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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 20 Marty, Gillian, Peter and Gloria help out on Emmanuelle's farm

Marty Motorcycle Giraffe

Story 20 Marty helps out on Emmanuelle’s farm

Marty was hard at work one day, helping his good friend Peter, cleaning windows in the big African city of Nairobi, when Marty and Peter’s good friend Emmanuelle (the farmer) came along.

Emmanuelle was slightly out of breath and looking quite dirty and sweaty in his farming clothes, and had a worried look on his face

“Jambo rafiki mna nini” (hello friend what’s the matter?) Marty asked Emmanuelle

“Well” said Emmanuelle “I have grown a very good crop of banana plants with lots and lots of bunches of yellow bananas and I have also managed to do a good deal with a fair trade corporation who will buy a lot of them at a very good price to sell aboard and I will be able to sell the rest at the local market”.

“Well that’s great news” said Marty and Peter “so why do you looked so worried”

“Because I don’t have enough workers to get all the bananas harvested in time, and I can’t sell them if they are left rotting on the plants.

“We can help” said Marty “and I will ask Gillian (the giraffe) to help as well”

“Yes! And I will ask Gloria to come along too” said Peter with a big silly smile on his face (Peter always smiles when he thinks of Gloria).

On Saturday morning Marty rode his motorcycle to the Masai Mara to collect Gillian, and then Marty and Gillian met up with Peter and Gloria at Emmanuelle’s farm

Emmanuelle took them to a field that had the tallest banana plants ever and all of them were full with lovely bunches of bananas.

“Thank you for coming to help” said Emmanuelle

 “Hakuna matata” the others laughed in reply.

Quickly the group formed a work plan. Marty and Gillian would knock the bunches of bananas out of the tall plants and Peter, Gloria and Emmanuelle would gather them up and put them on to crates.

All five were working very hard in the hot African sun and after a few hours Emmanuelle said that they had all better take a break,

They sat down in between the banana plants and had some cool mango juice to drink and a quick snack.

Suddenly Gloria let out a large scream and jumped up looking scared.

Peter quickly put his arms around Gloria to give her a hug and asked her what the matter was.

“Th- th- th-there” stuttered Gloria in fright and pointed to the bottom of one of the banana plants.

They all looked to see what Gloria was pointed out and there was the biggest “baboon spider” you ever saw.

“It’s only a spider” laughed Emmanuelle.

“But I’m scared of spiders” cried Gloria as he cuddled into Peter.

“Marty! Bend that large banana plant down to the ground” sniggered Emmanuelle.

Marty reached his long neck up and pulled the banana plant all the way to the ground so that the large leafs spread out across the ground in front of the big baboon spider.

Emmanuelle then gently prodded the spider with a small stick so that it moved onto one of the leafs from the banana plant.

“Right” shouted Emmanuelle “let the plant go”

Marty let go of the banana plant and it sprung back into an upright position sending the baboon spider flying into the air and over the hedge, where it landed safely in the next field, and scuttled off to hide in the long grass.

“Oh asante sana” sobbed Gloria

“Hakuna matata” laughed Emmanuelle and Marty.

The group carried on working and got all the bananas picked in time for them to be sent off to the fair trade corporation and be loaded on carts to be taken to the local market.

Emmanuelle was so pleased with the help his friends had given him that he invited them to stay for dinner and cooked a very large meal of  “Samki wa Kinkarngu” (spicy fried fish) and ugali (cornmeal), but of course Marty and Gillian doesn’t eat this type of food and they just had their favourite… A big pile of twigs and leafs.

The five friends had a lovely dinner and stayed up late into the night talking about the busy day they have had and joking about scary baboon spiders.

Marty was very happy to have helped Emmanuelle and very happy to have spent the day with Gillian and as he rode his motorcycle home after dropping Gillian back to the Masai Mara, he though of what new adventures could be found for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next sat (03/11/2011) with Story 21 Marty's special delivery

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 19 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) part 3 Marty and Kevin the Kayaking Monkey

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 19 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) part 3 Marty and Kevin the Kayaking Monkey

Marty and his good friend Emmanuelle Waganer are on a safari (journey) to see Victoria Falls, a giant water fall on the Zambezi River in Zambia.

