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The adventures of Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 37 Marty’s amazing Asian Adventure Part 3 Marty goes for a walk on the Great Wall of China

The adventures of Mary the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 37 Marty’s amazing Asian Adventure Part 3 Marty goes for a walk on the Great Wall of China

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe is on one of his most amazing adventures yet, a train journey through Asia.

After travelling through India where he visited the Taj Mahal and Nepal, where he climbed to the base camp of Mount Everest and was taught how to snow board by Santosh the snow boarding Yak, Marty is now heading for China, where he wants to go for a walk on the great wall.

As the train ram through the rolling hills of Tibet, Marty looked out of the window and enjoyed the beautiful countryside and was in awe at some of the magnificent temples built into the hills

Soon the train passed out of the hill and through miles and miles of marshy farm land (paddy fields) where the local farmers grew and harvested huge quantities of rice.

“Hmm” Thought Marty “I don’t really like rice, I hope there are a lot of nice twigs and leafs to eat in China, or I will get quite hungry

It was a very long train journey to the city of Taiyuan, where Marty was going to stay the night before going on to join the great wall at the Niangzi guan pas before walking along the wall all the way to Beijing (China’s capital city), and Marty passed the time by reading a book all about the great wall of China.

He learned that the wall was 8,851 km (5,300 miles) long and runs right across the north part of China from Shanhaigua in the east to Lop lake in the west, and was originally built thousands of years ago to defend China from the nomadic tribes and war lords that use to live in the Mongolian areas north of the wall. Marty also read that legend says that the Niangzi guan pass is a garrison that used to be guarded by female soldiers under the command of Princess Pingyan

“Wow” thought Marty to himself “visiting the great wall is certainly going to be a very exciting adventure”

It was very late in the evening when Marty arrived at Taiyuan, so he booked himself into a hotel for the night

The next morning Marty was up bright and early and after a quick breakfast set out into Taiyuan.

Taiyuan is a very large, busy modern city with lots of very tall buildings and a lot of people whizzing around doing their daily business.

Marty thought to himself that he and Peter would be very busy if they had to clean all the windows in this city.

A young man came up to Marty and said “’ (n ho)” (hello in Chinese) “Mr. Giraffe, you look a little lost, can I help?”

“Jambo” replied Marty “I am Marty, I am from Africa I am here on an adventure and want to get to the Niangzi guan pass, so that I can go for a walk on the great wall”.

“I am Cheng-Gong” the young man said, “and I can show the way to the pass but first would you like me to show you some of the sites here in Taiyuan

Asante sana” replied Marty “that would be very kind of you”

Marty spent the morning with Cheng –Gong  who  told Marty all  about  the city of Taiyuan and how it is an ancient city that used to be know as the Dragon city, and he showed Marty some of the main sites in the city, which included the very tall Hilton hotel ,  Taiyuan food street, with its traditional building variety of eating places all serving up delicious smelling Chinese food (but of course Marty didn’t want to try and of these different types of food because he only eats twigs and leafs) and finally Cheng-Gong  took Marty to see the Jinci temple.

The Jinci temple is a beautiful pagoda style building, and Cheng Gong informed Marty that it is over 1400 years old.

Marty looked inside the temple and was amazed at tall the beautiful artefacts and Chinese carvings that he saw.

Soon it was time for Marty to head off for the Great Wall of China, so Cheng Gong took Marty to a bus station and showed him which bus to catch that would take him to the Niangzi guan pass.

Marty got on board the bus, but because he is so tall he had to sit with his neck and head sticking out of the window.

After a short bus journey Marty arrived at the Niangzi guan pass. Marty picked up his back pack and walked up to the wall.

Marty was quite amazed by the size of the wall and thought to himself that it must have taken a lot of bricks to build this all the away across China.

Marty climbed into the Niangzi guan pass and up the stairs on to the wall and set off on the long walk along the wall to Beijing.

As he walked along the wall Marty looked out into the Chinese countryside and wondered if he might see a panda in the bamboo fields.

“Jambo Mr Giraffe” came a voice from behind him. Marty turned round to see a small African family looking up at him

The family introduced themselves to Marty as Daniel, Diana and their son Simon from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania East Africa

“We have come on a safari to China” Daniel told Marty

“I have been all across Asia” Marty told the family, “and I think this walk on the great wall will be quite an amazing adventure”

Daniel told Marty that the only thing spoiling their trip on the great wall, was tht little Simon couldn’t see over the top and was missing out on the great scenery.

“He could climb up and sit on my head for the trip” offered Marty “then he wouldn’t miss a thing”

Marty knelt down and lowered his head so Simon could climbed

“Hold on tight” said Marty as he raised his head back into air

“Wow this is fantastic” shouted Simon “I can see for miles”

Marty and the family then set off on the long to Beijing and chatted all about their various ravels and all the wonderful things they have seen.

“I will still be glad to get back to Africa though” said Diana “I do miss Dar es  Salaam

“hakuna mahali kama nyumbani” (there’s no place like home)  smiled Marty

Along the way Marty and the family met lots of other people from all over the world who had came to China to walk along the great wall.

They also got to look across the lovely scenery with the rolling Mongolian hills to the north and the farm lands to the south

Then suddenly little Simon started shouting and pointing from the top of Marty’s head

“Look look Panda bears”

Every one ran to the look over the side of the wall where Simon was pointing and sure enough sat in a field of bamboo sat two large giant Panda bears.

“Jambo Mr and Mrs Panda” shouted Marty, but the Panda’s didn’t look up they just carried on eating the bamboo shoots.

“Mmm I guess Panda’s don’t understand Swahilli” joked Daniel which made Marty laugh so much that he nearly shook little Simon off his head.

“Careful Marty don’t hurt my little boy” shouted.

“Hakuna matata” shouted down Simon, I am hanging on tight to Marty’s ears.

“Ouch, he certainly is hanging on tight” exclaimed Marty and every one laughed again.

After a very long and tiring walk and just as it was starting to get dark, Marty saw the bright lights of Beijing, lighting up the night’s sky.

“We are nearly there” said Marty

“Yes Beijing here we come” said Daniel “but I don’t think Simon will know much about our arrival, he’s fallen asleep”

And sure enough Simon had wedged himself between Marty’s horns and fallen fast asleep.

They all walked into the busy city to the hotel where Daniel, Diana and Simon were staying (Marty was booked into a different hotel)

So as not to wake little Simon, Marty stayed outside while Daniel and Diana booked into the hotel and went up to their room on the third floor,

Diana opened the window to the bedroom and Marty leaned through the window and put his head down close to Simon’s bed, so Daniel could move the little boy into his bed without waking him.

“I have to go to find my hotel now” said Marty “and I am leaving for home on an early flight tomorrow”

“We are staying in Beijing for a few days” said Diana “so kwaheri Marty, kuwa salama safari nyumbani kwa Afrika “(goodbye Marty have a safe journey home to Africa)

“Kwahari” replied Marty “It has been lovely to meet you all”

Marty made his way to his own hotel and as he was so tired after the long walk he fell asleep very quickly.

He was up early the next morning and headed straight for the airport.

“My journey through Asia has been an amazing adventure” Marty thought to himself as be boarded the aeroplane “but I will be glad to get back to Nairobi to see all my friends, my little house, my motorcycle and most of all my Gillian again”

Soon the aeroplane was flying high above the clouds taking Marty back to Africa where there will sure to be lots more adventures for

Marty the motorcycling giraffe.

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