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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 34 Marty and Peter give Emmanuelle a big birthday surprise

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 34 Marty and Peter give Emmanuelle a big birthday surprise.

One day while they were hard at work, cleaning windows in Nairobi, Marty, the Motorcycling Giraffe and window cleaner’s assistant, and his good friend Peter, the window cleaner, were having a chat about their friend Emmanuelle, the farmer.

“Did you know it is Emmanuelle’s birthday on Friday?”  Peter asked Marty.

“Yes I did know” replied Marty “But he will probably be too busy working on his farm to celebrate his birthday”

“He does work very hard” agreed Peter.

Marty then had an idea “why don’t we throw him a surprise party, then he will have to stop working and enjoy his birthday” he said

“What a great idea” agreed Peter.

For the rest of the day, as they worked, Marty and Peter discussed their plans for Emmanuelle’s party surprise. Victor (the trainee window cleaner) also joined in with some ideas.

By the time they had finished their work for the day the three boys had thought up a great plan.

On Friday they would start work early, and work really fast to get all the windows and all of Mr Makushi’s truck washed and clean before three o’clock in the afternoon, Then they would collect Gloria and Gillian and sneak to the small field on the side of Emmanuelle’s little house and set up a barbeque.

“Emmannuelle will be busy in his banana plant field at that time of the day, so we can set up the barbeque with out him knowing it” said Peter who added with funny smile on his face “I shall get my lovely new wife to make up lots of wonderful tasting smoothies as well” 

Marty and Victor laughed at this, because Peter also had a funny wistful look on his face when he thought of Gloria.

The three friends worked really hard for the rest of the day and they finished cleaning the last of Mr Makushi’s trucks by 2:45 in the afternoon.

“Me and Victor will go in the van and pick up Gloria, and the food” said Peter “and you Marty had better whiz off fast on you motorbike to the Masai Mara and pick up Gillian”

“Right away” said Marty, and it was his turn to have a silly smile on his face,

“He always has a silly look on his face when you mention Gillian” laughed Victor.
“Ha” replied Peter “you will understand Victor when a pretty binti (young lady) captures your heart”

Peter, Victor and Gloria soon arrived at Emmanuelle’s farm and started to set up the barbeque and put up some tables for the food and smoothies and Victor brought his I Pod and speakers so they could have some music.

When Marty and Gillian arrived, Peter asked Marty to ride to the banana field and tell Emmanuelle that he had to come quickly as someone has broken the door to his barn, and that the rest of them would hide in the barn and jump out to surprise him

“That should get him running here quickly, Emmanuelle keeps a lot of important farm equipment in his barn” said Peter with a sly smile

So Marty raced his motorcycle across the farm’s fields until he came to the field with the banana plants.

There was Emmanuelle making sure that all his banana plants were well watered

“Emmanuelle!!! Emmanuelle!!” shouted Marty “Come quickly, something has happened to your barn, the door has been broken off!”

“Oh no not my barn!” shouted Emmanuelle and he jumped onto the back of Marty’s motorcycle.

Soon they were whizzing across the field back to the barn where the others were waiting.

As they pulled up alongside the barn, Emmanuelle looked a bit puzzled.

“But there is nothing wrong with my barn Marty” he said.

Suddenly the barn door opened and out jumped Peter, Gloria, Gillian and Victor.

“Mshangao! (Surprise) Happy birthday Emmanuelle “they all shouted.

“Oh wow a surprise party for me, oh asante sana” excalinmed Emmanuelle

Peter then got the food cooked on the barbeque, Gloria handed out the smoothies and Victor put the music on.

Soon the party was in full swing and some of Emmanuelle’s neighbours from the nearby village joined in and everyone was dancing to Victor’s music and having a great time.

The party continued late into the night, but eventually it was time to go home and all the guests started to leave.

“Kwarhari asante sana” (goodbye, thank you) Emmanuelle shouted to his guests as they were leaving
“Yako kuwakaribisha, hakuna matata” (your welcome, its no problem) laughed Marty and Peter in reply.

By the time Marty had taken Gillian back to the Masai Mara and got back to his house the sun was coming up and he been awake all night.

“I am going to be very tired, but it was worth it. It was a good party and it was good to see Emmanuelle enjoy his birthday” thought Marty to himself and then he thought that he had better get some sleep or he will be too tired for the next adventure that might come along for

Marty the motorcycling giraffe.

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