This is the third day of their trip and they soon find themselves leaving Tanzania and crossing the border into Zambia on their motorcycles. After a few more hours of riding through the dusty roads of Zambia, they reached the banks of the mighty Zambezi River.

“If we follow the river down stream we should get to Victoria Falls quite quickly” Emmanuelle told Marty.

As the road their motorcycles alongside the river, they heard some loud laughing chattering and splashing coming form the middle of the river.

They could hardly believe their eyes, when they saw in the middle of the river, a cheeky little money in a kayak.(a small canoe like boat) laughing and paddling very quickly.

When the monkey saw Marty and Emmanuelle he quickly paddled to bank of the river where they had parked their motorcycles.

“Wow” chattered the Monkey “I have never seen a giraffe on a Motorcycle before”.

“Well” replied Mary “I have never seen a monkey in a kayak before either”.

“That” said the monkey “is because I am Kevin the only kayaking monkey in the world” and puffed his chest out with pride.

Marty and Emmanuelle stood around chatting to Kevin for a while. And Kevin told them that they were not far from Victoria Falls and he also told them that he likes to kayak as close to the falls as possible and then paddle away very quickly

“Isn’t that scary and very dangerous?” asked Marty.

“No” replied Kevin rather arrogantly “not for someone as good as kayaking as me” and then added cheekily “actually it is rather exciting.”

Marty and Emmanuelle go back on their motorcycles and headed of along the river bank towards Victoria Falls.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the falls and were astounded by what they saw.

Victoria Falls are a lot bigger than they thought and as the water poured over the edge of the falls, and fell the thousands of feet to the bottom it made a very loud roaring noise. And the hot sun shining through all the water spray that filled the air, created beautiful rainbows right across the falls.

“Wow!” exclaimed Marty “I have never seen anything like this before”,

“Its amazing agreed Emmanuelle “and even better than I thought it would be”.

Suddenly they heard the faint sound of someone shouting for help, and there in the middle of the river in his kayak, was Kevin, out of control and heading straight for falls,

“Oh no!” shouted Emmanuelle “Kevin has paddled his kayak to close to the falls this time; he is going to be dragged over them.

Marty saw that Kevin was being pulled in between two rocks that were sticking out of the water just in front of the falls.

Quick as a flash Marty leapt from the side of the bank onto one of the rocks and stretched two of his legs across to the other, so that he straddled the water in between.

“Hold your paddle in the air” Marty shouted to Kevin.

As Kevin passed underneath him Marty bent his long neck down and grabbed hold of the paddle in his teeth, and lifted Kevin (still holding onto the paddle) out of his Kayak, and with one flick of his long powerful neck, Marty threw Kevin to the safety of the bank

A few seconds later Kevin’s kayak crashed over the falls and got smashed to pieces on the rocks below.

Kevin was quite shaken up by his close call and when Marty got back to the side of the river, Kevin leapt up and hugged Marty’s neck, and thanked Marty for saving him.

Kevin then promised never to paddle kayak so close to the water falls again, before running off into the forest to find a piece of tree trunk to make himself a new kayak.

That night Marty and Emmanuelle set up their ten next to the falls and sat up to watch the sun go down and with it the rainbows fade away.

The next morning they woke up the sun rose above Victoria Falls and brought the rainbows back to life.

“It really has been an amazing safari” said Marty, “absolutely wonderful” Emmanuelle agreed.

But now it was time to pack up their tents and start the very long motorcycle ride home.

Marty and Emmanuelle had really enjoyed their safari and all the adventures they had along the way, but they were looking forward to getting back to Kenya to tell all their friends about it.

And Marty couldn’t wait to get back to his little house in Nairobi to see what more adventures could be found for.

