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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe story 16 Marty visits his family in the Masai Mara (Marty and Gillian)

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 16 Marty visits his family in the Masai Mara (Marty meets Gillian)

Marty has been working very hard helping his friend Peter Ngono clean windows in the big African city of Nairobi. Marty likes his job and enjoys working with Peter.

But this week Marty has not been his usual cheerful happy self, in fact he has been rather gloomy and Peter was getting a little worried about Marty.

“Mna nini Rafiki yangu?” (What is the matter my friend) asked Peter, “chochote mimi ni vizuri” (nothing I am well) replied Marty

“Then why have you been so miserable all week?” asked Peter

“I don’t know “ explained Marty, “its just that I have been thinking about my family back in the Masai Mara a lot this week, I dot miss them”.

“Well! I will be spending a lot of time with Gloria this weekend” said Peter with a silly smile on his face (Peter always started smiling when he thought of Gloria). “And I know that Emmanuelle will be busy on his farm, so why don’t you use the weekend to go back to the Masai Mara and visit your family.”

“That’s a good idea” said Marty.

So that Saturday morning Marty packed a few things into the top box of his motorcycle and started the long ride to the Masai Mara.. Marty was looking forward to seeing all his friends and family again especially his niece, “little Georgina”.

Because Marty goes so fast on his motorcycle it wasn’t long before he reached the Masai Mara and his family..

“Jambo everyone” shouted Marty, when he saw George, Gary, Geraldine and little Georgina, who were talking to three other Giraffes.

 “Jambo Marty” replied George “habari gani?” (How are you), “nsuri sana” (I’m very well) exclaimed Marty.

They were all very pleased to see Mary, especially little Georgina who jumped up and down with excitement.

George then introduced Marty to their friends, who were two brothers called Gavin and Geoffrey and their sister Gillian.

Marty said Jambo to all three of them but blushed slightly when he spoke to Gillian, who he thought was very pretty.

Soon all the Giraffes were stood around some tall acacia tees eating twigs and leafs from the top of the trees and having a good chat.

Gillian was very interested in Marty’s stories of his adventures and kept asking him to tell another story. This made George, Gary and Geraldine groan a little.

Suddenly Geraldine noticed that little Georgina had wandered off playing and couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Quickly all the giraffes stated to look for her and were getting very worried when an elephant called them over to the edge of a cliff.

“Is this your little girl?” said the elephant, whose name was Edward.

They looked down into the ravine and there was Georgina at the bottom. She had fallen down the side of the cliff and was now stood next to a small river at the bottom of the ravine and couldn’t climb out.

“Oh no” cried Geraldine “what are we going to do? How can we help my little girl?”

“If she crosses the river, it is easier to climb out of the ravine on the other side” said Edward.

"But I’m too scared to cross the river” cried Georgina. “And anyway” said Gary “she will then be stuck on the other side of the ravine”.

“I have an idea” said Marty and whispered something in Edwards’s big ear and then went running off back to his motorcycle.

Edward pushed a large rock to the edge of the ravine and then broke a big branch off a nearby tree and laid it across the rock, so it made a sort of ramp. Edward then trumpeted to the elephants on the other side of the ravine to do the same.

Suddenly there was a loud roar of a motorcycle engine and out of a cloud of dust came Marty zooming really fast.  Marty rode up the ramp Edward had made, and flew into the air, over the ravine and laded on the other side.

All the other giraffes and the elephants watched in amazement!!

Marty then climbed down the other side of the ravine, waded across the river to where little Georgina was. Marty persuaded Georgina to cross the river and climb out of the ravine with him.

He then got Georgina to sit behind him on is his motorcycle.

“Hold on tight” shouted Marty as they zoomed towards the ramp the elephants had built on this side of the ravine.

Soon Marty and Georgina were flying over the ravine and landing safely on the correct side of the ravine.

All the giraffes rushed around them and Geraldine was very pleased to see Georgina was back safe and sound.

Then Gillian cam up to Marty and called him “My hero” and said that he was very brave before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Marty went bright red and didn’t know what to say, but he knew he was very very happy.

Soon it was time for Marty to go home and all the giraffes said their goodbyes to Marty and thanked him for saving little Georgina.

Gillian then said “come back and see me again soon” and gave him another little kiss.

Marty smiled and replied “oh I will, and maybe you can visit me in Nairobi” and winked at Gillian.

“Maybe” giggled Gillian and it was her turn to blush a little,.

Marty was very pleased to have seen all his family and friends and was very proud to have been the hero and very very very happy to have met Gillian.

Marty thought it would be nice to see Gillian again and then maybe they could look together for more adventures for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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