Friday, 10 August 2012

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 3 A very busy day at for Gillian and Gloria at the Smoothie bar

Marty and Gillian (the motorcycling giraffes) are up and out of bed early this morning as they both have busy days ahead of them. Marty in his job as a window cleaner’s assistant and Gillian in her job at Gloria’s smoothie bar.
After a quick breakfast (twigs and leafs of course) they set out for work, Marty on his very fast motorcycle and Gillian on her pink motor scooter.
They rode together for a while, until Gillian reached Gloria’s smoothie store on the edge of Uhuru Park, Gillian stopped her scooter and waved to Marty as he rode off towards Peter’s window cleaning yard.
Gloria had already set up the store for the day and greeted Gillian with a big smile.
“Someone looks very pleased with themselves this morning” said Gillian
“Yes” said Gloria (who is expecting her first baby) “I felt the baby move for the first time this morning”
“Aww that’s wonderful” replied Gillian
“And not only that, I had a call from my friend William who is a safari guide and it would seem that the word has got around about a giraffe serving smoothies and now all the safari guides want to bring their tourists here for a smoothie before they take them out to the game reserves, we are going to be very busy” Gloria told Gillian
“That is exciting do you think we will be able to cope with all the extra work”
“I hope so” said Gloria “it would be nice to make this smoothie bar a really successful business, Peter would be very proud of me”
“Peter is all ready proud of you, especially with you expecting your first child together”
The first customers of the day started to arrive, most of them being Gloria and Gillian’s regular customers, busy Nairobi residents on their way to work. But it wasn’t long before the first bus load of tourists arrived.
All the tourists got very excited about trying all the lovely different exotic flavours of smoothie on sale and even more excited by being served by a giraffe. Many of the tourists asked t have their photographs taken while being served by Gillian.
“You becoming a bit of a superstar” laughed Gloria “perhaps we should charge for photographs as well as smoothie, we would be come very rich”
This made Gillian blush and laugh at the same time
All through the day the bus loads of tourists kept arriving with people coming form all over the world wanting to buy a smoothie and to be served by a giraffe.
Later in the afternoon Gloria called to Gillian that they might have a problem.
“Our regular customer will be finishing work soon and will want to buy smoothies on their way home and we are running out of fresh fruit to make the smoothies”
“Well I could ride my motor scooter to Emmanuelle’s farm and see what fruit he can sell me if you think this would help” offered Gillian
“Oh no” replied Gloria “I don’t think I could manage on my own, in fact I am feeling quite tired already”
Well you had better sit down and take a little rest then” said Gillian “and while your sitting down you should ring Peter and tell him to give Marty some time off from window cleaning to go to Emmanuelle’s farm to collect some fruit for us”
“Good idea” smiled Gloria and phoned Peter straight away.
As soon as Peter finished talking to Gloria he shouted to Marty,
“Marty, you have to take the rest of the day off and ride to Emmanuelle’s farm to collect some fruit for Gloria and Gillian, me and Victor will get the rest of the windows clean.
“Ok boss” shouted Marty and he put down the buckets of soapy water he was carrying and jumped on his motorcycle to head off to the farm.
Because his motorcycle goes so very fast it didn’t take Marty long before he arrived at Emmanuelle’s farm
“Jambo Emmanuel, habari gani” said Marty
“Nzuri sana” replied Emmanuel “Peter let me know you were coming and I have lots of bananas and mangos for you to collect, Gillian and Gloria should be able to make lots of smoothies with this lot.”
“I hope so” said Marty “they have become so busy they can’t keep up with demand”
“Mmm maybe I could help” said a voice from behind Marty.
Marty turned around to see Moira, Emmanuelle’s friend form Mombasa beach, smiling at him.
“Yes” shouted Emmanuelle “what a good idea, Moira is moving to the Nairobi area so that we can see more of each other and needs a job”.
“Well that’s great,” said Marty “you can come back with me and help out with the evening rush”
So Marty, Emmanuelle and Moira tied all the bananas and mangos to Marty’s motorcycle and the Marty go on the motorcycle with Moira sat behind him an off they went back to Nairobi
“Kwahari Emmanuelle” shouted Marty and Moira.  Moira also blew Emmanuelle a little kiss that made him smile.
It wasn’t long before Marty and Moira arrived at the smoothie bar in Uhuru Park in Nairobi
"I have brought the fruit and also brought some extra help”
“Jambo Gillian and Gloria” said Moira as she waved from the back of Marty’s motorcycles.
Gloria and Gillian were delighted to see Moira again and soon all three of them were working hard making smoothies for the evening rush
The three ladies sold lots of smoothies during the evening rush hour and were quite exhausted by the time the last customer left, at about the same time Peter and Victor arrived in Peter’s van and just behind them Emmanuelle came roaring up on his motorcycle.
“Well the whole gangs here” smiled Gloria and we have just enough smoothies left for one each
So Marty, Gillian, Peter, Gloria , Victor, Emmanuelle and Moira all sat on the grass, in the late evening Nairobi sunshine drinking lovely ice cold smoothies and chatting about all the exciting things that were happening in their lives, especially Moira moving to the Nairobi area and what it will be like when Peter and Gloria’s baby arrives.
And Marty thought to himself that with all these good friend around them there is sure to be lots more adventures for
Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes.