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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 48 Marty’s great North American adventure Part 2 Marty and Troy the trucking Moose.

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 48 Marty’s great North American adventure Part 2 Marty and Troy the trucking Moose.

Marty is having a great adventure in North America, and after spending some time with his friend Andy in Boston, where Marty go to see his first American football match. Marty is now whizzing down the freeway, on a large American motorcycle he has hired, towards the Canadian border.

In Canada Marty wants to see the Niagara Falls and Toronto city before handing back the big America motorcycle and catching an aeroplane to Los Angeles.

Marty was really enjoying his ride towards Canada and it wasn’t long before he could see the sun glistening on the blue surfaces of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

“Ahh the great lakes are up ahead” thought Marty “that means it won’t be long before I reach the Canada

 Excited by the thought of reaching Canada, Marty pulled back the throttle on his motorcycle and started to speed up towards the lake, when suddenly he heard a loud bang and his back wheel started to skid out of control.

Marty had to hold on tight to the handlebars and use all his motorcycling skills to stop himself from crashing, but he soon brought the motorcycle safely to a halt

Marty climbed off his motorcycle and looked at his back wheel

“On no I have puncture” sighed Marty to himself “and it’s still a long way to the nearest town”.

As he didn’t really know what else to do, Marty started to push the motorcycle along the road towards the great lakes and towards Canada

But with the motorcycle being so very heavy and with the sun beating down on is back it wasn’t long before Marty got very tired and the lakes and the Canadian border did not seem any closer.

Marty thought to himself that he was never going to be able to push the motorcycle al the way to Canada when he heard the sound of a large lorry’s horn and the screech of breaks behind him

Marty turned round to se that a large lorry had stopped behind him an getting out of the cab was a large moose, wearing a cowboy hat, sunglass, blue denims and a checked lumberjack shirt with the sleeves rolled up over his very powerful looking biceps.

“Howdy partner” said the Moose “looks like you’re in a spot of trouble”

“Jambo, my motorcycle has punctured tyre” replied Marty, before introducing himself and explaining that he comes from Africa and is on holiday in North America and is heading towards the Niagara Falls and Toronto.

“Well I never heard of a motorcycling Giraffe before” laughed the Moose and shook Marty’s front hoof and added “My names Troy, Tory the trucking Moose and you’re in luck because I am heading towards Niagara Falls city, where you can get your motorcycle fixed”.

Troy then opened the back of his lorry’s trailer and using all his strength he lifted Marty’s motorcycle and put it into the trailer.

“Wow that is one very strong Moose” thought Marty to himself

“Jump in the passenger seat Marty” said Troy and we will be in Canada in no time.

So Marty climbed into the lorry and off they headed along the freeway to the Canadian border.

Marty and Troy soon became good friends as they chatted as they drove along with Troy telling Marty all about Canada and how he had left the other moose in the Canadian wilderness to move to the big city and become a trucker, and Marty told Troy all about how he left his family in the Masai Mara and moved to the big African city of Nairobi so that he could ride his motorcycle and have lots of adventures.

It wasn’t long before they reached the border.

“Welcome to Canada Mr Giraffe” said the border control officer as he checked Marty’s passport.

Asante sana” replied Marty

Troy then drove the lorry into Niagara Falls city and to a garage.

“This is a very good garage and they will have your motorcycle fixed in no time” Troy assured Marty and then, with his very strong and powerful arms, he lifted Marty’s motorcycle off the back of the lorry and pushed it into the garage.

The man in the garage told Marty that the motorcycle will be fixed and ready by first thing tomorrow morning, so Marty wandered off with Troy to see the exciting sights in and around Niagara Falls city.

Marty and Troy were very hungry, so the went to Troy’s favourite café in the city, “the Rainforest Café”, where Troy ordered a large plate of grass and plants and of course Marty had a big plate of twigs and leafs.

After they had finished their dinner, Troy took Marty to the Clifton hills area of town, where Troy showed Marty around some haunted houses, Marty found this very exciting. Marty then had a good look around the different shops in the area.

“Right Marty” said Troy “enough of the eating and shopping lets go and see the thing you have really come to this City for, the famous Niagara Falls.”

As they got near the falls Marty could hear the thunderous roar of the water flowing over the falls and could see the large mist cloud rising above it.

“This reminds me of the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River” Marty said to Troy.

“These falls are caused by the Niagara river that flows from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, going over a large set of cliffs” Troy informed Marty.

Troy then pointed out across the falls and explained to Marty that Niagara Falls is made up of two large water falls

“This one is the Horseshoe Falls and is in Canada and the far one you can see is called the America falls and is across the border in the USA.” Troy told Marty and then exclaimed “come on Marty lets go to the top of the Sky Lon tower, you get a great view from up there”

Marty and Troy then climbed up the stairs to the top of the tower, and Marty saw that Troy, it was a fantastic view across the falls.

As the two friends looked out from the tower the sun started to go down and then all of sudden a whole load of lights were turned on, illuminating the falls in the night sky.

“Wow kwamba ni ajabu”  (Wow that is amazing) shouted Marty

The a whole host of fireworks shot into the sky and exploded to shower the earth with bright sparkling little droplets of light

This made Marty jump and shout “Hiyo ni hata kushangaza zaidi kuliko show mwanga” (that is even more amazing than the light show)

The friends stayed a little longer before Troy set off for home and Marty headed off to his hotel.

The following morning, Marty got up early had a big breakfast of twigs and leafs before going to the garage to pick up his motorcycle. That now has a brand new tyre on the back wheel.

Marty then went to Troy’s house to say kwahari (goodbye) and to thank him for helping him out on the freeway and for showing him around Niagara Falls.

Marty then headed off towards Toronto.

Marty was soon whizzing down the road along side the mighty Lake Ontario that looked beautiful with the reflection of the morning sun glistening on the top of the blue water.

After short while Marty arrived in Toronto, where he had a few hours to look around city before he had to hand in his motorcycle to the hire company and catch an aeroplane to Los Angeles.

In Toronto Marty stood at the bottom of the huge CN tower and looked up in amazement at the sight of the tower disappearing in to the sky.

“Wow, even for a Giraffe that is a tall tower, I wonder how they manage to clean the windows in such a building” thought Marty.

Marty then brought some twigs and leafs from a specialist shop and sat by the pond in the lovely Nathan Phillips Square and ate some lunch while watching the busy people of Toronto go about their business.

Marty had just enough time to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and marvel at the large dinosaur skeletons they have in there.

“Dinosaurs look even more scary than Lions” though Marty.

Soon it was time for Marty to go to the airport to catch his flight to Los Angeles.

Marty loved his visit to Canada and was really pleased he had made a new friend in Troy the trucking moose, but was looking forward to his visit to Los Angeles and to see what adventures could be found there for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe.

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