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The further adventures of Marty and Gillian stroy 5 Marty and Gillian's new home

The further adventures of Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes

Story 5.  Marty and Gillian’s’ new home.

Marty and Gillian are very busy today, as they are packing up everything they own in their little house in Nairobi as they are about to move to a new bigger house on the outskirts of town.

Marty was feeling a little sad as he loved his little house, but since he and Gillian got married, Marty had had to admit that the house just wasn’t big enough for two giraffes!!

The doorbell rang and Marty opened the door to find all their best friends, Peter and Gloria, Emmanuelle and Moira and Victor had turned up to help them move.

“I thought the move might be a little easier if we all helped” said Peter who added “and Mr Makushi is bringing a van from his yard to move all you belongings to your new house.”

The friends all worked very hard and soon all Marty and Gillian’s belongings were neatly packed into boxes and Mr Makushi arrived with a large van.

“Jambo everyone” shouted Mr Makushi “are you ready to load the van up”

Mr Makushi climbed into the back of the van and the rest, except for Gloria who is expecting baby soon and cannot lift heavy boxes, formed a line from the house to the van and passed all the boxes along to Mr Makushi who carefully loaded all the boxes into the van.

It didn’t take long to load the Mr Makushi’s van and what didn’t fit was put into Peter’s small van

So they all set off in a convoy, with Marty up front on his motorcycle followed by Emmanuelle and Moira on Emmanuelle’s motorcycle, Gillian on her lovely pink motor scooter and finally the two vans.

After a short drive they arrived at Marty and Gillian’s new house. It is a much bigger than their old house and had a lovely garden and a stream that ran through a gully on the side of the road.

Just as they arrived a thunder storm started and they had to unload all the boxes very quickly in the pouring rain, but because they were all working so hard it didn’t take them long to get everything unloaded.

Gloria made everyone some lovely smoothies to cool themselves down after working so hard.

 “Asante sana for the loan of the van” Marty said to Mr Makushi  “ when we have finished unpacking we care going to have a little house warming party with lovely smoothies and  some nice food to eat, you are more than welcome to stay and join in”

“Oh I’m too old for parties, and any way I have to get the van back to its yard” laughed Mr Makushi.

Mr Makushi climbed into the van and shouted “kwahari everyone see you at my yard next Friday” (Marty, Peter and Victor have a contract to clean Mr Makushi’s lorries and vans every Friday afternoon) and started to drive out of Marty’s garden.

But all of a sudden the van skidded on the wet surface and slipped down the gulley into the stream.

Every came running, to see if Mr Makushi was ok.

Mr Makushi climbed out of the van and shouted to everyone that he wasn’t hurt but will need a hand getting out of the gulley, so Marty go down on his front knees and leaned into the gully, Mr Makushi grabbed hold of Marty’s little horns and Marty pulled him out of the gulley.

“Now I have got to try get the van out of the gulley, I need that for a job tomorrow” said Mr Makushi with a worried look on his face, adding “Marty will you give me a lift back to the yard on your motorcycle and I will fetch a bigger van and some rope try and pull the van out”

So Marty and Mr Maksuhi headed off to the yard to get the bigger van, while the others started to unpack the boxes.

It didn’t take long to fetch the bigger vehicle ( a large truck with flatbed trailer), and Mr Makushi lined up the back of the truck up against the side of the gully and Peter tied one end of the rope to the bigger truck and Marty leaned into the gulley to tie the other end to the van. Mr Makushi turned on the engine of the big truck and slowly started to move it forward and the van started to rise up the gulley, but then there was a loud screech as the truck tyres stared to spin wildly in the muddy yard and van fell back into the gully and the truck started to slip towards the gully as well. Mr Makushi managed to stop the truck before it fell.

“This isn’t going to work” said Mr Makushi “and I can't afford to lose another vehicle down that gulley”

“I have an idea” said Marty and he whispered something in Mr Makushi’s ear,

“That might just work” replied Mr Makushi

“Come on lets go then” shouted Marty and jumped on to his motorcycle “we won’t be long” he shouted back to the others.

“You better not be just trying to get out of doing the unpacking” Gillian shouted at Marty and this made everyone laugh.

Marty rode off with Mr Makushi following behind in the flatbed truck.

The unpacking was just about finished when Marty and Mr Makushi arrived back at the house.

“Look who I have brought to help” shouted Marty pointing to the back off the flatbed truck, where a very nervous looking elephant was sat.

“Jambo Edward” shouted Gillian “I have not seen you for a long time”

“I have never been to the city before and I have never been on a truck either” trumpeted Edward “and it’s all a bit scary”

“We will make sure you’re ok” replied Marty and we are very glad that you could come and help”.

Edward the climbed down into the gully and got behind the van, he put his head down against the back of the van with his  tusks and trunk under the the bottom of the van and with a mighty trumpet he used his powerful muscles to slowly push the van out of the gulley and back onto the road”

“Hooray kwa Edward, nguvu zake mashujaa imekuokoa siku” (“hooray for Edward, his mighty strength has saved the day), shouted everyone.

This made Edward feel quite embarrassed

“I am just glad I could help” he mumbled

“Are you going to stay for the house warming part?” Gillian asked Edward

“I don’t think so” replied Edward “I don’t really like being in the city, so if Mr Makushi doesn’t mind I would like to go back home to the Masai Mara now”

“I will be happy to take you home, jump back on the truck” said Mr Makushi who added that he will be back first thing in the morning to pick up the van

Everyone shouted “kwahari” and waved Mr Makushi and Edward goodbye.

“And now it is time to start the party” shouted Moira

Marty smiled and turned to Gillian and said

“I think we are going to be very happy in our new home and we are sure to be able find lots more adventures for

Marty and Gillian the motorcycling giraffes