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (29/10/2011) with story 20 Marty helps out on Emmanuelle's farm

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) Part 2 Marty and the fishing boat

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) Part 2 Marty and the fishing boat

Marty the motorcycling giraffes and his good friend Emmanuelle are going on a safari (journey) to see the Victoria Falls (a giant water fall on the Zambezi River) in Zambia.

Last night they camped at the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania and to day they are heading for the southern banks of Lake Tanganyika.  To get to Lake Tanganyika they to pass through the capitol city of Tanzania called Dodoma.

Dodoma is a very busy city with lots of people, cars, Lorries and motorcycles every where, Dodoma reminded Marty of Nairobi where he lives in Kenya.

After they left Dodoma, Marty and Emmanuelle had a very long ride before they would reach Lake Tanganyika, but many hours and many miles later they finally arrived at the lake. They were both feeling rather tired, as they got off their motorcycles and wandered down to the lake’s beach and sat down on the sand looking across the majestic lake.

Marty exclaime  "I think this is a great place to come to and a good place to camp for the night”

Just as they were enjoying the peace and quiet, Marty and Emmanuelle heard a commotion going on further up the beach.  A group of men were shouting and pulling on a rope that was attached to a half sunken fishing boat in the lake.

“What is happening?” Marty and Emmanuelle asked the men.

“Jambo” said one of the men “my name is Freddie, I am a fisherman, my boat has got a hole in it and has sunk, we are trying to pull it out. But it is full of water and it is too heavy.

“We will help you to pull the boat out” said Emmanuelle

Marty, Emmanuelle and all the fisher men held on the rope

“Harambee” (let’s all pull together) shouted Freddie the fisherman, and they all pulled as hard as they could, but the sunken boat wouldn’t move.

After they had tried several times to pull the boat out of the lake, everyone was feeling very tired and the boat was still sunk in the water.

“Oh no! I will never be able to fix my boat, if I cant get it out of the water” groaned Freddie.

“I have an idea” said Marty, “can you tie another rope to the boat”

“Yes” shouted Freddie and he picked up another long piece of rope and swam out to the boat to tie the rope on to it.

“Come on Emmanuelle” shouted Marty and then ran off along the beach to fetch their motorcycles.

Marty tied one of the ropes to top box on his motorcycle and Emmanuelle tied the other to the top box on his motorcycle.

With a loud roar of the engines Marty and Emmanuelle started to ride their motorcycles up the beach.

The ropes went tight; the motorcycles wheels started spinning in the sand, creating mini sand storms and covering Freddie and the other fisher man in sand – when suddenly the boat started to move.

The powerful motorcycles soon pulled the boat out of the water and on to the lakes beach.

Marty and Emmanuelle then stayed to help Freddie fix the boat.

Freddie was so pleased that he lit a big fire on the beach to cook some of his best fish for Marty and Emmanuelle, but as you know Marty doesn’t eat fish, so he just had a big pile of his favourite food ------ twigs and leafs.

Marty and Emmanuelle spent a lovely evening sat around the warm fire chatting to the fishermen as the sun went down over the lake.

Early the next morning Marty and Emmanuelle got up and packed their motorcycles for the next part of their long safari to Victoria Falls.

Freddie was already out on the lake fishing in his newly repaired boat and he waved and shouted

Asante sana! Kawahari! (Thank you, goodbye) to Marty and Emmanuelle as they rode off.

Marty enjoyed his stop at Lake Tanganyika and was very happy that he had helped to save Freddie’s boat, and he wondered to himself what more adventures this safari would bring for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (22nd October 2011) with Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle's safari part 3 Marty and Kevin the Kayaking Monkey

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 17 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a safari (journey) Part 1 Marty and Harry the Hippo

