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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 15 Marty goes to a “land down under” (Marty and Mikey

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 15 Marty goes to a “land down under” (Marty and Mikey)

Marty is about to go on a very big adventure, that he is very excited about.

Marty has been saving the money he earns working as a window cleaner assistant and Marty is using that money to go on a very special holiday

Marty is going to “a land down under”   Marty is going to Australia!!

Marty got on his Motorcycle and rode off to Nairobi airport, where he was delighted to see that his friends, Emmanuelle, Peter and Gloria had turned up to see him off.

“Kwahari na safari njema” (goodbye have good journey) they shouted and waved as Marty headed for the aeroplane.

It was a very long flight to Australia, but Marty had brought a very large book on motorcycles to read, to help pass the time.

Eventually Marty landed at Sydney airport in Australia, and he was very pleased to see how sunny it was and delighted that his friends Joe and Henry, who Marty had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with, had come to meet him

“G’day mate” said Joe and Henry” welcome to Auz!”  “Jambo, asante sana” replied Marty

Marty went back to Joe and Henry’s flat in, where he will be staying while in Sydney, and they discussed all things that Marty could do and see in Australia.

Marty had a great time the next few days as he went to see all the famous Sydney sites, such as the opera house and the harbour bridge.

Marty also spent a day on Bondi beach where he learned to ride the waves on a surf board. Every one else on the beach stopped whatever they were doing and watched Marty surfing

They had never seen a Giraffe on a surf board before!!!

That evening Marty, Joe and Henry and a few of their friends had a barby (barbeque) on the beach, where they cooked all sorts of lovely food, such as burgers, steaks and fish, but Marty doesn’t eat any of those foods , so he just had his favourite…. a big pile of twigs and leafs.

The next day Marty told Joe and Henry that he would like to go and see the famous Uluru rock. “The rock is a long way away”, said Henry” you will need to get a vehicle to get there”

So Marty hired a motorcycle and brought a road map and headed off to Uluru rock

It was a long hard ride across the Australian countryside and along the way Marty saw lots of strange animals that he had never seen before, such as possums, dingoes, koala bears, wallabies and of course kangaroos.

After a while on a very quiet long road, Marty heard the loud roar of a big motorcycle behind him. Soon the other motorcycle had caught up with Marty and was riding along side him.

Marty couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the rider of the motorcycle was a kangaroo, the kangaroo was also very surprised to see a motorcycling giraffe,

The two motorcyclists pulled over and stopped on the side of the road.

“G’day mate” said the kangaroo “strewth! I have never seen a giraffe on a motorcycle before”

“Jambo, I am Marty, the worlds only motorcycling giraffe” laughed Marty, “Fair dinkum cobber” replied the kangeroo who told Marty that his name is Mikey and he is the worlds only motorcycling kangaroo.

The two motorcyclists stood on the side of the road chatting for a while, swapping motorcycling stories, and Marty told Mikey that he was on his way to Uluru rock.

“I know the way to the rock” said Mikey “we can ride together, I will show how to get there”

So Marty and Mikey zoomed off together and shot off down the road at a great speed. After a few hours they arrived at the magnificent Uluru rock.

Marty gaped in awe and amazement at the very large red rock that towered above his head, and thought that with the sun shining from behind it the rock was a fantastic site.

Marty and Mikey spent the night camping by the rock and soon they had become very good friends.

The next day Marty and Mikey rode their motorcycles back to Sydney, where Marty introduced Mikey to Joe and Henry. And all the friends spend another day at the beach and had yet another barby (barbeque).

Soon it was time for Marty to go home so Joe Henry and Mikey went to the airport to see him off.

Marty waved and shouted “kwahari, I have had a great time, kwahari”. “Goodbye Marty” they shouted back.

And Mikey added “I will come to Africa to visit you some time”, “You do that “said Marty and climbed onto the plane.

Soon the aeroplane was in the air and flying Marty home to Africa, to Kenya, to his little hose in Nairobi, to all his friends and family, to his motorcycle and home to a whole lot more adventures that will be waiting for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

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