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The further adventures of Marty and Gillian story 2 Alfred the angry antelope

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffe

Story 2 Alfred the very angry antelope

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes have a few days off from work (Marty works as a window cleaners assistant in the big African city of Nairobi and Gillian works at her friends smoothie bar in Uhuru park also in Nairobi), so they have decided to ride to the Masai Mara to visit their family and friends there.

So Mary climbed on his Motorcycle and Gillian sat upon her pink  motor scooter, as they got ready for the trip.

“Now don’t you whizz off too quickly and leave me behind” said Gillian “you know my little scooter won’t go as fast as your motorcycle”

“I promise I will ride alongside you all the way” laughed Marty. “You’d better” replied Gillian rather sternly.

And off they went, riding through the busy streets of Nairobi, until they reached the outskirts of town and then out into the long dusty roads through the Kenyan countryside towards the Masai Mara

Despite having to go a little slower than normal it didn’t take then that long before they arrived at the Masai Mara and to the spot where the other giraffes liked to go to eat the tasty leaves at the top of the tallest trees.

Marty and Gillian parked their motorcycles under a large baobab tree, so they would stay nice and sheltered from the hot sun and started walking towards the other giraffes. Quite near the giraffes stood a herd of antelopes, but one antelope was not with the rest of the heard instead he was stood in between two umbrella acacia trees, moaning and mumbling to himself and occasionally charging forward and smashing his head into one or other of the trees.

“Are you alright? You’ll give yourself a headache if you keep doing that” asked Gillian as they walked past the antelope.

“Hmmph” replied the antelope grumpily “what’s it to you, mind your own business”

“Hey!!” shouted Marty “don’t speak to my wife like that, she is only trying to help”

“Just leave me alone” snapped back the antelope

“Come one Marty lets go and leave this misery guts alone” said Gillian

So they wandered away towards there friends and family leaving the antelope to carry on angrily banging his head against the tree over and over again.

The giraffes were delighted to see Marty and Gillian, especially little Georgina who was always excited to see her uncle Marty.

“I see you met Alfred the very angry antelope” sighed Geraldine (Marty’s sister)

“Yes, what is the matter with him?” replied Gillian

“Oh you should just ignore him. Every one else does, even the other antelopes do. Alfred is always in a bad mood” exclaimed Gary (Marty’s brother).

Marty and Gillian spent the rest of the day with George, Geraldine, Gary and of course little Georgina giraffes, just having a good chat while eating the leaves and twigs from the top of the tall trees.

The Masai Mara giraffes were very interested in hearing about Marty and Gillian’ honeymoon and about how Gillian was settling into living in the big city as well as her new job in Gloria’ smoothie bar.

“I hope that brother of mine is treating you well” said Geraldine.

“Oh he has been lovely” replied Gillian with a coy smile.

Gillian then called to Marty (who was playing some silly games with little Georgina) that it was getting late and they had better think about heading off back home to Nairobi.

“Kwahari, come back and visit soon” Shouted Gary, George, Geraldine and Georgina, as Marty ad Gillian walked off towards the Baobab tree where they parked their motorcycle and past Alfred the angry antelope who was still in the same place, and still muttering angrily and slamming his head against a tree over and over again

“You’ will really give yourself a nasty headache, if you don’t stop doing that” said Gillian softly

Alfred stopped banging his head against the tree and looked up at Gillian and said

 “You would bang your head with frustration to, if you were stuck here being a boring antelope all day. I mean we just stand around eating grass, looking out for lions and showing off to human tourists”

“And you don’t like doing that?” replied Gillian

“Well its so boring” explained Alfred “I want to exciting things, like sub aqua diving”

“Sub aqua diving?” asked Gillian

“Yes I read about it a magazine that a tourist dropped out of a bus, it looks so much fun, but antelopes can’t do things like that! It’s not fair” replied Alfred who then turned away to start banging his head against the tree again.