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe
Story 17 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a safari (journey)   Part 1 Marty and Harry the Hippo
Marty and his friend Emmanuelle Wagana (the farmer) both like to spend their time whizzing around on their motorcycles.
One day, when Emmanuelle was visiting Marty the decided that it would be fun to go on a motorcycle safari.  “A real road trip” said Marty “now that would be exciting”. 
Emmanuelle told Marty that he would like to go to Zambia to see the mighty water falls on the Zambezi River, called Victoria Falls that he had read about in the book.
“Wow” said Marty “Now that sounds like a real adventure”
So they brought a road map of Africa and started to make plans for their safari. To get to Victoria Falls they would have to ride out of Kenya, go straight through Tanzania into Zambia and then right down to the bottom of Zambia near the Zimbabwe border. “This is going to be a long trip” thought Marty.
After packing everything they needed on to their motorcycles Marty and Emmanuelle started off on their journey
“Remember don’t go too fast Marty” shouted Emmanuelle, “I won’t” laughed Marty and off they zoomed.
Soon they had ridden outside of Nairobi and were heading towards the first place they were going to stop at on the trip. The Masai Mara!
 Marty wanted to go to the Masai Mara first because he wanted to see Gillian and tell her all about the trip
“Oooh! That sounds so exciting” squealed Gillian as Marty told her about their plans.
“Hurry up Marty we hve a long way to go” shouted Emmanuelle.
“Take care and come back and tell me all about your adventures” said Gillian and she gave Marty a little kiss.
Marty was still grinning like a daft Cheshire cat as he and Emmanuelle zoomed off shouting Kwahari and waving goodbye.
It wasn’t long before they crossed the border into Tanzania and into the Serengeti national park; where every type of African animal you can think off roam around.  Marty and Emmanuelle continued on their journey until they arrived the edge of the Ngorongoro crater.
As they looked down into the massive crater they both thought it was an amazing site. The crater with its forests, lakes and grass lands, with lots of different African animals living inside, is definitely a very special place.
By the time they rode down into the crater it was starting to get dark so they decided to put their tents up by the lake and spend the night in the crater.  As Marty’s neck is so long, he has to lie with his head sticking out of the tent, looking up at the sky at night, so he tried to count all the stars before falling asleep
Moja (one) Mbile (two)   zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
The next morning they woke up to the sound of wild birds and small monkeys chirping and chattering in the trees above their heads. The friends made themselves some breakfast, Emmanuelle had fried eggs on toast, but Marty just had his favourite food, a big pile of twigs and leafs, and then started to pack up their tents and things they needed for the next part of the journey.
As they were packing Marty and Emmanuelle heard a loud moaning noise coming from the lake. In the lake stood a very unhappy looking hippopotamus.

“Mna nini (what’s the matter)?”  Asked Marty
“I have broken one of my tusks (hippo teeth) on a hard rock at the bottom of lake, and it really hurts” said the hippo “please can you help me”
Marty felt sorry for the hippo (whose name was Harry) and thought that it cant be good to have a sore mouth when your mouth is as big as a hippo’s mouth.
“I have an idea” said Marty and told Harry to come out of the lake and lean against a big rock that was lying there, so just he head was sticking out over the top,
He the asked Harry to open his mouth really wide – and hippos can open their mouths really wide indeed – Marty leaned into Harry big mouth and tied a piece of string around the broken tusk and tied the other end around the top box of his motorcycle.
“This might hurt a bit” shouted Marty as he rode his motorcycle slowly forward.
The string pulled on Harry’s tusk, Henry pushed against the rock to stop him from falling over, and then there was an almighty snapping sound and the broken tusk flew out of Harry’s mouth..
“AARRRGGH! OUCH!!, Oooh that hurt!” bellowed Harry and then said more quietly “ooh that’s better is has stopped hurting now,”
Harry was very pleased that his broken tusk was not hurting anymore and said a big “asante sana” to Marty. “Hakuna Matata laughed Marty in reply.
Marty and Emmanuelle stopped to talk to Harry for a while and told them all about their safari to see Victoria Falls.   “That sounds very exciting” said Harry “you are sure to have lots of adventures on the way”
Marty and Emmanuelle then set off on their way, shouting a big “kwahari” to Harry and Marty wondered what more adventures this safari would have in store for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues with Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a safari (journey) Part 2 Marty and the fishing boat to be posted on Saturday 15th October

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe story 16 Marty visits his family in the Masai Mara (Marty and Gillian)

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 16 Marty visits his family in the Masai Mara (Marty meets Gillian)

Marty has been working very hard helping his friend Peter Ngono clean windows in the big African city of Nairobi. Marty likes his job and enjoys working with Peter.

