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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 50 Marty’s greatest adventure Part 1 Marty’s special plan revealed

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

Story 50 Marty’s greatest adventure Part 1 Marty’s special plan revealed.

Marty the motorcycling giraffe has just go back from a really exciting journey to North America where he had lots of exciting adventures I the USA and Canada and met some new and some old friends. But now he has something much more exciting on his mind. Marty has had a special plan for a few weeks now and today is the day he intends to start carrying out this plan.

Marty is feeling very nervous and is getting butterflies just thinking about his special plan

“I hope everything goes as well as I have planned it” thought Marty as he climbed onto his motorcycle ride to the window cleaning yard where he works.

 Marty finds it very whiz through the busy streets of Nairobi on his motorcycle and he it wasn’t long before he arrived at the yard.

Peter and Victor were already hard at work, loading all the window cleaning equipment into Peter’s van and getting ready for a hard day work cleaning windows in Nairobi.

“Jambo Peter, jambo Victor” shouted Marty as he climbed off his motorcycle.

Jambo Marty” replied Peter and Victor

“Did you have a good time in America?” asked Peter before adding “I bet you have some great stories to tell, but I wasn’t expecting you back at work until tomorrow”

“I had a wonderful time” replied Marty, “but I’ll need to tell you about it later, I am off to the Masai Mara just now and I have a special plan to put into place”

“You and that special plan, you keep talking about it when are going to tell us what it is”

“That’s is what I have come to tell you, I am off to the Masai Mara now, but will be back at 5 pm, if you two can be here and et Gloria and Emmanuelle here as well I will then tell you what the secret has been”

“That sounds exciting; I’ll make sure we are all here for when you get back”

With that Marty jumped back on his motorcycle shouted “kwahari” to Peter and Victor and was soon whizzing through the streets, out of Nairobi and towards the Masai Mara.

Because Marty goes so fast on his motorcycle it wasn’t long before her arrived at the Masai Mara and soon after he got the spot where his Giraffe friends and family live.

Little Georgina (Marty’s niece) was the first to notice the big cloud of dust that Marty kicked up as he rode his motorcycle through the Masai Mara.

“Look look its uncle Marty” she shouted excitingly

“Oh its as well Marty’s come back from America” shouted Marty’s special friend Gillian with just as much as excitement as Georgina.

“Calm down you two”  said George (Marty’s brother in law and Georgina’s daddy) rather grumpily  “come along lets go and find out what stories of his adventures Marty has to tell us this time”.

Marty pulled up alongside the giraffes, which made Geraldine (Marty’s sister) jump

“Must you drive that Motorcycle so close to me” she scolded and then smiled “welcome back little brother” and gave Marty a big hug.

“Well” said Gary (Marty’s brother) “tell us all about America

“Yes please do” said Gillian, who had the biggest smile on her face as Marty lent over and gave her a big kiss.

For the next hour or so Marty kept the giraffes enthralled with his tails of his adventures in America, with Gillian and Georgina practically excited by his stories.

Marty then said to the others “if you don’t mind I have something very special to discuses with Gillian” and then he asked Gillian to com for a ride on his motorcycle.

Marty and Gillian then ride the motorcycle across the plains of the Masai Mara until they reached the place by a river where they had spent a very romantic time, not that long ago

“Oh Marty! You have brought me to our special place”

“Yes” replied Marty “and I have something very special to talk to you about.”

“I have really missed you when I have been away on my adventure” Marty continued “and I have come to the decision that I would rather have my adventures with you”

Marty then took a wooden box out of his motorcycle top box and bent down on to his front knees an opened the box to reveal a large diamond ring

Marty then looked up at Gillian and asked

“Gillian Je, kuolewa na mimi?”  (Will you marry me?)

“Ooohh Ndiyo, Ndiyo, Ndiyo!!!”  (Yes, yes, yes) shouted Gillian in reply.

Marty then placed the ring around one of Gillian little horns (this is where Giraffes wear their engagement and wedding rings) and gave he a big kiss.

“Lets hurry back to the others I can’t wait to tell them I am going to be a bride” squealed Gillian in delight

Marty and Gillian they got back on Marty’s motorcycle and headed back towards the other giraffes

As soon as they got there Gillian couldn’t contain her excitement and shouted to the other giraffes

“Marty has asked me to marry him, I am going to be a bride, look at my lovely engagement ring!!”

All the giraffes quickly gathered around the happy couple, with George and Gary slapping Marty on the back and telling him “well done” before giving Gillian a kiss and congratulating her.

Geraldine wanted a close look at the ring before giving Gillian a big hug; she then turned to Marty and said with a little tear in her eyes

“Congratulations Marty, this must mean that my little brother is all grown up at last” and then gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

Little Georgina was very excited and kept jumping up and down and asking to be a bridesmaid.

“Of course you will be” smiled Gillian and she gave Georgina a little cuddle

Marty then told the giraffes that and Gillian have to go to Nairobi now to tell his friends there, the good news.

Marty and Gillian then whizzed off to Peter’s yard in Nairobi where Peter, Gloria, Emmanuelle and Victor were waiting for them

“Here they are now” and Peter as Marty and Gillian turned into the yard “I wonder what this big secret is?”

But Gloria screeched “I know I know what the secret is, look at the big diamond ring Gillian has got on”

Gloria then ran to Gillian and they started hugging and chatting excitingly.

“Well” said Peter to Marty “so this is your special plan, you’ve asked Gillian to marry you”

“I sure have” replied Marty with a big smile “and of course I want you to be my best man”

“I will be honoured to be your best man” Peter replied

Victor and Emmanuelle then started to shake Marty’s hoofs and congratulate both Marty and Gillian

And Marty thought to himself that getting married to Gillian could be the greatest adventure of all for

Marty the motorcycling giraffe

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