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The Further adventures of Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling Giraffes. Story 12 Marty goes home (Gillian’s exciting news)

The Further adventures of Marty and Gillian the Motorcycling Giraffes.

Story 12 Marty goes home (Gillian’s exciting news)

Marty the motorcycling giraffe lives in the big African city Nairobi with his wife Gillian the Giraffe.  Marty moved to Nairobi a few years ago so that he could ride his motorcycle and look for adventures to go on.

And my what a lot of exciting adventures he has been on , including :- winning a motorcycle race against a camel in the dessert,  receiving a medal from the president of the USA,  meeting the Loch Ness monster, learning to surf in Australia, going for a walk on the Great Wall of China and many many more.  But of course his greatest and most exciting adventure was meeting, falling in love and marrying Gillian.

Along the way Marty has met some very good friends, like Troy the trucking moose, Kevin the kayaking monkey, Pedro the paragliding Llama and Carlos the curious condor. But his best friend is his boss Peter Ngono the Window cleaner.  Marty works as a window cleaner’s assistant and is especially helpful to Peter when cleaning the windows of the very tall buildings in Nairobi (Peter sits on Marty’s head to reach the very high up windows).

Marty is a very happy motorcycling Giraffe and is very content with life of adventures and loves his little house in Nairobi

Marty and Gillian were having a barbeque with their good friends Peter (the window cleaner) his wife Gloria and there little girl Martina and Emmanuelle (the farmer) and his girlfriend Moira. They cooked lots of lovely different kinds of food on the barbeque but Marty and Gillian are quite fussy eaters and they will only eat their favourite food, which of course is a big pile of twigs and leafs from the acacia trees. And of course Gloria made everyone lots of her famous lovely fruit smoothies.

The friends were all having a lovely time but as Marty, Emmanuelle and Peter stood chatting about motorcycles  and cracking jokes , Marty couldn’t help noticing that Gillian, Gloria and Moira were hustled together talking very quietly and seriously.

“What’s the matter with you girls” shouted Marty “you’re all being a bit serious, we are meant to having fun”.

Gillian turned to Marty and said “I have something very important to talk to you about Marty”

“What is it” asked Marty who was now starting to worry.

“Well Marty, what do think of the idea that we should move out of the city and back to the Masai Mara?”

“Move out of our lovely little house and out of the city where all the adventures happen and where our friends are, why would we want to do that “exclaimed Marty, who was a little shocked by the suggestion

“Well” said Gillian softly “don’t you think the Masai Mara is a good place for giraffe children to grow up”? 

“Of course it is I loved it there when I was a Twiga mtoto (young giraffe), but we are not watoto  (children) any more”!!  Replied Marty who was now looking quite confused

“Does this mean what I think it means”? asked Peter

“Yes” squealed Gloria, Moira and Gillian

“Pongezi”!!  (Congratulations) shouted Peter and Emmanuelle.

“What?” asked Marty who was even more confused as all is friends started to hug Gillian’s neck and pat him on the back.

“Oh Marty, don’t be so silly Gillian is going to have a baby” exclaimed Gloria.

“What?” exclaimed Marty “oh my, what, I am going to be a daddy” and he started to go very pale and a little wobbly

“Steady on Marty” laughed Peter “you had better sit down before you fall down”

Marty slumped on to the floor still looking dumbfounded

“Yes Marty” Said Gillian softly “you are going to be a daddy and I am going to be a Mummy”

Marty shook himself, stood up and walked over to Gillian and gave her a big kiss and rubbed his neck against hers (this is how giraffes hug and cuddle each other.) And everyone else shouted “pongezi”.

The rest of the evening flew as everyone had a great time and they were all in such a good mood after hearing Marty and Gillian’s

After everyone had gone home, Marty and Gillian had a long chat about the baby and they both agreed that it would be better if they left the city and went back to live in the Masai Mara.

“We will miss our friends but we can always come and visit them “said Gillian.

The next day Marty and Gillian set off to go to the Masai Mara to tell their family and friends there about their exciting news and plans to move back to the Masai Mara.

Marty rode his motorcycle with Gillian following behind on her little pink motor scooter as they got close to the part of the Masai Mara that their families and friends lived, Marty’s little niece Georgina Giraffe spotted the dust being kicked up by their motorcycles and got very excited.

“Uncle Marty’s coming, Uncle Marty’s coming” she shouted excitedly “I wonder what adventures he has to tell about this time”.
“Ummph” tutted George (Georgina’s father) “looks like your little brother is making a visit on that pesky motorcycle” he said to his wife Geraldine (Marty’s sister and Georgina’s mum)

“Oh don’t be such a grump” laughed Geraldine “we know you secretly like to hear about Marty’s adventures as much as the rest of us

As Marty and Gillian pulled up and parked their motorcycles alongside an acacia tree, all the Giraffe’s gathered around eager to hear the latest tales of Marty’s exciting adventures.

“It’s not me with the exciting news  this  time “said Marty with a big smile on his face “Its Gillian that has something to tell you all”.

Gillian looked a little bashful at first and then blasted out “I am going to have a baby, Marty and I are going to be parents”.

Everyone cheered and congratulated Marty and Gillian.  Geraldine looked at Gary Giraffe and smiled “imagine our little brother going to be a daddy, who would have thought it”

George giraffe fetched his friend Edward the elephant to carry the largest piles of twigs and leafs so they could all celebrate in style.

“I am going to the other side of the Masai Mara to tell my Mother in the morning “ Gillian informed the group of friends , “and then Marty and I are going to make plans to move out of the city and back to the Masai Mara, as this is the only place to bring up a twiga motto (baby giraffe).”

“Yes” said George very seriously “you can’t keep on gallivanting around the world and living it up in the big city when you have a family Marty, you will also have to get rid of that motorcycle too , the Masai Mara is no place for a motorcycling giraffe.”

“shhh stop it” Geraldine hissed at George

After all the twigs and leafs were eaten and darkness was setting across the Masai Mara everyone decided it was time for bed.  But Marty couldn’t get  to sleep and quietly he slipped away from the Acacia trees and stood looking out across the Masai Mara that was being lit by a large round red full moon and a billion starts twinkling in the night sky.

Marty knew he should be happy about becoming a daddy, but he couldn’t help worrying whether he would be a good father, and worried what life would be like  back at the Masai Mara, with no motorbike, no adventures and spending all day just stood around eating twigs and leafs from the tops of the acacia trees.

After a while he heard soft footsteps behind him but he didn’t look around and then he felt a giraffe’s neck against his (rubbing necks is how Giraffes hug each other) and the soft voice  of his sister Geraldine saying

“Come on little brother, I know what you’re thinking about and don’t worry you are going to be a wonderful father” 
Marty turned to protest but Geraldine just said “hush and don’t you worry about what George say’s if you and Gillian and the baby are coming back to live here, we will all be delighted and of course you can bring your motorcycle and believe me once the baby is born there will more than enough adventures to be had for:-
 Marty, Gillian and your baby Motorcycling Giraffe