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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe

Story 22 Marty goes to see the great Pyramids (Part 1 Marty and Quentin the quad biking Camel)

Marty and his good friend and work colleague Peter had decided to take a week of from their busy jobs cleaning windows in the city of Nairobi in Kenya. Peter is the window cleaner and Marty is his assistant.

“I know” said Peter “why don’t we take a trip to Egypt; I have always wanted to see the great Pyramids of Giza”

 Egypt is a long way away, it will take a long time to get there and back, won’t you miss Gloria” teased Marty.

Peter grinned foolishly (he always smiled when he thought of Gloria) and replied, “yes of course I will a bit” (I’ll miss her lot really” he thought to himself, but he wasn’t going to tell that Marty that) replied Peter and added “anyway you’ll miss Gillian just as badly”

Marty and Peter both laughed out loud at each other and started to make plans for their long trip to the land of the pharaohs’ (Egypt).

The next day Marty and Peter started their safari (journey), they rode Marty’s motorcycle to the train station and loaded the motorcycle in the cargo section of the train and then took two seats in a very busy carriage with lots of other passengers and headed of to their first stop, which will be the city of Khartoum in Sudan.

It is a very long journey in the train to Khartoum and Marty and Peter passed the time by playing lots of games of travel scrabble, Marty is very good at scrabble and won most of the games.

When they arrived at Khartoum they unloaded Marty’s motorcycle and went to get some dinner at a restaurant in the middle of the city.

Peter had a nice goat curry but Marty of course just had his favourite food, twigs and leafs.

As he ate his dinner Marty looked around and thought that Khartoum was a very busy city and also very hot and dusty.

After they had finished their dinner Marty and Peter got on Marty’s motorcycle and headed north towards the Egyptian border.

They soon found themselves driving along a very long, empty lonely road on the outskirts of the Sahara Dessert. It is very hot and very sunny in the dessert and all Marty could see were large sand dunes stretching out for miles and miles across the horizon.

Soon after they crossed the border out of Sudan and into Egypt the sun started to go down and it started to get very dark, so Marty and Peter decided to pitch their tents for the night.

As always Marty was too tall for his tent and had to sleep with his head sticking out, looking up at the starry night.

Early the next  morning Marty was awoken by the what he thought was the sound of a motorcycle, as he opened his eyes he looked up to see a camel looking down his nose back at him.

“Well Heloooo” said the camel in a very posh voice”  “uh um Jambo” replied Marty rather sleepily

“Is that your motorcycle? Not bad but it only has two wheels not like my lovely quad bike that has four wheels” said the camel rather snootily.  “Allow me to introduce myself” the camel continued quiet grandly


“Jambo, its nice to meet you” said Marty nd added “I am Marty the Motorcycling giraffe and this is my good friend Peter Ngono and we are off to see the great pyramids”

“Oh I have seen the pyramids on several occasions” scoffed Quentin the camel

Marty got up and looked around Quentin’s quad bike, “this is a very nice machine” said Marty

“Yes” replied Quentin “and far better than your old fashioned two wheeled motorcycle”.

This made Peter very angry indeed.

“I bet Marty could beat you in a race any day!” said Peter

“Oh I don’t think so” sneered Quentin and then he challenged Marty to race round the nearest Oasis and back

“You go up the road for 5 miles and then go left for 4 miles into the desert, once around the oasis, back to the road and then back here to the finish” explained Quentin, “Oh and you will come second” he added rather haughtily.

Pete started the race by shouting Tutu (Three) Mbili (two) Moja (one) kuanza mbio (Start the race)

Marty took and early lead and was just in front of Quentin as they turned off the road and into the dessert. But Marty found the sand hard going and Quentin, with his four wheeled quad bike soon, caught up with him.

“Haw haw haw, see you later slow coach” laughed Quentin as he passed by Marty

They raced around the Oasis and headed back to the road with Quentin still in front.

As they reached the road Marty put his head down and pulled back the throttle on his Motorcycle and shot after Quentin at top speed.

With five yards to go Marty caught and over took Quentin to shoot past the finishing line in the lead.

“Hooray, Marty won! Cheered Peter.

Marty went to shake Quentin’s hoof and said “good race Quentin”, but Quentin just said “Huh” refused to shake Marty’s hoof and  turned his bike round and rode off into the desert .

“What a bad loser” said Marty “I don’t think we will see him again.”

“No” laughed Peter “and I am glad about that!”

Marty and Peter then packed up their tents got back on Marty’s motorcycle and headed on towards the great pyramids.

Marty secretly enjoyed beating Quentin the quad biking camel in the race and also teaching him a little lesson and was sure that the rest of the trip would bring some more exciting adventures for

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's year of adventures continues next Saturday (19/1/2011) with story 23 Marty goes to see the great pyramids Part 2 Marty and the mummy.