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Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 47 Marty’s great North American adventure part 1 Marty and the Birdman of Boston

Marty the motorcycling Giraffe Story 47

Marty’s great North American adventure part 1 Marty and the Birdman of Boston

Today is a very exciting day for Marty the motorcycling Giraffe as today his about to start out on a very exciting adventure to North America

Marty’s friends, Peter, Gloria, Emmanuelle, Victor and of course his special friend Gillian, have all turned up at the airport to wave goodbye to Marty.
“What things are you planning to do on this trip Marty?” asked Victor

“Well first I am going to Boston where I hope to meet up with my friend Andy, who I met in Peru, and then hire a Motorcycle and ride to Canada  to see Niagara Falls and then catch a aeroplane to Los Angeles, where I hope to meet up with some of the friends I met the last time I was in LA and also I have friends there that I met when I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro” replied Marty  and he added “ and of course I hope to have lots of adventures along the way!”

“Ooh that sounds like you’ll be gone for a long time, I’m going to miss you” Said Gillian sadly

“I will miss you too” replied Marty “but I will be back before you know it and when I return I have something very special planned”

“You keep mentioning this special plan Marty, but you never tell anyone what it is” said Peter

“You will all find out in good time” laughed Marty

It was now time for Marty to catch his plane so he said Kwaheri to everyone and gave Gillian a little kiss before making his way to the plane.

“Kwaheri, na safari njema” (Goodbye, have a good trip) they all shouted after him.

It’s a long flight from Kenya to the USA but as Marty managed to fall asleep for most of the flight it didn’t seem long before the plane was landing at Boston’s airport.

Marty was very glad that his friend Andy was there to meet him at the airport

“Hello Marty welcome to the USA, its good to see you again” greeted Andy

“Its good to see you too and I am very excited about being back in America” replied Marty

“Well I have got lots of things planned for your visit, today I am going to show you all around Boston and tomorrow I have got you a ticket to come and see me play American Football for the New England Patriots against the New York Giants”.

“That’s sounds fantastic" said Marty, "I don’t know anything about American football but I am sure it will be very exciting. I remember you telling me your football nickname is the Birdman”

“That’s right” laughed Andy “that’s the nickname our teams supporters have given me”

First they went to Marty’s hotel so that he could book in for the night and unload his luggage (just a rucksack as Marty likes to travel lightly).

“I’m very hungry, they had no twigs and leafs on the dinner menu an the aeroplane” Marty told Andy

“I know just the place to go” replied Andy “Follow me”

So they set off to a river side café on the banks of the River Charles that runs through Boston and down to the ocean.

Marty and Andy sat on outside table to eat their dinner and chatted way catching up on what they each have been up too since they climbed to the lost city of Machu Pichu together.

Marty told Andy about all his adventures and Andy tried to explain the rules of American football to Marty.

After they had finished their dinner Andy took Marty on what is know as the freedom trail, and explained how Boston took a very important role in the USA gaining its independence from England hundreds of years ago.

Marty was very impressed, especially at some of the important buildings like the Old South Meeting House, Old State House, and Paul Revere House, that they visited on the tour.

But it was soon getting quite dark and as Marty was a little tired from all the travelling he told Andy that he was going to go back to his hotel to get some sleep.

Before he went Andy gave Marty ticket for the match the next day and explained that the New England Patriots play in the Gillette stadium which is in Foxborough a few miles away.

“Hakuna matata” said Marty “I will hire a big American motorbike and I will be able to get to the Stadium no problem”

Marty slept well that night and woke up just in time to get some breakfast and head out to Boston to find a motorcycle hire shop.

At the motorcycles hire shop, Marty managed to hire a lovely big American motorcycle and the shop agreed that he could return it  to the shop they own in Toronto in Canada.

“I will enjoy riding this Motorcycle all the way to Canada” said Marty to the man in the hire shop, but today I am going to use it to ride and around Boston and then head off to see the big football match”

“Well you have a nice day” said the hire shop man and Marty got on the motorcycle and whizzed off into Boston’s busy city streets.

Marty spent the morning riding around Boston and getting very used to riding the large American motorcycle and also finding out more about Boston.

But soon it was time for Marty to head off for the Gillette stadium to see the big football match, Marty was feeling very excited about seeing his good friend Andy play in such an important match.

As Marty headed out of Boston city toward Foxborough he noticed that the road up ahead was very congested, in fact the cars and truck were not moving at all.
So Marty weaved his way through the stationary traffic.
A little way up ahead Marty could see someone had got out of his car and was looking at the traffic jam and shaking his head. As Marty got closer he realised it was his friend Andy

Marty pulled up alongside Andy and said

“Jambo Andy, shouldn’t you already be at the stadium”

“Yes “ replied Andy “ my friend Sags was giving me a lift but now it doesn’t look like I will make it in time for kick off, my coach will be furious”
“Hakuna matata” shouted Marty “jump on the back of my motorcycle and I will get you to the stadium in plenty of time”

So Andy jumped on the back of the motorcycle and soon they were whizzing through the traffic towards the stadium.

At the stadium Andy went to get ready for the game and Marty took his seat in the stadium.  The people sitting near the Mary were very surprised as Marty sat down, as they had never seen a Giraffe at a football game before.

The game started and Marty found it very exciting if not a little painful looking as the players kept bashing into each other.

With all his football gear on it was difficult for Marty to tell which one of the players was his friend Andy but luckily he had his nickname “the birdman” written on the back of his jersey.

As the game went on the New York Giants took the lead and looked like winning the game. Near the end of the game Andy’s friend Sags arrived.

“Phew I have just made it in time for the finish” said Sags “whats the score?”

“21-17 to the New York Giants” replied Marty “I don’t think Andy’s team are going to win”

“It’s not over yet” replied Sags

With that Andy managed to break away from the pack of New York Giant’s players and one of the New England Patriots team threw the ball very high and very long to where Andy was running.

Andy jumped up and caught the ball and kept on running to take him over the “touch down line”

All the crowd were jumping up and down shouting Andy’s nick name “Birdman, Birdman, Birdman” over and over again.

With that a loud hooter was sounded.

“That means the game has finished and the Patriots have won, and Andy scored the winning touchdown” Sags Told Marty

“Hooray for the Birdman” shouted Marty.

After the game Andy introduced Marty to all the Patriots’ players and gave him an American football signed by all the team.

“Oh asante sana this is a lovely gift” said Marty and then added “but now I have to say kwaheri, as it is time for me to go, I have a long ride ahead of me to Canada”

“Well it’s been great to see you again” said Andy “I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in America.”

With that Marty jumped on his motorcycle and headed out on the road to Canada.

Marty liked visiting Boston and was pleased to meet his old friend Andy and thought the football match was very exciting but now he couldn’t help wondering what sort of adventure could be found in Canada for

Marty the Motorcycling giraffe.

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