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Marty the motorcycling giraffe Story 42 Marty’s exciting European adventure part 1 Marty goes to Paris

Marty the motorcycling giraffe

Story 42 Marty’s exciting European adventure part 1 Marty goes to Paris

Marty the motorcycling giraffe, is about to set off another exciting adventure, this time his heading for a long trip to Europe. For the first part of the trip he is flying to Paris the capital city of France, where he going to meet up with his friend Jean-Pierre (who he climbed up the mountain in Peru, to the lost city of Machu Pichu, with)

As usual when he goes on an adventure, Marty’s friends (Peter, Gloria, Victor, Emmanuelle and his special friend Gillian) all turned up at the airport. to see him off

“Kwahari na safari njema” (goodbye have a good journey) they shouted and waved as Marty headed for the aeroplane.

It was a long flight to Paris and by the time he arrived Marty felt quite achy from being crammed into the small aeroplane seats, but he was very pleased to see Jean Pierre waiting for him at the airport.

“Jambo Jean Pierre, its good to see you again” said Marty as he shook Jean Pierre’s hand with one of his front hoofs

“Bonjour mon ami. il est bon de vous voir trop” (hello my friend it’s good to see you too) replied Jean Pierre “I am looking forward to showing you around Paris”

First Jean Pierre took Marty to the restaurant that he owns, which is just along from the Arc de triomphe and underneath the magnificent Eifel tower.

Marty sat at table on the pavement side and ate a big bag of twigs and leafs that Jean Pierre had brought specially for him and the two friends chatted about all the different things they had done since they first met in Peru.

“Oh la la, you certainly have had some wonderful adventures” exclaimed Jean Pierre

“Yes I have and I am sure to have another exciting adventure in this wonderful city” said Marty

After lunch Jean Pierre started to show Marty around Paris, first they walked down past the Trocadéro and over the bridge to the Eifel Tower.

They climbed up the many hundreds of stairs to the top of the tower, where they had the most fantastic of view across a Paris

“Il est magnifique, n'est-ce pas??” (It is magnificent is it not?) Asked Jean Pierre

“It certainly is, you live in a wonderful city Jean Pierre” replied Marty.

After they climbed down the tower the two friends decided to take a boat trip along the River Seine, stopping at the Notre Dam cathedral, where Marty marvelled at the majestic colourful stain glass windows and then they got back on the boat and went a little further up the river, where the boat moored up by a bridge and Marty and Pierre got off, to go for a little walk.

As they walked across the bridge a loud screeching of brakes cold be heard, and racing towards Marty and Peter was a large coach, full of school children that was out of control.

Marty and Jean Pierre leapt out of the way as the coach mounted the pavement and crashed through the wall on the side of the bridge.

The coach finally came to a halt with the front end hanging dangerously over the river, lots of people ran to the bus to try an old the back end to stop the coach toppling into the river. And a police officer came over to take control.

The police officer told the crowd that the emergency services have been called and are on the way to rescue the people from the coach.

“There might not be enough time this coach could fall into the river at any moment” shouted someone from the crowd.

Marty had an idea and he leaned over the crowd to the police officer and told him how he could help.

The police officer quickly cleared the crowd out of the way to allow Marty to get the edge  of the river and then he ordered four strong looking men to hold onto Marty’s legs, and Marty leaned forward as far as he could, so that he head was inline with the door of the coach.

The bus driver and the children’s teacher saw what was happening and one by one they lifted the children onto Marty’s head so hat they could shuffle along his neck to safety.

Once all the children were safely off the bus and on to the bridge, the slightly tubby teachers climbed on to Marty and started to shuffle along his neck, followed by the very heavy looking bus driver.

Just as they were all off and Marty pulled himself back fully on to  the bridge, coach started to lean further towards the river and then with an almighty splash it toppled off the bridge and into the rive

“Phew that was close” said the police officer, “we will have to get a large crane to get the coach out of the river, you certainly saved the day Monsieur Giraffe”

But Marty found it hard to be happy about this as his neck was hurting so much from the strain of carring all those children and the rather rotund adults off the coach

“Are you okay Marty?” asked Jean Pierre

“My neck really hurts” replied Marty

A doctor who had come to see what was happening, said he could prescribe some cream to be rubbed on Marty’s neck that would help  

“And you’re going to need the biggest jar of the cream ever” laughed the doctor.

After spending the rest of the day with Jean Pierre, Marty went to his hotel room and covered his neck with the cream the doctor had prescribed and went to bed.

The next morning Marty was very relieved to find his neck had stopped hurting and after breakfast (twigs and leafs of course), he set off for the train station, as it was now time for Marty to leave Paris and head for Berlin in Germany for the second part of his exciting European adventure.

Jean Pierre came to see Marty off at the train station

“Adieu mon ami”, have a good journey” said Jean Pierre “kwahari” replied Marty and he climbed on to the train wondering what the next adventure would be for

Marty the Motorcycling giraffe

Marty's exciting Europen adventure continues next Saturday in story 43 Marty brilliant visit to Berlin