Thursday, 25 August 2011

Marty the motorcyclying Giraffe story 3 Marty goes to London

Marty the motorcycling giraffe
Story 3 Marty goes to London
It is Saturday morning in early January, but instead of having his usual Saturday morning long lie in, Marty was up at the crack of dawn
He was very excited because today is the day that Marty catches an aeroplane to London in England
Marty had never been out side of his home country of Kenya before in Africa before and he was so looking forward to his trip.
He had read all about London and was so looking forward to seeing all the sights, Buckingham palace, Nelsons column, Piccadilly circus and maybe he might get to have a ride on the London eye
Marty rode his motorcycle to the airport, where he parked in the car park. He showed his passport and ticket at the desk and was allowed on the aeroplane
Marty was a little scared while waiting for the plane to take off, but once it was up in the air he thought it was so wonderful, looking down at the ground so far below. It was a long fight to London and it was dark and cold when he arrived.
Marty took a taxi ride straight to his hotel so he could get into the warm, have a nice meal (Marty likes to eat twigs and leafs) and a good sleep so he will be ready  for his adventures exploring London to start the next day.
Marty woke up early the next day and set out to explore London.
It was very cold and what was that white stuff falling from the sky. Marty had never sen snow before, it didn’t snow in Africa.
Marty noticed that everyone was wearing woolly long things around their necks to keep warm. “That’s what I need “said Marty, but every shop he went into did not have a scarf long enough for Marty’s long neck.
He felt very sorry for himself and headed back to his hotel.
“Well Marty” asked Mrs Smith (the landlady that owns the hotel Marty is staying in) “what are you doing back so soon?”
“My neck is so cold. I can’t go out exploring in this weather” said Marty replied sadly as he trooped off to his room.
Mrs Smith felt sorry for Marty, and felt she wanted to help. So she went to her knitting cupboard and got all the scrap bits of wool she had lying around and sat down and started knitting.
Mrs Smith was up nearly all night, but when she had finished, she had knitted the biggest, longest, woolliest, and stripiest scarf in the whole wide world.
“Oh! Asante sana (thank you very much) cried out Marty “now I can go out and explore London and my neck will stay warm “
During the rest of his holiday Marty, warmly wrapped up in the long stripy woolly scarf, did everything he wanted to do in London.
He rode on the London eye, took a boat trip on the river Thames under the Tower Bridge, fed the pigeons in Trafalgar square and watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace.
The following Saturday Marty’s holiday had come to an end and it was time to catch an aeroplane back to Africa. Back to his little house in Nairobi and of course back to his motorcycle.
At the airport Marty said “Kwaheri” (good bye) to Mrs Smith and a great big asante sana (thank you very much) for the very long, woolly stripy scarf that had kept his neck warm all week.
Marty really did have a great adventure in London, and as he flew back home to Africa he wondered to himself

What more adventures could be found for
Marty the motorcycling giraffe!!!!