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Marty the motorcycling giraffe Story 35 Marty’s great Asian adventure (Part 1 Marty and the Taj Mahal)

Marty the motorcycling giraffe

Story 35 Marty’s great Asian adventure (Part 1 Marty and the Taj Mahal)

Today was an exciting day for Marty, because today he is starting off on one of his exciting travelling adventures. Marty is flying to Mumbai in India to start his great Asian adventure.

Gillian, Peter, Gloria, Emmanuelle and Victor all turned up at the airport to wave Marty goodbye

“Kawhari, na safari njema” (goodbye have a good trip) they all shouted as Marty left for the plane.

“I’ll miss you” shouted Gillian, “I’ll miss you too” replied Marty and he blew Gillian a goodbye kiss.

During the long flight to Mumbai, Marty read all abut India in a book he brought at Nairobi airport, he was particularly interested in the Taj Mahal, which is magnificent building that was built by Shah Jahan (Prince Hurran) as a tomb for and shrine to his late wife Murmataz Mahal

Marty was quite tired when he arrived in Mumbai so he booked into a small hotel to stay the night and plan his trip to the Taj Mahal.

Marty spent the evening looking out across Mumbai from his hotel window and marvelling at all the different things going on and the lovely smells coming from people cooking spicy food on the pavements. Marty of course doesn’t eat any of these different types of food, so he settled for some dinner of twigs and leafs before going to bed to get a good nights sleep.

The next morning Marty went to the train station to catch a train to Agra, the nearest city to the Taj Mahal. Marty brought his ticket and went out to the platform on the train station and he couldn’t believe his eyes when his train came in, the train was so crowded there was no room in any of the carriages and lots of people were climbing on top of the train to sit on its roof.

“Come up here Mr Giraffe I will help you” said a young boy reaching his hand down from the roof, He took Marty’s hoof and helped Marty onto the roof.

Asante sana” said Mary

“Namaste (hello)” said the boy “my name is Jai, I have never met a giraffe before, you are very tall”

“Jambo” replied Marty “My name is Marty and I am from Africa and I like visiting new places and having lots of adventures”

“Well a train ride in India is certainly an adventure” Laughed Jai, and then he shouted “look out! Duck down Marty!”

Marty looked up to see that the train was headed towards a low bridge and he had to lean his head and neck down the side of the train to fit through

“Phew that was close” exclaimed Marty

As the train passed through different stations on the journey it b got busier and busier and Marty had to hold on tight to stop him being pushed off the roof.

Marty thought that this was a very exciting way to travel and loved looking out across the Indian countryside, especially when he saw some Indian Elephants and a very fierce looking tiger walking quite close to the railway tracks.

Eventually the train came to halt at Agra train station and Marty and Jai left the station

“I can show you round the Taj Mahal, I have been there several times before” said jai

Asante sana that is really good of you” replied Marty.

It was quite a long walk from the station, which gave Marty and jai plenty of time to swap stories about living in Africa and India.

When they arrived at the Taj Mahal, Marty instantly new the trip was worthwhile, the building was an absolutely fantastic site  with its four large towers and the wonderfully ornate stonework that created glorious archways and a simply magnificent domed roof and was set in the most beautiful gardens.

“That is truly an amazing building” exclaimed Marty “Shah Jahan must have really loved his wife, to have such a magnificent shrine built for her”

“Yes indeed” replied Jai “but you wait until you see the inside it gets even better”.

Jai and Marty spent the rest of the day inside and outside the Taj Mahal marvelling at all the treasures and secrets that the building kept. Marty was very impressed with Jai’s knowledge.

“You do know an awfull lot about the Taj Mahal, I am very grateful that you could show me round” said Mary “I am also surprised by how many people from all over the world are here to visit the building”

“Yes lots of people come to our country to visit the Taj Mahal, but I think you are the only Giraffe.”

This made Marty smile and feel very proud.

Soon it was time for Marty to leave and continue on his Asian adventure, as he had to catch another train to take him out of India into Nepal and the giant mountains of the Himalayas

Marty and Jai said goodbye at the train station and Marty made Jai promise that he would come to Africa to visit him some day

“I would love to show you round my home country” Said Marty

Marty then climbed on top of the roof of the train and shouted Kawahari  as the train left the station heading for Nepal, the Himalayas and yet more adventures for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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