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Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes Story 1 Gillian’s new pink scooter

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 1 Gillian’s new pink scooter

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes, have recently come back to their little house in Nairobi after being away on their honeymoon.

Gillian is very happy to be married to Marty and she loves the little house in Nairobi, but today she is feeling a little blue (which is a very funny colour for a giraffe)

“You look a little sad, is everything ok?” asked Marty

“Oh yes Marty everything is just wonderful” replied Gillian with a sigh “its just I am feeling a little home sick, I think I am going to miss the Masai Mara a lot. I am also a bit worried that I will get lonely in the house during the day while you are at work”.

“Well why don’t you come to work with me today? I am sure Peter won’t mind and then we can think of something to help stop you feeling lonely and homesick”

So Gillian climbed on the back of Marty’s motorcycle and off they road through the busy streets of Nairobi until they arrived Peter’s window cleaning yard.

At the yard Victor (the trainee window cleaner) was leaning against the locked gate of the yard.

“Jambo Marty, Jambo Gillian, welcome back to Nairobi” said Victor before telling Marty that Peter hasn’t arrived yet and that they were locked out of the yard.

“Its not like Peter to be late for work, I hope everything is ok” exclaimed Marty.

“Here he is now” shouted Victor as Peter pulled up in his van with Gloria

Peter and Gloria climbed out of the van and they both had very big smiles on their faces.

“You too look really happy” said Marty who then added “it’s unusual to se you at the yard Gloria are you not busy at your smoothie bar today?”

Marty then told Peter that he had brought Gillian to work today as she was feeling a little lonely while he as at work.

“Well! I could do with some help at my smoothie bar; you could come and work with me during the day, because soon I am going to need all the help I can get” Smiled Gloria while rubbing her tummy.

“Oh wow!!! That’s wonderful news” shouted Gillian excitedly and she gave Gloria a big hug and added “congratulations”

Marty and Victor looked very confused and Marty asked “congratulations? For what?”

This made Gillian, Gloria and Peter laugh very loudly indeed.

“Gloria is going to have a baby, you fool” said Gillian to Marty.

“Yes I am going to be a Daddy” added Peter

The friends all then hugged each other and started to talk very excitedly about the baby and Gillian’s new job at the smoothie bar.

But now it was time for work so Gloria and Gillian set off for the smoothie bar, still talking about Gloria’s thrilling news, and Marty, Peter and Victor loaded their window cleaning equipment into Peter’s van and set off to do a days work cleaning the windows in Nairobi city centre.

At lunch time Marty, Peter and Victor stopped work to take a break.

“While you eat your sandwiches, I am just going to pop to the motorcycle dealers, I’ll be back soon” said Marty to the others.

“Are you after a new motorcycle then Marty?” queried Peter.

“You’ll soon see” laughed Marty as he walked away

Very soon Marty returned to work with a very sly smile on his face.

“What are you up to Marty?” enquired Peter “you have a very secretive look on your face”

“I have just arranged a nice surprise for Gillian that’s all, its being delivered to the yard this afternoon you will see it when we have finished work.” Replied Marty

The three friends worked very hard al afternoon in the very hot African sunshine, but they got all the widows nice and clean and soon it as time to pack and go back to the yard.

“I am quite intrigued to see what Marty has got for Gillian” exclaimed Victor

But Marty just sat there quietly with a sly smile on his face.

As they pulled into the yard, they saw Marty’s surprise present, a beautiful new bright pink motor scooter.

“Wow is this for Gillian she is going to love it” said Peter

“I hope so” replied Marty “She will need her own transport if she is going to work in Gloria’s smoothie bar and I also thought she could use it to visit the other giraffes back in the Masai Mara”

Peter then got a large sheet out of the yard to cover the scooter with

“We don’t want to spoil Gillian’s surprise” he explained.

Peter, Victor and Marty got to work on tidying the yard and putting all their work equipment away as they waited for Gloria and Gillian to turn up.

Just as they finished Gillian and Gloria arrived

“Did you have a nice day at the Smoothie bar” asked Marty

“Yes” replied Gillian “I think I am going to enjoy working for Gloria

“Well you will need some transport to get to work each day” exclaimed Marty and then he pulled on the sheet covering the scooter and shouted “Mshangao!” (“Surprise”)

“Oh is this for me” squealed Gillian “oh asante sana Marty its lovely” she then gave Marty a big kiss that made him very happy

“You will be able to use it to visit your family in the Masai Mara as well” said Marty

“Yes and I can also go out motorcycling with you Marty, because together we are sure to find lots of adventures for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes.