Saturday, 17 September 2011

Marty the motorcyclying Giraffe story 10 Marty and the loch Ness Monster

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

Story 10 Marty and the Loch Ness Monster

Marty woke in his little house in Nairobi in a very excited mood; He was excited because today he is going on another adventure. Marty is flying out to “Bonnie Scotland” for a holiday.  He was sure that he will find lots of adventures in Scotland.

Marty rode his motorcycle to Nairobi international airport and soon he was sat on the aeroplane flying to Glasgow.

It was raining very heavily when he arrived in Glasgow so Marty brought himself an umbrella and caught a taxi to his hotel, which was near the city centre overlooking the River Clyde. Marty thought that this was a very nice hotel with a lovely view,

Marty found the people in Glasgow very friendly but he struggled to understand a lot of what they said to him, as he had never heard the English Language spoken in such a manner.

Marty went shopping “in Sauchihall street” in the centre of Glasgow. This is a very busy street, with lots of nice shops and lots of people walking around. Outside one of the shops was a very big man wearing a kilt and playing the bag piles.

Marty had never heard the bagpipes before and he thought that they made a very strange sounds but he enjoyed listening to the man playing them. After the man finished his tune Marty went to speak to him.

“Jambo” said Marty, “Och! Ye nae be seeing tae many giraffes aroon here” replied the bag pipe player who introduced himself as wee Jimmy.  “Wee Jimmy?” asked Marty, “Och aye” replied Wee Jimmy “ma da (my dad) is called Big Jimmy so I am called Wee Jimmy”

Marty and Wee Jimmy” sat on a bench in the street and chatted for ages. Wee Jimmy told Marty all about Scotland, the beautiful hills and lochs and all the old castles and ancient battle grounds. But what excited Marty the most was tales of the Loch Ness Monster.

So Marty hired himself a motorcycle (a big American bike, like the one he rode in Los Angeles) and set off on the long and winding road to Loch Ness.

At Loch Ness the local people told him that the Loch Ness monster doesn’t come out from under the water much and that he would be lucky  see her (some people said that the monster was just a myth and wasn’t real). But they told Marty that if he really wanted to see the monster he should go down by the castle at the side of the Loch at night time.

It was getting dark as Marty rode his motorcycle down to the side of the loch. Marty parked his motorcycle with the headlight shining across the dark rather spooky looking loch.

Suddenly the water started to bubble and shake about, and then a large head and long neck shot out form under the water.

Marty jumped back in shock and thought “it’s the monster!!”

“Och! Dinnae ye be afreed (don’t you be afraid)” said the Monster, “My name is Nessie and I am quite friendly”

“Jambo my name is Marty” replied Marty nervously.

Nessie told Marty that she had to come out of the water to see Marty because she had never seen a motorcycling giraffe before.

“That’s because I am the only one” said Marty proudly.

Nessie and Marty stayed up chatting all night. Nessie told Marty all about loch Ness and the Scottish highlands, and Marty told Nessie all abut Africa, Nairobi and the Masai Mara..

Marty ate lots of twigs and leafs as they talked and Nessie ate lots of fish and they both drunk lots of Irn Bru (a fizzy drink that Marty had gotten quite a taste for since arriving in Scotland

As the morning arrived and the sun came up and shone across the loch, Nessie said that she has to go back under the water.

“Goodbye Marty, it’s been lovely talking to you” said Nessie as she dived into the deep water.

Kwaheri” shouted Marty “it was lovely to met you too”

The next day Marty found it difficult to get people to believe that he met the Loch Ness Monster, but Marty didn’t mind because he knew it was true.

Soon it was time for the holiday to finish and for Marty fly home to Africa.

Marty had enjoyed his stay in Scotland (and had even got used to the rainy weather), but he was looking forward to going home to Nairobi to see what more adventure could be found for:-------

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe.

Lok out for the next installment in Marty's year of adventures to be posted on Wednesday 21st September