad bike that has four wheels” said the camel rather snootily.  “Allow me to introduce myself” the camel continued quiet grandly


“Jambo, its nice to meet you” said Marty nd added “I am Marty the Motorcycling giraffe and this is my good friend Peter Ngono and we are off to see the great pyramids”

“Oh I have seen the pyramids on several occasions” scoffed Quentin the camel

Marty got up and looked around Quentin’s quad bike, “this is a very nice machine” said Marty

“Yes” replied Quentin “and far better than your old fashioned two wheeled motorcycle”.

This made Peter very angry indeed.

“I bet Marty could beat you in a race any day!” said Peter

“Oh I don’t think so” sneered Quentin and then he challenged Marty to race round the nearest Oasis and back

“You go up the road for 5 miles and then go left for 4 miles into the desert, once around the oasis, back to the road and then back here to the finish” explained Quentin, “Oh and you will come second” he added rather haughtily.

Pete started the race by shouting Tutu (Three) Mbili (two) Moja (one) kuanza mbio (Start the race)

Marty took and early lead and was just in front of Quentin as they turned off the road and into the dessert. But Marty found the sand hard going and Quentin, with his four wheeled quad bike soon, caught up with him.

“Haw haw haw, see you later slow coach” laughed Quentin as he passed by Marty

They raced around the Oasis and headed back to the road with Quentin still in front.

As they reached the road Marty put his head down and pulled back the throttle on his Motorcycle and shot after Quentin at top speed.

With five yards to go Marty caught and over took Quentin to shoot past the finishing line in the lead.

“Hooray, Marty won! Cheered Peter.

Marty went to shake Quentin’s hoof and said “good race Quentin”, but Quentin just said “Huh” refused to shake Marty’s hoof and  turned his bike round and rode off into the desert .

“What a bad loser” said Marty “I don’t think we will see him again.”

“No” laughed Peter “and I am glad about that!”

Marty and Peter then packed up their tents got back on Marty’s motorcycle and headed on towards the great pyramids.

Marty secretly enjoyed beating Quentin the quad biking camel in the race and also teaching him a little lesson and was sure that the rest of the trip would bring some more exciting adventures for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (19/1/2011) with story 23 Marty goes to see the great pyramids Part 2 Marty and the mummy.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 21 Marty’s special delivery

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 21 Marty’s special delivery

As you know Mary is a very special Giraffe, in actual fact Marty is the only motorcycling giraffe in the world. And Marty just loves to whizz around on his motorcycle.

One evening after he had finished work (Marty works as a window cleaners assistant in the big African city of Nairobi), Marty decided to go out fro a ride on his motorcycle.

Soon Marty was speeding through the busy streets of Nairobi.

After a while he came across a very posh black car that was parked on the side of the road looking like it was broken down. The driver was standing in front of the car with its bonnet (hood) up and he was looking at the engine that had a lot of steam coming out of it.

As Marty got close he realised that the driver was Mr Rono from the State House, Marty pulled up alongside the car and shouted “Jambo Mr Rono”

Mr Rono jumped up in surprise and then replied “oh it’s you Marty! Jambo, I have a big problem maybe you can help?” “I can certainly try” said Marty,

Mr Rono explained that that he has to take some very important government papers to the Mayor of Eldorat town, in time for a meeting tomorrow and that the State car has broken down and that he doesn’t think it can be fixed.

“We could go on my motorcycle” said Marty “I have a spare crash helmet in my top box”

So Mr Rono put n the spare crash helmet and put all the important papers in the top box and got on the back of Marty’s motorcycle. And they set off north to Eldorat,

It wasn’t long before they had left the city behind and were whizzing through the Kenyan countryside towards the equator and the Great Rift Valley.

Along the way they passed Lake Naivasha, with all its lovely flamingos, and though the town of Nakuru, where they stopped for a break.

This is where my friend Peter won a marathon race” Marty told Mr Rono

“Yes I have heard he is a very fine runner indeed” replied Nr Rono

After a little while in Nakuru they go back on the motorcycle to continue their journey to Eldorat. Soon they came to a sign on the road that said they were crossing the equator into the northern hemisphere. Marty thought that this was ever so exciting.

Eventually they arrived at Eldorat Mr Rono was able to deliver his important government papers to the mayor and collect some others to take back to the State house in Nairobi.

That night Mr Rono booked Marty and himself a couple of rooms in a nice hotel and then they went to a restaurant that cooks really nice steak dinners. But of course Marty doesn’t eat steaks, so he just had his favourite meal of twigs and leafs.

Marty didn’t sleep too well in the hotel that night, as the bed wasn’t long enough and his legs stuck out of the bottom and his poor hoofs got cold.

“I’ll be glad to get back to my own bed in Nairobi” thought Marty

The next morning after a quick breakfast, Marty and Mr Rono got back on the motorcycle and started the journey back to Nairobi.

It was a long journey and Marty was quiet pleased to be able to drop Mr Rono off at the State house, as he was starting to feel a little tired.

“Asante sana Marty” said Mr Rono “you really did come to my rescue”.

“Hakuna matata, I enjoyed the trip, Kwahari” shouted Marty and off he whizzed back to his own little house.

Marty was pleased that he had been able to help Mr Rono, and he did enjoy his trip t Eldorat, but he was glad to be back in own bed that night and he soon fell fast asleep, dreaming about what other adventures could be found  for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (12/11/11) with
Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)