“You know you could do sub aqua diving if you really wanted to” said Marty

On hearing this Alfred stopped banging his head against the tree looked up suspiciously and said

“How can an antelope go sub aqua diving”

“Well” replied Marty “Gillian and I are giraffes and we ride motorcycles and live in the big city. And I have had adventures all very the world and have met a Kayaking monkey in Zambia, a paragliding llama in Peru, a snow boarding Yak in the Himalayas , a motorcycling kangaroo in Australia and a trucking moose in Canada. If these animals can follow their dreams so can you”

“That’s all very well but I don’t even live near a river, lake or the sea, how can I go sub aqua diving” said a very sad looking Alfred

“We still have a few days before we need to go back to work” said Gillian “if you get on the back of Marty’s motorcycle we could take you to Mombasa beach, where you could learn to sub aqua dive”

“Well I could, but I have never been on a motorcycle before” replied Alfred

“You’ve never sub aqua dived before, come on jump on there’s a first time for everything” laughed Marty

“OK I will do it” shouted Alfred, and he climbed onto the back of Marty’s motorcycle.

“Hang on tight I go pretty fast” said Marty as they started to ride away form the Masai Mara with Gillian following behind on her pink Motor scooter

It was a long ride to Mombasa beach and as it was very dark they only had the bright lights of the motorcycles headlamps and the stars to see by. On arriving at Mombasa all three of them were quite tired so they parked the motorcycles and walked down to the each where they settled down for a little sleep under a coconut tree,

When they woke up the beach was quite busy will lots of tourists sunbathing on the beautiful whites sands and swimming in the deep blue ocean.

“Come on” said Marty “if we walk along the beach we should be able to find Sammy the sub aqua man”

So Marty, Gillian and Alfred stared to walk along the beach ait it dint take long before they came across a rather glum looking Sammy

“Jambo Sammy habari gani?” (“Hello Sammy how are you?”)

“Jambo Marty, I have not see you for a long time” replied Sammy who added “my business is not doing so well, all the tourists seem to ant to do is lie on the beach or splash in the sea, no one seems to want to learn to go diving these days”.

“Well I have brought a customer for you” said Marty and introduced Alfred to Sammy and told him all about Alfred’s dream to become a sub aqua diving antelope.

“Well I can teach you” said Sammy

The sub aqua lesson seemed to go on for a long time, and at last Sammy turned to Alfred and said

“Right now it time for you go diving”

This made Alfred very happy and he quickly climbed into Sammy’s boat and off they went to do some diving in the deep ocean.

Alfred dived into and swam down to the coral reef, where he cloud see all sorts of different fish

“This is so wonderful” thought Alfred to himself.

Alfred and Sammy stayed in the water for hours, but eventually it was time to go back to the beach, so they climbed back into the boat and set off for the shore.

As they reached the beach, Sammy saw that there was a large crowd standing by his sub aqua store, so he quickly tied up his boat and ran to his store.

“What’s going on” asked Sammy

“Well” replied Marty “all these people were amazed to see an antelope in sub aqua gear, that they all watched you two go diving and it looked like so much fun, that they all want to have a go”

“Well that’s marvellous” stated Sammy “but I can’t teach al these people all on my own”

“I can help” shouted Alfred “now that I can dive, I don't really want to go back to the Masai Mara, I would rather stay here and work for you”

“Well then you are hired” laughed Sammy

Alfred turned to Marty and Gilliam and said

“Asanta sana Marty asante sana Gillian, I am so happy that you showed me dreams can come true, and now I don’t have to be Alfred the angry antelope anymore, I am now Alfred the (sub) aqua diving antelope”

This made everyone laugh.

“Its time for me and Gillian to head back to Nairobi, kwahari everyone” said Marty and he and Gillian walked off down the beach to their motorcycle and motor scooter, climbed on and started the long ride back to Nairobi while wondering what more adventures might lie in store for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes.