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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 29 Marty has a visitor from down under.

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 29 Marty has a visitor from down under.

One evening as Marty was sitting in his little house in Nairobi, eating his supper (a big bag of twigs and leafs of course), he heard a strange sort of thumping or bouncing sound coming from his garden

“That’s strange” Thought Marty “It sounds like someone is bouncing up my garden path”

Ding dong went Marty’s front door bell

“Who can this be?” wondered Marty as he opened the door.

“G’day me old cobber” said the kangaroo, who was stood on the doorstep.

“Mikey—jambo jambo kuwakaribisha!” (Hello, hello, welcome) exclaimed Marty. (Mikey is the motorcycling kangeroo who Marty became friends with when he was in Australia)

“I told you I would come and visit you and here I am” said Mikey, “Well I am, very glad you have, do come in” replied Marty.

Mikey came into Marty’s house and they sat in the front room  drinking smoothies and telling each other of their tales of different adventures they had both  have had recently.

“You will have to show me some of the exciting places in Africa that you have told me about” said Mikey and he told Marty that he had read a book about Kenya and was particularly keen to see Mount Kenya and Thompson falls on the Ewaso Ng'iro    river that the book had pictures of.

“I can take you to those places, and I will also take you to the Masai Mara , where you can meet all sorts of African animals” Marty told Mikey.

“Fair dinkum mate!”  Exclaimed Mikey “that sounds wonderful

So the next day Marty and Mikey set off for a couple of days of adventure.

“First I have to go and tell Peter, my friend and my boss, that I am taking a couple of days off form work, it will be ok because Peter will have Victor the new trainee working with him.” Marty explained to Mikey.

Marty and Mikey climbed onto Marty’s motorcycle and soon they were zooming through Nairobi’s busy streets to get to Peter’s window cleaning yard.

Marty introduced Mikey to Peter and Victor and asked for two days off.

“Jambo Mikey kuwakaribisha Africa” (hello Mikey welcome to Africa)

“G’day sport” replied Mikey “it’s great to be here”

“Of course you can take a couple of days off Marty” said Peter “you and Mikey enjoy yourself”

“No worries cobber, we’re sure to” shouted Mikey

Asante sana” said Marty

Marty and Mikey go back on Marty’s Motorcycle and soon they were zooming along the road out of Nairobi city.  “Next stop the Masai Mara” shouted Marty.

Marty rides his motorcycle very fast indeed and it wasn’t long before they were whizzing through the grassy plains of the Masai Mara. Mikey was very excited to see all the different animals as they whizzed past herds of zebra, wildebeests and gazelles and also a few very scary lions.

At last they came to a spot where a lot of giraffes stood around eating twigs and leafs from the top of acacia trees.

Marty introduced Mikey to his family, his sister Geraldine, his brother in law George, his niece little Georgina and his brother Gary.

“And this” said Marty with a little wink and a smile “is my good friend, the very lovely Gillian”

“Oh shut up Marty” giggled Gillian who was now blushing as red as a tomato.

Marty and Mikey stayed for a while with the other giraffes (who had never seen a Kangaroo before), with Mikey spending most of the time telling them about Australia, while Marty spent most of his time cuddling up to Gillian.

Eventually Marty told Mikey they would have to leave soon if they wanted to get to the bottom of Mount Kenya before it got dark.

 “It’s a long ride” said Marty “and we have to head north over the equator” This excited Mikey who had never been in the northern hemisphere (top half of the world) before.

“Top of the world!!” shouted Mikey as they rode past the sign that says “you are now crossing the equator …….this made Marty laugh very loudly.

Eventually they arrived at the foot of Mount Kenya. Mikey was amazed to see that thee was snow and ice at the top of mountain.

“Strewth” said Mikey “It looks very high, who would have thought there would be snow and ice in Africa

Marty told Mikey that he saw even more snow and ice when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which is even higher.

“You should climb this one too?” said Mikey, “maybe I will one day” replied Marty thinking that it would be an excellent adventure to climb Mount Kenya.

Marty and Mikey watched the sun go down behind the mountain and the stars and moon rise above it before deciding it was time to go to sleep.

They put their tents up and climbed inside, but as usual because he is so tall Marty had to sleep with his head sticking out of his tent.

Mikey didn’t sleep very well, as he lay wide awake in his tent for most of the night, listening to all the sounds of wild Africa, some of which were quite scary. The next morning Marty laughed at Mikey because he looked so tired.

“It was hard to get any sleep with those lions roaring all night” complained Mikey.

After breakfast they set off for Thompson falls , a large water fall on the    River, it was again quite a long trip but as Marty can ride his motorcycle very fast it wasn’t long before they arrived at the top of the falls

They stood at the top looking down at the falls and feeling the cool water spray hitting them in the face.

“Crikey mate! That’s a long way down” said Mikey.

“It certainly is an impressive waterfall, I wouldn’t want to fall into it” laughed Marty

“Look at the way the water crashes down against the rocks” shouted Mikey as leaned forward to get a better look, but the water spray had made the rock Mikey was standing on very wet and all of a sudden Mikey’s feet slipped and he fell head first over the side of the waterfalls.

“Oh No Mikey!!!” shouted Marty in shock as it looked like his friend was going to fall all the way to the bottom of the waterfalls, but luckily Mikey’s tail got stuck in a branch that hung over the waterfalls, and he was left dangling high in the air over the falls.

“Arrgh strewth, crikey help” shouted Mikey, “hang on" replied Marty “I will get you up”

“I have got some rope in my car” said a deep voice form behind Marty.

Marty turned around to see a man running to the boot of a small car. The man came back with a long piece of rope, “here throw this to your friend and we can pull him up” said the man, who told Marty his name is Daniel.

Marty and Daniel threw the rope to Mikey, but it wouldn’t quite reach. I am going to have to step on that rock down there” said Marty pointing into the falls “and lean right over to get the rope to him.”

“Be careful that rock looks slippy, we don’t want you falling as well” said Daniel

Marty stretched his long legs and stepped on to the rock and leaned his neck and head as far as could with out falling and dangled the rope down to Mikey.”

Marty then scrambled back to the top of the falls and he and Daniel held on to the other end of the rope

“Hold on tight” Marty shouted to Mikey.

“Harambee” shouted Daniel and slowly they pulled Mikey back to the top of the falls,

“Strewth that was close” exclaimed Mikey “fair dinkum cobbers you sure saved me there, no worries”

“Hakuna Matata” laughed Marty, but Daniel looked a little confused, as he had never heard anyone talking like this before.

“That’s Mikey’s way of saying asante sana” explained Marty.

Marty and Mikey stayed for a while to chat to Daniel but it was soon time to head off back to Nairobi, for Mikey to catch his plane home.

At the airport, Mikey thanked Marty for taking him to such great places “I had a cracking time mate” he exclaimed.  “I am glad you liked Africa “Marty laughed in reply” and I am very glad you came to visit me”

Marty waved and shouted “Kwarari” as Mikey walked off to catch the plane.

Marty thought to himself how wonderful it was to have Mikey visit him and what a great adventure they had together and wondered what more adventure could be in store for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Marty's next adventure, story 30 Marty goes to Peru Part 1 Marty and Pedro the paragliding Llama will be posted on Sat 7th January 2012.....happy new year everyone!!