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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 33 Marty and the bad men

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 33 Marty and the bad men

One day as they were busy cleaning windows Marty and Peter heard a very posh voice calling up to them

“Good afternoon, Marty and Peter and how are you both, on this fine day?”

Marty and Peter stopped work and looked down to see the posh lady, whose kitten they had once rescued, after he got being stuck on top of a tall building.

“Jambo, sisi ni nzuri sana! Habari gani?”  (Hello, we are very well! How are you?) Replied Mary and Peter

Marty and Peter stopped work for a few minutes to chat to the posh lady and to introduce her to Victor their new trainee.

The posh lady told them that her kitten has grown up to be quite a big cat and how she will always be grateful to them for rescuing him.

“Any way I must be on my way and let you fine young men and giraffe get on with your very important work”

“Kwahari” replied Marty, Peter and Victor as they went back to cleaning windows.

A few seconds later a loud scream filled the air. Marty, Peter and Victor turned around to see two bad men push the posh lady to the ground and steel her hand bag.

“Oy! Stop thieves” shouted Peter.

 A police officer, who was quite near, heard this and started to run to the scene of the crime, but the two bad men jumped on their bicycles and started to pedal away very fast and the police officer could not  keep up with them,.

Marty jumped on to his motorcycle and shouted to the police officer

“Get on the back of my motorcycle we can soon catch up with them”

So the police officer climbed onto the back of Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were whizzing through the streets, chasing after the bad men, while Peter and Victor went to look after the posh lady.

The bad men were still a head of Marty and the police officer when they turned into an old industrial estate with lots of disused warehouses; the two bad men jumped off their bicycles and ran into one of the warehouses to hide.

Marty stopped his motorcycle and the police officer got off the back of the motorcycle and went to look inside the warehouses.

“There are lots of different stairs to different floors in here” shouted the Police officer “I think they must have run and hid in one of the room upstairs, but I don’t know which one”

“I think I can help there” said Marty with a sly grin, and he sneaked up to the building and stretched his neck to start peeking in through the upstairs window.

He looked into the first  two windows but there was no one in these rooms, and then he looked into the third widow and saw the two bad men crouched down hiding behind and old store cupboard.

“They are in this room” whispered Marty to the police office

The police officer than ran upstairs and shouted to the men, that they were not to move and to lie down on the floor!!

This confused the bad men as they didn’t know how they could lie on the floor without moving!!

The police officer then put the bad men’s hand into hand cuffs and led them down the stairs.

“You will be going to jail for this” said the police officer “and you will not be robbing anybody in the streets of Nairobi again”

The two bad men looked very sad as the police officer took them away.

Marty picked up the posh lady’s hand bag and rode his motorcycle back to where Peter and Victor were looking after the posh lady.

“Oh asante sana” said the posh lady, when Marty gave the handbag back to her.

“You have all been so nice to me” she added “that I will take you all to the best steak house in town and buy you all a very big dinner”

So off they went to a very posh restaurant for their dinner. Peter and Victor both ordered the biggest steaks you could imagine, but as you know Marty doesn’t eat that sort of food and just had a big pile of his very favourite “twigs and leafs”

Mary enjoyed his meal and was very glad that he helped the police officer catch the bad men and get the posh lady’s hand bag back for her, and he thought that today was quite an adventure, but couldn’t stop himself from wondering what the next adventure could be for

Marty the motorcycling giraffe,

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