But this week Marty has not been his usual cheerful happy self, in fact he has been rather gloomy and Peter was getting a little worried about Marty.

“Mna nini Rafiki yangu?” (What is the matter my friend) asked Peter, “chochote mimi ni vizuri” (nothing I am well) replied Marty

“Then why have you been so miserable all week?” asked Peter

“I don’t know “ explained Marty, “its just that I have been thinking about my family back in the Masai Mara a lot this week, I dot miss them”.

“Well! I will be spending a lot of time with Gloria this weekend” said Peter with a silly smile on his face (Peter always started smiling when he thought of Gloria). “And I know that Emmanuelle will be busy on his farm, so why don’t you use the weekend to go back to the Masai Mara and visit your family.”

“That’s a good idea” said Marty.

So that Saturday morning Marty packed a few things into the top box of his motorcycle and started the long ride to the Masai Mara.. Marty was looking forward to seeing all his friends and family again especially his niece, “little Georgina”.

Because Marty goes so fast on his motorcycle it wasn’t long before he reached the Masai Mara and his family..

“Jambo everyone” shouted Marty, when he saw George, Gary, Geraldine and little Georgina, who were talking to three other Giraffes.

 “Jambo Marty” replied George “habari gani?” (How are you), “nsuri sana” (I’m very well) exclaimed Marty.

They were all very pleased to see Mary, especially little Georgina who jumped up and down with excitement.

George then introduced Marty to their friends, who were two brothers called Gavin and Geoffrey and their sister Gillian.

Marty said Jambo to all three of them but blushed slightly when he spoke to Gillian, who he thought was very pretty.

Soon all the Giraffes were stood around some tall acacia tees eating twigs and leafs from the top of the trees and having a good chat.

Gillian was very interested in Marty’s stories of his adventures and kept asking him to tell another story. This made George, Gary and Geraldine groan a little.

Suddenly Geraldine noticed that little Georgina had wandered off playing and couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Quickly all the giraffes stated to look for her and were getting very worried when an elephant called them over to the edge of a cliff.

“Is this your little girl?” said the elephant, whose name was Edward.

They looked down into the ravine and there was Georgina at the bottom. She had fallen down the side of the cliff and was now stood next to a small river at the bottom of the ravine and couldn’t climb out.

“Oh no” cried Geraldine “what are we going to do? How can we help my little girl?”

“If she crosses the river, it is easier to climb out of the ravine on the other side” said Edward.

"But I’m too scared to cross the river” cried Georgina. “And anyway” said Gary “she will then be stuck on the other side of the ravine”.

“I have an idea” said Marty and whispered something in Edwards’s big ear and then went running off back to his motorcycle.

Edward pushed a large rock to the edge of the ravine and then broke a big branch off a nearby tree and laid it across the rock, so it made a sort of ramp. Edward then trumpeted to the elephants on the other side of the ravine to do the same.

Suddenly there was a loud roar of a motorcycle engine and out of a cloud of dust came Marty zooming really fast.  Marty rode up the ramp Edward had made, and flew into the air, over the ravine and laded on the other side.

All the other giraffes and the elephants watched in amazement!!

Marty then climbed down the other side of the ravine, waded across the river to where little Georgina was. Marty persuaded Georgina to cross the river and climb out of the ravine with him.

He then got Georgina to sit behind him on is his motorcycle.

“Hold on tight” shouted Marty as they zoomed towards the ramp the elephants had built on this side of the ravine.

Soon Marty and Georgina were flying over the ravine and landing safely on the correct side of the ravine.

