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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 19 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) part 3 Marty and Kevin the Kayaking Monkey

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 19 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) part 3 Marty and Kevin the Kayaking Monkey

Marty and his good friend Emmanuelle Waganer are on a safari (journey) to see Victoria Falls, a giant water fall on the Zambezi River in Zambia.

This is the third day of their trip and they soon find themselves leaving Tanzania and crossing the border into Zambia on their motorcycles. After a few more hours of riding through the dusty roads of Zambia, they reached the banks of the mighty Zambezi River.

“If we follow the river down stream we should get to Victoria Falls quite quickly” Emmanuelle told Marty.

As the road their motorcycles alongside the river, they heard some loud laughing chattering and splashing coming form the middle of the river.

They could hardly believe their eyes, when they saw in the middle of the river, a cheeky little money in a kayak.(a small canoe like boat) laughing and paddling very quickly.

When the monkey saw Marty and Emmanuelle he quickly paddled to bank of the river where they had parked their motorcycles.

“Wow” chattered the Monkey “I have never seen a giraffe on a Motorcycle before”.

“Well” replied Mary “I have never seen a monkey in a kayak before either”.

“That” said the monkey “is because I am Kevin the only kayaking monkey in the world” and puffed his chest out with pride.

Marty and Emmanuelle stood around chatting to Kevin for a while. And Kevin told them that they were not far from Victoria Falls and he also told them that he likes to kayak as close to the falls as possible and then paddle away very quickly

“Isn’t that scary and very dangerous?” asked Marty.

“No” replied Kevin rather arrogantly “not for someone as good as kayaking as me” and then added cheekily “actually it is rather exciting.”

Marty and Emmanuelle go back on their motorcycles and headed of along the river bank towards Victoria Falls.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the falls and were astounded by what they saw.

Victoria Falls are a lot bigger than they thought and as the water poured over the edge of the falls, and fell the thousands of feet to the bottom it made a very loud roaring noise. And the hot sun shining through all the water spray that filled the air, created beautiful rainbows right across the falls.

“Wow!” exclaimed Marty “I have never seen anything like this before”,

“Its amazing agreed Emmanuelle “and even better than I thought it would be”.

Suddenly they heard the faint sound of someone shouting for help, and there in the middle of the river in his kayak, was Kevin, out of control and heading straight for falls,

“Oh no!” shouted Emmanuelle “Kevin has paddled his kayak to close to the falls this time; he is going to be dragged over them.

Marty saw that Kevin was being pulled in between two rocks that were sticking out of the water just in front of the falls.

Quick as a flash Marty leapt from the side of the bank onto one of the rocks and stretched two of his legs across to the other, so that he straddled the water in between.

“Hold your paddle in the air” Marty shouted to Kevin.

As Kevin passed underneath him Marty bent his long neck down and grabbed hold of the paddle in his teeth, and lifted Kevin (still holding onto the paddle) out of his Kayak, and with one flick of his long powerful neck, Marty threw Kevin to the safety of the bank

A few seconds later Kevin’s kayak crashed over the falls and got smashed to pieces on the rocks below.

Kevin was quite shaken up by his close call and when Marty got back to the side of the river, Kevin leapt up and hugged Marty’s neck, and thanked Marty for saving him.

Kevin then promised never to paddle kayak so close to the water falls again, before running off into the forest to find a piece of tree trunk to make himself a new kayak.

That night Marty and Emmanuelle set up their ten next to the falls and sat up to watch the sun go down and with it the rainbows fade away.

The next morning they woke up the sun rose above Victoria Falls and brought the rainbows back to life.

“It really has been an amazing safari” said Marty, “absolutely wonderful” Emmanuelle agreed.

But now it was time to pack up their tents and start the very long motorcycle ride home.

Marty and Emmanuelle had really enjoyed their safari and all the adventures they had along the way, but they were looking forward to getting back to Kenya to tell all their friends about it.

And Marty couldn’t wait to get back to his little house in Nairobi to see what more adventures could be found for.

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (29/10/2011) with story 20 Marty helps out on Emmanuelle's farm