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Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe Story 49 Marty’s great North American Adventure Part 3 Marty in Awesome LA

Story 49 Marty’s great North American Adventure Part 3 Marty in Awesome LA

Marty the motorcycling giraffe is on yet another of his great adventures, an exciting trip to North America. After spending some time in Boston, Niagara Falls and Toronto Marty has caught an aeroplane flight to Los Angeles.

Marty stepped off the plane and felt the hot sun on the back of his (very long) neck.

“Ahh the warm Californian sun, that’s how I remember LA from my last trip, I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of my old friends here.” Marty thought to himself.

After booking himself into a hotel Marty headed for a motorcycle hire shop, so that he could get a nice motorcycle to get around on during is stay in Los Angeles.

“I do like riding these American Motorcycles” Marty told the man in the hire shop.

“They are awesome machines” replied the man in the hire shop before telling Marty to “have a nice day”

“Hakuna matata” laughed Marty as he waved and whizzed off on the motorcycle.

The first place Mary headed for was St Columbus primary school, where he had helped out as a stand in flag pole the last time he was in LA

Marty stopped his motorcycle and parked it out side of the school walls and then stretched his neck to look over the wall into the school yard, and there he saw his old friend the janitor sweeping the playground

“Jambo Mr Janitor, habari gani”

“Oh My!” shouted the rather startled Janitor and then he looked up and smiled. “Marty, you’ve come back, all the way from Africa, its good to see you again, do come into the school”

The janitor then opened the school gates for Marty to walk into the school yard.

“Come on Marty, I’ll take you to the principals office he will be delighted to see you again, will you be in LA for long?”

“No not long, just time to visit some old friends, before I have to go back home to Africa

The janitor the knocked on the principals office door and poked his round and said “principal we have a very special visitor” with that Marty bent down and out his head round the door.

“A very special visitor indeed” exclaimed the principal “welcome back to St Columbus, its great to see you again”

“Come down into the main hall Marty, there is something there you might like to see” added the principal.

So Marty followed the principal and the Janitor into the school hall and there on the wall was a large picture of Marty receiving his medal from President Obama, after he saved the day by acting as a flag pole.

“That was a very special day and an exciting adventure” said Marty

“You’ll always be remembered and welcome at St Columbus” said the principal “and I am sure the children would like to see you again too”

“That would be great” replied Marty.

So the janitor made an announcement over the schools audio com system that all the classes were to come down to the school hall immediately.

The children were so delighted and excited to see Marty that it took quite a while for the teachers to get them to be quiet and sit down in the hall

Marty then stayed for a little while talking to the children and telling them all about his adventures and the exciting places he has visited.

When it was time to go Marty said Kwahari to all the children and of course the janitor and the principal before getting back on his motorcycle and heading back into the LA streets

“Goodbye Marty, come back and visit us soon” shouted the Principals as Marty rode off.

Marty knew where he was heading next; he was going to pay a surprise visit to some friends (Brian, Catie and Amy) who had met when he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania back in Africa.

As Marty pulled up outside of their house Brian and Catie spotted him and came running out to greet him

“Oh my word Marty, what are you doing in LA, its awesome to see you again buddy” shouted Brian
Marty explained that he was coming to the end of his great North American adventure and just had to see them before he headed back to Africa.

“I am going to spend one more day in LA and then I must catch my flight home the day after tomorrow”

“Well that’s great” said Catie “we can arrange a special barbeque party on the beach for you tomorrow evening”

“Now that does sound like fun” replied Marty

Catie then phoned Amy to tell her Marty was visiting and it wasn’t long before Amy came running along the road to join them

The four friends then went for a walk along the beach, talking about their memories of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and other adventures they have had since they last met.

As it was starting to get dark Marty could see a mysterious figure up ahead walking along the beach al dressed in black.

“Who’s that?” asked Marty

“We don’t know her name” replied Amy “but we call her the angel of the dark, because she always comes out for a walk as it starts to get dark and she always wears black”

“How mysterious” thought Marty

Marty was starting to feel tired so the four friends made arrangements to meet on the beach for the barbeque party the next night and Marty set off for his hotel.

After a good nights sleep Marty work up early and had a big plate of twigs and leafs for breakfast and headed off on his motorcycle to explore LA.

First he headed off to Disney land for a few hours where he saw his favourite cartoon characters and went for a ride on some of the fair ground attractions. Marty then visited Venice beach which he remembered from his last visit had a lot of street entertainers.

After he had finished on Venice beach he went to the local shopping malls and spent the last of the money he got when he and his friends found the treasure chest on the island in Lake Turkana, on something very special indeed.

Soon it was time to meet up with Brian, Catie and Amy on the beach for the barbeque party.

When Marty had arrived the barbeque was already lit and his friends had invited some more people along including the janitor and principal from St Columbus primary school, which made Marty very happy.

The barbeque party was awesome and every one was having a good time, when as the sun went down, Marty saw the mysterious angel of the dark walking on the beach.

“Don’t worry about her, the angel of the dark always keeps herself to herself” said Catie.

But then as she clambered over some rocks the mysterious lady slipped and fell down in between two rocks. Everyone at the barbeque party thought this looked very funny and started to chuckle. But their giggles soon turned to expressions of concern when the mysterious angel of the dark didn’t get back up from between the rocks.

Everyone started running along the beach to the rocks where “the mysterious angel of the dark” had fallen.

Because his legs are so long Marty was easily the first to arrive and he looked down to see the mysteriously sitting with her foot caught under a large rock.

“Jambo, habari gani?” asked Marty

This startled the mysterious lady and she shouted “ahhh!! Who are you?” at Marty

By this time the others had caught up and Brian said “its alright this is Marty the motorcycling giraffe, all the way from Africa, he was only asking if you are ok”

“Sorry, you gave me a little scare Marty; I didn’t expect to see a giraffe on a beach in LA. My name is Jo and I am afraid my foot has got stuck under this rock”

Every tried to push the big rock off from Jo’s foot but it was too heavy and it wouldn’t budge.

Marty then stepped forward and said “stand back everyone; I think I can move the rock”

Marty then positioned himself with his front feet on another rock and his hind legs on the rock that Jo was trapped on and with a mighty cry of “Harambee” he pushed as hard as he can with his big strong hind legs an the rock slowly moved off Jo’s foot.

Jo moved her foot out of the way and Marty gently let the rock fall back down to the sandy ground.

“Thank you very much Marty” said Jo as she pulled herself to her feet.

“Hakuna Matata” smiled Marty

Jo then joined the rest of the group at the barbeque party that went on all through the night.

Eventually Marty told everyone that he had to go to take the motorcycle back to the hire shop and catch the aeroplane back home to Africa.

“I have had a great time in North America” Marty told his friends but I have to go as I something very special planned when I get back to Africa

Marty then shouted “kwahari” and jumped on his motorcycle and started to ride away

“Goodbye it’s been great having you here in LA, come back soon” everyone shouted and waved after him”

Marty loved his adventures in North America but he couldn’t wait to get back home to put his special plan into action which he was sure would bring some wonderful adventures for

Marty the Motorcycling Giraffe

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