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Further adventures of Marty and Gillian story 4 Marty and the big sharks

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 4 Marty and the big sharks

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes have decided to take a few days of from their jobs, Marty works for Peter Ngono as a window cleaner’s assistant and Gillian works for Peter’s wife Gloria on a smoothie bar in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa.

They had decided to take a little holiday to the very bottom of Africa and visit the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Marty and Gillian caught an aeroplane from Nairobi to Cape Town, it was quite a long flight and they wee very pleased when they landed so they could get of the aeroplane, as they were both feeling quite cramped as there is no a  lot of room on a an aeroplane for a giraffe’s long legs and neck.

Once they got through customs Marty and Gillian headed off to tour Cape Town.

Their first port of call was of course a motorcycle hire shop, where hey hired a large motorcycle and after a quick ride around the city’s streets they headed out towards the coast at the Cape of Good Hope.

It was a lovely ride down to the coast and they finally arrived and stopped at the top of a cliff.

Marty and Gillian got off the motorcycle and stared out across the Atlantic Ocean.

“Wow” said Marty “that is  a lovely view”

“Yes” replied Gillian “this would be a good place to set up camp for night”

So Marty got his small tent out of the back of the motorcycle and set it up on the edge of the cliff. And then went off to collect a big pile of twigs and leafs.

Marty and Gillian then sat on a cliff holding hoofs, chatting, eating the twigs and leafs as they watched the sun go down over the horizon of the ocean

As it was now dark Marty and Gillian got into their tent to sleep the night, but because they are so tall they both had to lie down with there heads and necks sticking out of the tent.

Gillian looked up at the stars in the night’s sky and whispered in Marty’s ear

“The stars looks so beautiful like diamonds twinkling in the sky, this is a very romantic adventure you have brought me on” and she gave Marty a big kiss, this made Marty smile.

In the morning Marty fetched some more twigs and leafs for their breakfast.

After breakfast Marty suggested that they go down to the beach to see what adventure they could find there.

As they walked along the beach they came across two men who seemed to be selling boa trips.

“Jambo” said Marty to the men “I am Marty the motorcycling giraffe, and this is Gillian my wife we are here on holiday form Kenya”

“Well hello” replied one of the men “I am Hector and this is Michael, and I must say we have a lot of giraffes in South Africa but I have never heard of a motorcycling giraffe, do all giraffes in Kenya ride motorcycles”.

“No” laughed Marty “Gillian an I are the only ones”

The men then told Marty and Gillian that they were selling boat trips out into the ocean where you can go cage diving to swim with great white sharks.

“Wow now that sounds like a great adventure” said Marty

“It sounds scary and dangerous” muttered Gillian.

Marty and Gillian agreed to go on the boat trip and Marty would do the cage diving but Gillian would just enjoy the boat trip.

A few minutes later they were both safely on the boat and heading put into the deep ocean. The sea was very rough and the big waves kept crashing into the boat make in rock about and everyone got on the boat got very wet.

“Wow this is very exciting” shouted Gillian

Soon they came to a calm bit of the Ocean. And Hector and Michael stopped the boat and downed the anchor.

“This is a good place to see sharks” said Hector.

Marty and Hector then put on wet suits (this is a very tough job for a giraffe) and then moved off the boat and climbed into the cage that hang from the side of the boat

“Kuwa makini Marty” (be careful Marty) exclaimed a rather nervous Gillian

“Hakuna Matata” laughed Marty in reply

With Hector and Marty safely in the cage Michael pressed the buttons to lower he cage into the ocean.

Marty and Hector were not under the water long before los of fish of all different sizes, shapes and colours came swimming up to the cage, then all of a sudden the fish swam away very quickly and a second later Marty could see why.

Two very large great white sharks swam into view and soon they became very interested in the cage. They swam right up to the bars showing their large teeth and scary dark eyes.

“I think they want to eat us” shouted Marty excitedly.

Soon it was time for Marty and Hector to go back to the boat so Michael raised the cage out of the ocean and Marty and Hector climbed back on to the boat.

“Wow that was an amazing adventure” shouted Marty as he pulled off his wet suit.

“I am just glad you are out safe and sound” smiled Gillian.

Hector then said that it was time to go back to the shore and he raised the anchor and took the wheel of the boat to turn it round to head back to land.

But as the boat turned to go hit side on by a very big wave that rocked the boat violently and suddenly a large splash was heard.  Michael had been knocked over board

Michael tried to swim back to the boat but the wave had pushed the boat quite a ling way from where he had fallen in. And behind him two shark fins could be seen sticking out of the water.

“We have to get Michael out of the water quickly, or the sharks will have him for dinner” shouted Hector

They threw ropes to Michael and stretched out to get him, but they couldn’t reach Michael.

“I know” said Marty, “if I stand on the cage and stretch my neck I may be able to reach Michael”

“Good Idea” said Hector.

So Marty climbed onto the cage, but he didn’t feel very safe as it ricked about on the side of the boat

“Kuwa makini Marty” shouted Gillian

“Hold on to my tail” shouted Marty

So Gillian stretched her neck over the side of the boat to the cage and caught hold of Marty’s tail with her teeth.  Marty then stretched his neck don into the ocean and grabbed Michael by the scruff of his neck and pulled him out of the water, just in time as on of the sharks leapt out of the water to try and bite.

Back on the boat Michael was very grateful to Marty and Gillian for saving him and told them that they could have a free boat trip any time they were in South Africa.

They soon got the boat back to the coast and it was soon time for Marty and Gillian to get back on their hired motorcycle and head back to Cape Town to cath an aeroplane back home to Nairobi in Kenya.

“Kwahari” shouted Marty and Gillian as they rode off towards Cape Town

“Well that was an exciting trip” exclaimed Marty, but I will be glad to get home to see what more adventures are in store for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling Giraffes