All the giraffes rushed around them and Geraldine was very pleased to see Georgina was back safe and sound.

Then Gillian cam up to Marty and called him “My hero” and said that he was very brave before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Marty went bright red and didn’t know what to say, but he knew he was very very happy.

Soon it was time for Marty to go home and all the giraffes said their goodbyes to Marty and thanked him for saving little Georgina.

Gillian then said “come back and see me again soon” and gave him another little kiss.

Marty smiled and replied “oh I will, and maybe you can visit me in Nairobi” and winked at Gillian.

“Maybe” giggled Gillian and it was her turn to blush a little,.

Marty was very pleased to have seen all his family and friends and was very proud to have been the hero and very very very happy to have met Gillian.

Marty thought it would be nice to see Gillian again and then maybe they could look together for more adventures for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

 Lookout for Marty's next adventure Story 17 Marty and Emmanuelle go on a Safari (journey) part 1 Marty and Harry the hippo, to be posted on Wednesday 12th October

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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 15 Marty goes to a “land down under” (Marty and Mikey

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 15 Marty goes to a “land down under” (Marty and Mikey)

Marty is about to go on a very big adventure, that he is very excited about.

Marty has been saving the money he earns working as a window cleaner assistant and Marty is using that money to go on a very special holiday

Marty is going to “a land down under”   Marty is going to Australia!!

Marty got on his Motorcycle and rode off to Nairobi airport, where he was delighted to see that his friends, Emmanuelle, Peter and Gloria had turned up to see him off.

“Kwahari na safari njema” (goodbye have good journey) they shouted and waved as Marty headed for the aeroplane.

It was a very long flight to Australia, but Marty had brought a very large book on motorcycles to read, to help pass the time.

Eventually Marty landed at Sydney airport in Australia, and he was very pleased to see how sunny it was and delighted that his friends Joe and Henry, who Marty had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with, had come to meet him

“G’day mate” said Joe and Henry” welcome to Auz!”  “Jambo, asante sana” replied Marty

Marty went back to Joe and Henry’s flat in, where he will be staying while in Sydney, and they discussed all things that Marty could do and see in Australia.

Marty had a great time the next few days as he went to see all the famous Sydney sites, such as the opera house and the harbour bridge.

Marty also spent a day on Bondi beach where he learned to ride the waves on a surf board. Every one else on the beach stopped whatever they were doing and watched Marty surfing

They had never seen a Giraffe on a surf board before!!!

That evening Marty, Joe and Henry and a few of their friends had a barby (barbeque) on the beach, where they cooked all sorts of lovely food, such as burgers, steaks and fish, but Marty doesn’t eat any of those foods , so he just had his favourite…. a big pile of twigs and leafs.

The next day Marty told Joe and Henry that he would like to go and see the famous Uluru rock. “The rock is a long way away”, said Henry” you will need to get a vehicle to get there”

So Marty hired a motorcycle and brought a road map and headed off to Uluru rock

It was a long hard ride across the Australian countryside and along the way Marty saw lots of strange animals that he had never seen before, such as possums, dingoes, koala bears, wallabies and of course kangaroos.

After a while on a very quiet long road, Marty heard the loud roar of a big motorcycle behind him. Soon the other motorcycle had caught up with Marty and was riding along side him.

Marty couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the rider of the motorcycle was a kangaroo, the kangaroo was also very surprised to see a motorcycling giraffe,

The two motorcyclists pulled over and stopped on the side of the road.

“G’day mate” said the kangaroo “strewth! I have never seen a giraffe on a motorcycle before”

“Jambo, I am Marty, the worlds only motorcycling giraffe” laughed Marty, “Fair dinkum cobber” replied the kangeroo who told Marty that his name is Mikey and he is the worlds only motorcycling kangaroo.

The two motorcyclists stood on the side of the road chatting for a while, swapping motorcycling stories, and Marty told Mikey that he was on his way to Uluru rock.

