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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) Part 2 Marty and the fishing boat

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle’s safari (journey) Part 2 Marty and the fishing boat

Marty the motorcycling giraffes and his good friend Emmanuelle are going on a safari (journey) to see the Victoria Falls (a giant water fall on the Zambezi River) in Zambia.

Last night they camped at the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania and to day they are heading for the southern banks of Lake Tanganyika.  To get to Lake Tanganyika they to pass through the capitol city of Tanzania called Dodoma.

Dodoma is a very busy city with lots of people, cars, Lorries and motorcycles every where, Dodoma reminded Marty of Nairobi where he lives in Kenya.

After they left Dodoma, Marty and Emmanuelle had a very long ride before they would reach Lake Tanganyika, but many hours and many miles later they finally arrived at the lake. They were both feeling rather tired, as they got off their motorcycles and wandered down to the lake’s beach and sat down on the sand looking across the majestic lake.

Marty exclaime  "I think this is a great place to come to and a good place to camp for the night”

Just as they were enjoying the peace and quiet, Marty and Emmanuelle heard a commotion going on further up the beach.  A group of men were shouting and pulling on a rope that was attached to a half sunken fishing boat in the lake.

“What is happening?” Marty and Emmanuelle asked the men.

“Jambo” said one of the men “my name is Freddie, I am a fisherman, my boat has got a hole in it and has sunk, we are trying to pull it out. But it is full of water and it is too heavy.

“We will help you to pull the boat out” said Emmanuelle

Marty, Emmanuelle and all the fisher men held on the rope

“Harambee” (let’s all pull together) shouted Freddie the fisherman, and they all pulled as hard as they could, but the sunken boat wouldn’t move.

After they had tried several times to pull the boat out of the lake, everyone was feeling very tired and the boat was still sunk in the water.

“Oh no! I will never be able to fix my boat, if I cant get it out of the water” groaned Freddie.

“I have an idea” said Marty, “can you tie another rope to the boat”

“Yes” shouted Freddie and he picked up another long piece of rope and swam out to the boat to tie the rope on to it.

“Come on Emmanuelle” shouted Marty and then ran off along the beach to fetch their motorcycles.

Marty tied one of the ropes to top box on his motorcycle and Emmanuelle tied the other to the top box on his motorcycle.

With a loud roar of the engines Marty and Emmanuelle started to ride their motorcycles up the beach.

The ropes went tight; the motorcycles wheels started spinning in the sand, creating mini sand storms and covering Freddie and the other fisher man in sand – when suddenly the boat started to move.

The powerful motorcycles soon pulled the boat out of the water and on to the lakes beach.

Marty and Emmanuelle then stayed to help Freddie fix the boat.

Freddie was so pleased that he lit a big fire on the beach to cook some of his best fish for Marty and Emmanuelle, but as you know Marty doesn’t eat fish, so he just had a big pile of his favourite food ------ twigs and leafs.

Marty and Emmanuelle spent a lovely evening sat around the warm fire chatting to the fishermen as the sun went down over the lake.

Early the next morning Marty and Emmanuelle got up and packed their motorcycles for the next part of their long safari to Victoria Falls.

Freddie was already out on the lake fishing in his newly repaired boat and he waved and shouted

Asante sana! Kawahari! (Thank you, goodbye) to Marty and Emmanuelle as they rode off.

Marty enjoyed his stop at Lake Tanganyika and was very happy that he had helped to save Freddie’s boat, and he wondered to himself what more adventures this safari would bring for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (22nd October 2011) with Story 18 Marty and Emmanuelle's safari part 3 Marty and Kevin the Kayaking Monkey