“I know the way to the rock” said Mikey “we can ride together, I will show how to get there”

So Marty and Mikey zoomed off together and shot off down the road at a great speed. After a few hours they arrived at the magnificent Uluru rock.

Marty gaped in awe and amazement at the very large red rock that towered above his head, and thought that with the sun shining from behind it the rock was a fantastic site.

Marty and Mikey spent the night camping by the rock and soon they had become very good friends.

The next day Marty and Mikey rode their motorcycles back to Sydney, where Marty introduced Mikey to Joe and Henry. And all the friends spend another day at the beach and had yet another barby (barbeque).

Soon it was time for Marty to go home so Joe Henry and Mikey went to the airport to see him off.

Marty waved and shouted “kwahari, I have had a great time, kwahari”. “Goodbye Marty” they shouted back.

And Mikey added “I will come to Africa to visit you some time”, “You do that “said Marty and climbed onto the plane.

Soon the aeroplane was in the air and flying Marty home to Africa, to Kenya, to his little hose in Nairobi, to all his friends and family, to his motorcycle and home to a whole lot more adventures that will be waiting for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues on Sat 8th October with story 16 Marty visits his family in the Masai Mara (Marty and Gillian)

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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 14 Marty and the Harambee stars

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 14 Marty the Harambee all stars.

One Saturday morning Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe was out for a nice ride on his motorcycle.

As he was passing a soft drink stall and the side of the road just outside the city Nairobi, Marty noticed a man standing next to a van, waving frantically.

Marty pulled over got if his motorcycle and said “Jambo! Mna nini? (Hello! What is the matter)”

The man thanked Marty for stopping and told that his name is Ben Tabiki and that runs a laundry service and he has a big problem.

“I have a very important job to do” said Ben “I am delivering a clean football kit to the football stadium for the ‘Harambee Stars’ (Kenya’s national football team) to wear in the big match tonight ‘Kenya versus Tanzania”

“Wow!” said Marty “that is an important job.”

Ben then told Marty that he stopped at the stall to get a drink and before he could get back into his van a bird swooped down and grabbed his van keys out of his hands and flew off into the air.

“I have a spare set in my launderette in the next village” said Ben “but I will never be able to walk all the way there and back in time to get the kit to the football stadium in time for kick off.”

“I can help” said Marty “I can ride the my motorcycle really fast to your launderette shop, collect the keys and zoom back here in plenty of time for you to take the kit to the football stadium.”

“Oh asante sana” exclaimed Ben

“Hakuna matata” laughed Marty as he zoomed off on his motorcycle. He was soon going very fast down the road towards Ben’s village.

In no time at all Marty reach Ben’s Launderette shop and collected the spare keys and was soon whizzing back to the drinks stall where he had left Ben..

Ben was very grateful to Marty for fetching the key.

“And you managed to do it so quickly too” said Ben

“Well I have a very fast Motorcycle” said Marty with a big grin on his face.

Marty offered to follow Ben to the football stadium, just in case anything else went wrong.

When they arrived at the stadium Marty helped Ben unload the football kit and Ben told the manager of the Harambee Stars how Marty had come to the rescue. And as a reward the manager offered Marty 4 free tickets for the match.

“Oh! Asante sana” exclaimed Marty happily, and thought to himself that Peter and Emmanuelle both like football and that he was sure that Peter would also like to bring Gloria along as well.

That evening the four friends took their seats in the football stadium and cheered the top of their voices for the “Harambee Stars” (Kenya)

It was a very good and very exciting match and Marty, Emmanuelle, Peter and Gloria were very pleased when Kenya won the game by 2 goals to 1

After the game the manager of the “Harambee Stars” invited the four friends to come and meet the players. Marty got all the players to sign a poster of the team that he had brought from a stall outside the ground.

This made Marty very happy and that night as he put the poster up on the wall in his little house, he thought to himself  that he enjoyed his football adventure and wondered what other adventures could be found for …….

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Look out for the next tale in Marty's year of adventures
Story 15 Marty goes to a “land down under” (Marty and Mikey) to be posted omWednesday 4th October